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kyleigh g Apr 18
remember when
we were best friends?

almost inseparable
it was wonderful

now it's all gone
we were happy, but that passed on

i lost you completely
i thought you completed me

this feels so wrong
we haven't talked in so long

three months to be exact
it's *******, as a matter of fact

i wish we were close again
i wish you were my best friend
i miss you, o.a.k
kyleigh g Oct 2018
one, two
three, four

thick red cuts
how many more

will it take
before im relieved

of this horrible feeling
whats happening to me
  Oct 2018 kyleigh g
i took a chance
and trusted you
at first we were
but then
you broke my trust
i let you get it back
and over
i still let you have it
but you have not
broken it
this time
not yet
  Oct 2018 kyleigh g
how wonderful is it that
there’s a word that uses
the most powerful force on earth
to describe another thing


that must be what you are
whenever i think
there must be a soul out there
who can carry the weight of such a word
i think of you

i think of you and your sense of humor
always making the corners of my mouth lift
changing their everlasting shape
into a grin
i’ve come to dislike
but not when you make it appear

the way your arms have held me
sent electricity through me
yet gave me
a place to call home
a connection
that i hope you feel too

your sparkling eyes
that bore into my soul
like a cat kneading its paws
into carpet
tearing up the seams

your radiant smile
putting me into ecstatic shock
every time i see it creep onto your face
after i say some stupid
even when you laugh
and i forget it’s about me
i don’t care
because you’re happy
and i’m happy

you’re lovely, my dear
i hope you can say
the same thing about
kyleigh g Sep 2018
blood soaked towels
cover my floor

whose blood is it
mine or yours?
  Sep 2018 kyleigh g
fly me to a cloud

I know it's not a game

it's not okay

I'm your nightmare

A rose so pretty
it kills you
I'm the one who
picks you apart

when the time comes
you'll be begging for my help

life is so funny

you'll wish
you didn't do it

it's alright
I know to play mind games
kyleigh g Sep 2018
i can't seem to breathe
flowers are blooming inside of my lungs
vines are engulfing my heart
the concept of the "hanahaki disease" is oddly beautiful to me, so i decided to write about it tonight.
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