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Amber Apr 4
Hello again, it’s me. Your friend.. as you’d like it to be..this title is killing me
I just stopped by to say hello one last time before I go
I love you so much .. so much more than you will ever know
For a heart like mine I know it’s hard to show
But you taught me things about myself I never would have known
And from your love and looking back I see myself how much Ive grown
I have to say goodbye to you my one and only love
I hate that it has come to this but my heart has been alone and numb
I wish that I could tell you a friend I’ll always be ..but right here in this moment that not what my heart needs
I don’t know how to act or what to say and so it seems ..that letting go of you is what’s meant to be
I not moving on with someone new which I’m sure is how it seems
My heart belongs to you.. but it’s not me that you see when you’re asleep.. I’m no longer in your dreams
So like a butterfly my love.. I’m setting myself free
Maybe someday I’ll be the person that you need
Amber Apr 4
Of course I’m sad she said as the last few tears rolled down her pink tinted cheeks
I’m grieving the loss of someone..I thought  it was meant to be
I thought wed last forever.. I thought we’d overcome .. I thought that we had won and the race for love was done
Id spent my whole life searching for someone to be the one
I thought in you I’d found him but in the end I realized i was wrong
I ignored the signs and the red flags
I thought his heart was mine
It’s true what they say.. love is completely blind
I couldn’t see the truth Through all the lies
He came to teach me lessons about this life of mine
He was never meant to stay.. his heart was never mine
I loved him and that love corrupted my beautiful mind
I worked so hard to keep our hearts aligned
But in the end I realized like butterflies.. you have to let them fly
Amber Apr 4
She woke up different and saw things as they were
For the first time ever her eyes were not in a blur
She didn’t want him anymore of that she was completely sure
She no longer needed his lies to fill the void inside of her
The fake love he portrayed ..the unimaginable
She doesn’t need you anymore
The time has come to let you go
And what a breath of relief to release this hold you had on her
Amber Apr 3
I fell back down the rabbit hole
I’d come so far and numbed so much of the pain
But when you called I didn’t even contemplate
I ran to you and gave you everything
A dimly lit hotel room is the place I went to die
Because waking up next to you again had me on a high
But then when checking out time came and back to your home you went, not mine
Back to being ignored again
That smile on your face lit this heart of mine
And I sunk back in to the darkness i allow you to guide
You said you loved me
But it was all a lie to keep me broken
Keep me holding on to you
to keep me here alone
to keep me from moving on from you
the bitter words unspoken
So back down the rabbit hole I fell and now I’m lying on the floor again completely broken
Amber Feb 27
Is she really that easy to forget
Do you not think of her at night as you lie in bed
Do random thoughts not cross your mind
The smile you put on her face
The stars aligned
Do you not think of her warmth when the temperatures drop
Is it no longer her that makes your body hot
Is she not the one who makes your heart stop
Is it not her who consumes your every thought
She just a distant memory one you wish you had forgot
Amber Feb 25
I know you don’t love me anymore.. it’s just hard because I still love you... the silence is a blessing and a curse. I message you whatever I need to say and we aren’t arguing ..but you’ll never even see it since I’m the silence I see how you really feel which is helping to numb my heart.
It’s nice to put my feeling out there with no arguing about why I feel the way I do.. but on the other side of things I’ve lost you
Amber Feb 25
It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s merely just a game
I don’t want to play
I don’t want to waste another day
There must be another way
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