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Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
Out of red concrete stands an abstraction
held out in space and in isolation.
Posit a location, Pierre
I'll be there to where you be.
But from the ground of the cafe
the distance becomes separated by unity:
point A to point B
pinpointing the heart of reality
for what was once 'to be' now stands 'not to be'.
A pre-judicative attitude always leads
from 'being' to 'non-being'.

Where is the comfort in
trying to rest
between Nothingness?
While negating in
A sleep while asleep?
Am I not self-aware through self-consciousness of
'The Existence of a Nonexistence Existing in Existence'?
How can there be Nothingness if before Nothingness
there is a Consciousness?

There is a Consciousness! From Being!
From a non-being being Being!
Thus, don't premature judge and expect the "expected"
Expect the unexpected
and save nonexistence from non-existence;
from "being" to "non-being"
"Being and Nothingness"
Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
The dawn of a new light will shed a new day.
Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
The idea is to illicit a thought
in hopes that that thought will transmute into a mechanical action.
Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
It's the little things in life that make the world go round,
like the small vibrations that turn into sound.
Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
If the self is also the other, then who am I?
Am I a college student sitting in the library
reading Phenomenology, contemplating the question of 'being'?
Or am I a nihilist who believes that nothing in life has an existence?
Who am I?
Travis Garcelon Feb 2011
It’s the emphasis on the word that gives it its meaning
And it's the tone in your voice that makes it demeaning.
Travis Garcelon Jan 2011
My moral philosophy is this: why can't we all just get along?
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