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Trent Haller Feb 2014
Floating lifelessly in his head, silent as the moonless night before him. As he was laying in the bed he asked himself "what is going on?"

He couldn't move, even though his arms and legs weren't bound in any sort of term. He tried opening his eyes, but that didn't seem to work. He tried calling for help but that didn't work either. He wanted to ask someone where he was. After an hour of laying lifelessly in his head wondering where he was or why he couldn't move, he began to drift to sleep. He dreamed of lights and loud sounds. He dreamt of pain, like someone had stabbed him repeatedly with metal shards. He was having a nightmare. The next morning he awoke, still stuck with the same problem the night before. Unable to move, talk, anything. His nose and ears still worked as he smelled some weird smells around him and he heard people walking that morning. He could also feel as he felt the bed beneath him. Or so he assumed he was in bed. it felt like he was on a long, cotton sheet, and his head rested on what felt like a pillow.

After a while, he heard what he thought was a door opening as he heard the pitter pat of shoes tapping along the floor. He heard something else scrape along the floor, unaware to him that someone was moving a chair. Whoever was there grabbed his hand softly. Then a voice spoke to him. Well half spoke, as the person seemed to be crying. "I miss you so much ***." Ah it was his 42 year old wife, Evelyn. This was a voice he gladly welcomed into his head, but why does she miss him?

He was laying right there. In front of her. Though he saw why as he could not talk. Though that nerve wrecking fact lay in his head, he eased a bit at the fact his loving wife was with him.

— The End —