It was stubborn brittle broken branches
It was heavy-handed heated blindness
At least I know
To say the least
It was only dreary muddy darkness
Only something to believe
At least I know
I left a spark

The city doesn't cry without me
She delivered me a hot piece
Stick in my throat
That even the streets that slept with me
Are dying tonight
Catering the afterglow

Why would you
Tear me up inside?
My feet barely on the ground
Why would she
Tear me up inside?
When my back was always

The city against the wall
No outlines tonight
I can breathe

I had my chance
To die
Lying in convalescence
Aware not of day
The day
The time
My own heart beating
I had my chance
To reach you
I'm alive

Sweetest angel, what have I done?
The mountain, the river, what have I shown?
Heavens mercy coldest stone
The wind with no direction home

With my stomach now spread open
As her eyes some desert still unknown
Saw the valley never alone
But to never belong

Sweetest angel, what have I done?
My feet search endless, where have I gone?
The dying of the light once shone
The wind with no direction home

With my scars left unfeeling
Lest its pain my broken bones
Saw the road never alone
To never belong

You can overcome
The way it hits you
You can wear the world
And make it fit you

Become again
My conversation with god showed me
A light
A way
We never choose to fall
But none can tell me I cannot walk this earth
This dirt
This soil
A light
A way
My hands only busy for a while
My mind finding only deepest parts
Not a choice
To fall
A choice
To stand back up again

Karen was just an apparition,
I'm glad that I'm alive,
I'm alive,
And holding to the memory,
I loved her once,
She loved me,
And always in the back of my mind,
I'm glad that I'm alive,
I'm alive

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