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 1h CAL
tricks and treats
giggles and screams
under the full moon
this halloween
im actually working 9 hours on halloween so maybe not for me
 8h CAL
everything can be beautiful
if you can't even tell
what you're looking at
beauty is subjective
 1d CAL
I sleep with his dead body
he's so warm

I imagine his breath hitting my face

in my mind
it's a loud room

his whispers linger
in the dark

our bodies dance
around the fireplace

I'm not afraid

he's almost there
I'm almost there
we're almost there

I'm almost there
he's almost here
we're almost there

almost there
 3d CAL
Autumn wants attention today
as she tosses leaves
into cool, crisp air

Autumn wants attention today
as my flip flops are thrown
off my porch
into a pile of crunchy leaves

There is a chill 
It makes me awake, more prescient

There is a chill
Have I prepared?

Autumn wants attention today
as she tosses what's no longer needed aside
his eyes shined in the soft sunlight
i found peace in his violence
cant figure out why hes trying
i asked hi his name
and he smiled at me like a fox
and said "i am a boy called love"
 3d CAL
 3d CAL
ive been dreaming
all week long
dancing around
like every word is a song
ive been dreaming
of you and me
about what could happen
if i left for the sea
 6d CAL
Stu Harley
when you find yourself
a dapple of
nature's dew
falls from
tips of
peach-yellow marigolds
waiting for
raising sun
 6d CAL
even the dew is hot
And it pools like searing wax on the envelope of the morning.

Summers here are always wet.
Whether with rain, with sweat,
or with the dew.

The saturated, heavy, morning heat
Permeates my skin
And chokes up on my neck,
While coffee does nothing to quench my inconsolable thirst.
the prompt was to write a poem using the opening line from another piece of literature. I chose the opening line from Shirley Anne Grau's, "Fever Flower". I might add on to this later, but this is it for now.
 6d CAL
can me girl one more time

I'll break your nose

call me ma'am

might punch your face

feel something inside

doesn't feel right

I'm so done with it

might do something drastic

not to be dramatic

don't call me dear

I'm not your love

stop with the sweetheart and darling

silly you

next time I won't bite my tongue

and you'll have a dark ****** bruise
wind beats on the glass
and it shatters my soul
to see in the rain
that with her, you are whole
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