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tompoet rwanda Nov 2019
Perhaps you introduced me to your mind.
Perhaps you came into my life,
perhaps we became friends
and I loved it.
perhaps you listened.
perhaps I still see your smile.
perhaps I dreamt about you
and it was awesome.

perhaps we touched
and your touch left me some happiness.
perhaps we hugged
and your hug made me relieve.
perhaps you sung for me
in your cheesy voice.
perhaps you made my nights and days
and It felt great.

perhaps I learnt when to say sorry
perhaps you are still beautiful
perhaps we can talk.
Perhaps you made me love again.
perhaps you are happy.
and perhaps,
I am

tompoet rwanda Jul 2019
maybe i am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back.

I met you on sunday
on my way to church
I was happy and fine
and when i saw you
my mounth paused
my recent thoughts closed
my mind dissapeared
until  the time you faded.

I held in church
and when the choir started singing
I started thinking
about you
how your beautiful eyes looked me
how your natural black skin made my eyes stuck
how your smile destroyed my mind in seconds
and how i will see u again.

maybe i am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back.

I spent my whole day thinking about you
in my dreams and slumber it was you
more than thirty nights thinking about you
those chats and phone calls in bed
and outside the bed with you
no seen
no late replies
because i needed you
don't tell me that u didn't value that.

maybe i am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back.

all those days i cared about you
those birthday parties i made for you
the smiles and dimples,
I made them grow on your face
the gifts and poems
I made you swing and dance.

don't tell me that you didn't value that.

maybe i am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back

you committed three crimes
you hacked the password to login to the acount of my love
you stole my whole love
you immersed deeper in my mind.

you made me feel you on every single breath i make
in the morning.

maybe i am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back

I don't care if you love me
I don't care if you understand me
I don't care if you lie to me
or if you wanna go away from me
I don't care what you think
what I know is that
you are the reason that makes me
feel that i am still alive.

maybe I am doing this wrong
but you have to love me back

love me back
love me back
love me back
love me back
love me back

because if you don't...
tompoet rwanda Jun 2019
I am fighting the inner self
i can only fell the smell of devils
I hold my breath
on the tip of my tongue
and pause its rhythm
out there in a grief
that causes my body to shiver
and shake abruptly
as my voice vanishes
like baby teeth.
I am fighting the inner self
with much sorrow and pain
i wish for a save
but what's coming is rain
GOD please listen
and help me
break these chains.
tompoet rwanda May 2019
what do i have to say
in this puzzled situation
what do i have to do
if it is destroying my ambition
what do i have to tell
people around me
if they keep asking me what's wrong
if the same question is becoming a greeting
for all the passerby and all human around me
what do i have to tell them
should i lie them
should i tell them that i am ok and fine
should i sit there stoically
pretending not to speak out about my problems
even when they trying bang my head
almost bursting

even when i'm alone in my room
and all i can do is crying
until my tears smear on my cheeks and
front surface of my pillow

i believe that speaking out can help
but i just lost the power to execute
my senses are telling me not to trust anyone
my eyes are only picturing evil things
my thoughts have drowned in negativity
all i can think about is commiting suicide.

i have a family that loves me
i have bestfriends that care about me
i have a sweat lover who promised to
stay by my side
but now i don't need anyone
i just wanna be alone
its all i think it can help
i just feel that i don't wanna live in this lousy world
and all the peoples are becoming annoying to me
i don't even wanna think about them.
tompoet rwanda Apr 2019
so did i
break your heart,
so did i
say something bad,
so did i
let you down,
or i was just not
enough for you?
tompoet rwanda Feb 2019

what can i be able to say?
where should i be stable
and lay
and describe this bae?
my mind is ready
so let me rhyme about this lady

her black elegant eyes
can only make her see
the world as a beautiful place

her brownish black natural skin
cannot make her mind spin
it only makes her voice sound
like vibrant violin
and always make her win.

her natural beauty
with very brilliant face
makes her get ready to embrace
her grace
and know how to reach her
desired place.

behind her smile
there is a kindness style

and when her mind dissapears
her heart make it re-appears

she's not dorinda
or a daughter of chlorinda
her beautiful name is belinda.
  Feb 2019 tompoet rwanda
Life got me high,
Life got me low.
But when I dream, I fly.

And wheter I'm flying high or low,
I'll still be flying.
Because in my dreams,
I am in control.

So I never tend to miss a night, and so a dream.

Cause I don't want to lose control.
My hea made hella crazy dream last night.
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