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Mr Haiku Jul 30
The rain is quite cold.
That means we can't swim right now.
Maybe in August....
Mr Haiku Jul 24
Dog dog dog dog dog.
Dog dog dog dog dog dog dog.
Dog dog dog dog dog.
Mr Haiku Jul 24
That dog is quite small.
It shall now be called Popcorn.
I wish it were mine.
Mr Haiku Jul 24
The fish broke its back.
How is it alive right now?
Hope he's not in pain...
Mr Haiku Jul 24
I want to go fast!
Step on the gas and let's go.
This poem was written jointly by my girlfriend and me.
Mr Haiku Jul 24
Is this song a joke?
It is a good song to hear.
But man it's silly.
Mr Haiku Jul 24
Stop being cold please.
We would just like to swim now.
Float float float float float.
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