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Tricia Drover Feb 2011
Who is the monster
that blocks out the light?
The invader, the enemy -
the gruesome, loathsome blight?

It treads the dark side
without concern or care.
For vindication it burns,
no respect for what is fair.

Caring not whose path it tramples;
leaving behind a trail of horror.
This evil, cursed, unholy beast
lacks a true sense of honour.

To show its triumph by
extinguishing pure, honest feeling.
Who wins by deceit and betrayal
leaving all in its wake reeling.

in the mirror I turn and see
its wretched face staring back at me...
Tricia Drover Aug 2010
June 15, 2010

Buildings reflecting buildings; surrounded
by a dull murmur of conversation
held over neutral jazz easily ignored;
the din punctuated by angry horns

Dappled sunlight peeking
past the towering concrete giants
as a cool breeze lifts white tablecloths
and stirs the newly formed leaves.

An inky crow alights, looking knowingly
at crowds of people rushing by to nowhere
as the gold afternoon sun dips
past the artificial horizon.

A man walks up – a pause –
then into the restaurant he strides.
Following him is a wild looking beggar
who steals all topics of conversation.

And in my mind, my thoughts
drift back to melancholy places
tomorrow’s fears mingle all too well
with yesterday’s well aged regrets.
Tricia Drover Aug 2010
You saw into the very depths
of all that I rarely share;
all of me, bared before you
yet you didn't even care.

Cold, icy, penetrating,
eyes that could freeze
molten lava - bitter, morose,
but underneath a spark did tease.

A playful glimmer, deeply hidden,
true warmth radiating with the word
of love you so rarely spoke, leaving
me to wonder if it was ever heard.

I used to long with desperation
for you to turn those eyes on me,
to really know me and to care
that my love ran deep as the sea.

Until finally one day I came to know that
hid behind your eyes was a barren soul
And so I left, to somehow find a way
to make my broken heart whole.
Tricia Drover Aug 2010
Ceaseless Orbit

Never a pause

In the fluid motion

Of the electric world

Everything from emptiness

Nothing is all we are

But we are still made

Of stars, you and I

No such thing as

Yesterday; tomorrow’s

Promise is ruined by

The eternal present

When life’s flimsy mirage

Is consumed by time

All that is left – if

Anything is left at all

Is the memory of

True unfettered ecstasy

Eternity is found in life’s

******* moments.
Tricia Drover Jul 2010
If - why bother -
Then why bother wasting
anymore precious moments
of a life so short
with misery or
pathetic self-pity?
Why not cast off
the shackles of
and allow the light
of life to shine?
Stop the self-indulgent tears
(so much easier said than done!)
and try to face unblinking
the true beauty
that is

— The End —