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c 7d
i made up my mind
to try
i just want to cry
just call me ine more time
i love your voice
and your tracy choice
cause that was my traxy too
but imma be yalls lil peep
aint that funny boo
**** rymes
**** my life
im getting drunk now
and pullin a knife
i realky do want to die alone
and im about to ******* try
c 7d
my heart is a twilt a whirl
it never stops turning
begging me to purge it
of itself
the seats are disconnected
and carts are crashing
i can feel my heartbeat
i am overcome with feeling
i am nonstop reeling
it seems like nothing is real
i dont know if you can see me
i just need attention, see
i'm just bipolar
so it's not an emergency

except it is to me
i can't feel things consistently
it's kinda like the world is ending
just constantly
c Nov 22
i dont want my life to get better
i want to die

this isn't poetry
just another cry for help

i gave up on my dreams
im ripping at my little kid seams

i know that im immature and absurd
don't say you care, i don't need kind words

im passed that point
cant even fix it by smoking a joint

i need ******* invention
i won't be sorry when i slit my wrists

i begged for real ******* help
but we won't mention it
c Nov 22
this whole world doesn't mean a ******* thing to me

it never will
it's all ******* empty
c Nov 21
record scratch
freeze frame

don't forget
my name
c Nov 20
i can never go back
to anything i knew at all

no more graduation
no curtain call

no bestfriend
nobody waiting for me in the hall

i did it to myself
let it go just to fall

i miss you guys
i'm sorry, i love you all
c Nov 18
ill always be age

-don't take me back
it won't be the same-

i'm not the one
i'll never be

just a fever dream

i love you

i hope you'll be happy
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