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Tony Feb 2019
Stuck atop a frozen Red Cedar,
hoping the brown beast wouldn’t see her,
no aid nearby, no home, no hearth,
out in the woods until light grew dark.
“Go away! Be gone! Do me no harm!”
she screamed, flailing her tired bruised arm.
Stood on hind legs at the base of the tree,
the bear growled, clawed and slashed at her knees.

Many nights in, she decided to leap
to end the pain, she just couldn’t keep
suffering without an ear that could listen.
She missed her life when her eyes would glisten
with joy, not the sorrow this bear has concocted,
the depths of depravity that held her hostage.
Tony Feb 2019
I needed to get in touch with you,
to tell you of my pious love.
Please, hear this, I hope you do.
Visit me like the holy dove.

I want to spend my life with you,
every minute, every day,
I’ve spent so long believing in you,
my adoration held at bay.

Doc says there’s not long left.
The heavy harsh reality of rapid decay.

Who’s the victor in this cycle of corruption?
Not me. Not us.
Our spirits left indelibly drained.
Tony Jan 2019
pastel coloured, armed
with denim

singing songs; smiles,
and crossed legs

capo on fifth

melancholic nostalgia
for a time unlived

— The End —