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 Jan 2019 Tori Thornsbrough
like a cigarette, ignited and raised to your scornful lips
you made me your addiction
and i let you consume me
You are everything I've spent my whole life looking for
You are the only way my story ends happily
You are the only person who motivates me
You make me want to be the best me I can
You are the reason I know what love is
You are the reason I know what happiness is

I cannot read minds, not for lack of trying
So I don't know for sure if you love me back
But when you kiss my cheek in the middle of making love
And when you hug me tight as soon as I walk in the door
I have all the hope in the world you do

Sweetie, let me tell you,
I'm pretty **** bad at expressing my love in words
But you are the brightest thing in my life
Which is so ironic because you are such a pessimist
But you are my favorite pessimist

You inspire me
You are the craziest and most creative person I know
You are amazing from head to toe
You are the only one I know who rocks bedhead
You are my favorite person in this world

I hope one day
Things won't be so
I hope one day
I can tell you I love you again
And my ears will be blessed enough to hear it back.
I saw him with fresh new eyes.
Reborn as he asked me what type of
my heart was incased in.
I told him of painted dandelions on the side
and I thought of how we are just hoarders of hearts.
Or pieces of them.
A fragment of your mother's heart for everything you have
ever done
and will ever do.
I thought of how we hold a fragment of the heart of our first
We hold the hearts of every single ghost-like memory in our hands.
We stick them in jars and pretend like we didn’t paint flowers on them.

He is fragile.
We all are.
All of our jars will cut us when broken.
And nothing can stop the jar from being broken
Because people love to smash things
With all kinds of weapons
Battering rams
Baseball bats
We love it.
Every open flesh wound
That is opened sets us free
Free to say “sounds beautiful”
And I speak of him with romance
Platonic romance I guess
I assume
I may never know
But I don’t care
I find peace in his words
And I hope he finds peace in mine
Because the world is so broken and
Full of
Glass shards
that drunken ******* have throw down.
Full of empty eyes
And pill bottles
I want to blame my mother and my father
And I want him to blame his father
But I can’t force either of our hearts
To do it.
No force of nature can make the anger appear
We aren’t god.  
Nor will we ever be.
We will only ever be people
In the dead of night about what form of
captivity in which we hold our hearts.
I saw forever in your eyes. . .

                Then you closed them.
Wrote this when I found out my husband was in love with another woman.
She feared execution.
She feared prosecution.
She feared empty coffer.
She feared uncertain future.
She feared darkness.
She feared loneliness.
She feared room and window.
She feared her shadow.
She feared her bed.
Fear was inside her head.
If only she had feared one.
She would have feared none.
 Jan 2017 Tori Thornsbrough
One day, all of the 'coulds' will change into 'cants'.
I would happily suffer
   because of how much I love you
I will put myself through misery
    just so you feel no pain
I would walk on flames
     and put them out
         so you can walk through
I will drive myself insane
     so you can have no part of the blame
I just wanna believe
        that you love me
               that much too
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