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trin May 2021
that slow burn
will become a flame
and you'll become who
you have always wanted to be
trin May 2021
it's a slow spin
descending into darkness
it's dizzying
trin May 2021
i'll forever remember
the pain in your eyes
as tears began to fall
when i told you the real reason
the reason i left
now you're the only one who knows
i'm sorry i didn't tell you sooner
trin May 2021
sanity feels so close
but so far away
reaching for a light
that fades
trin May 2021
i don't know if it was the pouring rain
or the music blasting from my radio
but for one simple
fleeting moment
i felt weightless
and free
trin May 2021
it feels like a blanket
familiar and cold
but getting warmer
as i get used
to the feeling
of being numb
almost welcoming
and safe
away from what
from their words
trin May 2021
if i tried to save everyone
would it finally be

or would i continue
to not be
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