A black and white rainbow
Pixelated and distorted
Sent as zipped up information
Stored as a file in my memory
These Terra bytes are more than mega
Unpacked and shining bright
My eyes and digital image
Signals on a screen
There is no beauty in technology
Only cold charts and data
Just index of double helix
Just codes and firewalls
Just system analytics
Just fiber optic cables

Somehow through endless fields of source
Through endless pattern repeated
I found an oracle of infrastructure
The platform where she stands
My bright eyes hide darkness as a shadow in the day
A shadow growing longer
Cast now upon city sidewalks and bank building walls
A shadow of my soul
A face growing weary from the weight of the world
I want to love
But living is hard enough
I've got to lose
I've got to lose

I only know of impossibilities
Just the fact that I breath and I feel
Defies all the logic I knew as a child
But all the wonder is leaving me now
I can only be disillusioned
As eyes see from years of history before
Its a hateful world
Full of failure

My dreams are always strongest when I'm awake
A thought to hold into
When my strong hands need a reason to believe
A thought of morning
A night slowly creeping on vericose veins
I want the day
But my day can seem so long
I've got to lose
I've got to lose

I only know what I'm taught
So teach me not to feel
Let the world I work for
Let these days become unreal
The night is antiquity
Its been around longer than the day
And even the brightest star that shines
Still fades away
I have, in my den, a broken lamp
Only decoration now in darkness
But I still remember how
The colors on my wall made me feel

The stove in my kitchen does not turn on

I'm only feeling what man is meant to feel

My love is but a light
With no switch
already high when we got there
and the younger brother felt sick that day
pissed-and-moaned and came anyway
there wasn't so much to say

we said it all

still the path loomed large before
I wonder if he dreamt beneath the shade
in his fever heave bid go ahead
as rapidly ascending

we traveled on

summit broad side summer day
still heavy-breathing fire in my chest not easing
look over edge where he is sleeping
only sky and ground to see

well I saw it
Painting all the walls
In my
Room of every color
Hoping something sticks
But I
Stuck on what I hope for

Maybe another day
Maybe but I can't see
Maybe another way
Maybe that cannot be
When there's something in the way
And the spirits and the speakers
Something all in vein
And the spirit starts to leave me

I can't change the station
When the
Music becomes somber
Waiting on a song
But I
Cannot wait much longer
For those of you who choose to read and consider my appeal.  I am hoping with enough support and goodwill I may be blessed to have Eliot himself read my proposition.

If memory serves, which it usually does, then there used to be a feature on the everyone's profile. It is simple, but I enjoyed the ability to peruse my own and others works sorted by most likes, or alphabetically.  I believe this tool should be brought back.  I may not speak for others, but I think those who don't remember would find it useful
Just do what u can guys
This was simple
This a straight blade
This my falling
Edges burn
No more reason
Never was one
Just was trying
Only something

And I can't hold on
Through the night
How can I?
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