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For mostly we are mad, but driven
We composers of the doggerel
Rhyming in the search for rhythm
Instead of penning (say) that proper novel

But we who talk in poetspeak
We may do so begrudgingly
The cost IS as little as it may seem
But the price is high in reality

We who walk the battle lines
Not for Politics and not for change
For us the goal is a poetic life
The inside is where the out is framed

For mostly we are mad, and know it
We anarchists of the written word
Carving up our hearts and minds
Like as a theatre of the absurd

We seek no reward as prophet poets
Committed fully to our dell'arte commedia
Our hope vainglorious of some thanks or praise
As we give them away on Social Media
HAPPY POETRY DAY 2019 10 03!
Tommy Randell Sep 21

This is the artifice of Poets
Such artifice.

A magician's trick
To make words fly

So those who relate
Are elated by the What-If's

To see poetry
As a great gift to the eye

To make every line
The edge of a cliff

A precipice
For the reader's heart and mind.


This is the drama of poetry,
Such drama.

The Truths being told
All dazzled up in lies

To make an honest rhymer
Seem like a king in waiting

A artist of language
And a dramatist of lines

The empty screen a waiting stage
Every page a hungry table

Where the poet serves
A feast for starving eyes


This is the history of Poets,
Such history.

The mystery
Of entering men's minds

And by the use
Of some old clichéd sophistry

Turn ink into
The precious gold of rhyme

Which down the ages
Has practised such alchemy

THAT desirable occupation
Worthy of all our time.

Tommy Randell Sep 18
I have never wanted to be
The reflection in someone else's mirror

This mathematician of certainty
This philosopher of doubt
This Poet of things that sing to me
This friend that doesn't bail out

Being who I am, being what I do,
That unique hailstone in the storm

This fixer of stuff that is broken
This hugger of things that need loving
This gentleman who holds doors open
This trier who always does something

I want to puzzle out truths
About myself Good or Bad

This optimist about people
This parent who adores creativity
This believer opposites can be equal
This sceptic who views religion as bigotry

I want to be the Me who has never been
We are born that way after all

This denier of the concept of democracy
This child of 20th century hypocrisy
This practitioner of family geometry
This orphan of two alcoholic's destiny

That someone no one else could ever be
I want to make his footprints
Tommy Randell Sep 15
Thinking about feeling about
When I was feeling being loved by her
Was some kind of spiral
Some kind of collaboration with her -

Like our times together were on film
And it was a Her-in-my-Head kind of time ,
All the memories and the moments
From a **** Bill pantomime.

It was like our living & loving forever
Was going to go just as planned
And we'd be Adam & Eve at the End of Days
As the last tree burned and we held hands -

Don't get me wrong we were no Bonnie & Clyde
Playing out the tragedy of the old Midwest,
In a lovers' rush to take one final ride
On our way to a certain romantic death.

Thinking about dreaming about
Being her dream of perfection
Was some kind of wish fulfillment
Like an immaculate Inception

As she made it all up and our screenplay unfolded -
Every day in every way I woke up in her story
Until the CGI FX in my head-space exploded
In 5 point surround sound and Technicolor glory -

It was Cinéma vérité, a Love Affair with twists.
It was endless sequels, Terminator and Matrix,
The Towering Inferno and us trapped in the lift -
Fade to a pile of melting yellow bricks...

The End.
Tommy Randell Sep 15
there's a few things I'd like to say,
you know in the  honesty of full disclosure
given my moral stance is kind of made that way,
and so you can't say later that I glossed things over.

It'll  only take a minute...

just to set the record straight
so we both can agree I behaved abominably
that is if it's not already too late
and I've ruined our relationship utterly .

Okay, so it's already more than a minute...

but I'll get to the point I promise
I want to get things right if this is my final chance
There'll be no more excuses, honest,
It can all be explained as a circumstance.

One minute? Please, just a minute...

Or some cooling-off time perhaps
I can ring you... yes, maybe that would be best
I can text you with some of the facts
And then call you to fill in the rest.

Half a minute then, let's say a half...

We can't just leave it like this
This is Us ! We've got to be in it to win it !
We could write it all down and make lists
Let's just think things through for a minute...

I really, really... I didn't mean it...
Tommy Randell Sep 15
My family has a saying
Repeated often in my life
Never end a day without a sorry
Don't let the darkness cloud your night

Whatever little spat you've had
However small the slight
Wounds from words can fester
To make wrongs of any right

Keep your fences mended
Keep your loved ones close
Make sure every day is ended
Without some rancour up your nose

Even if you are in the right
Be magnanimous be cool
Wake up everyday in sunlight
Peace is not a majority rule
Tommy Randell Sep 13
Online I met
A Poet From Another Planet
It was coincidental
We didn't plan it

But one thing about
Such Close Encounters
For a moment there
Both poets counted

In the scheme of things
Who knows what matters
As one Poet waves
And they briefly natter

Twinkle Twinkle
Another Poet
We thought there was life
But now we know it!
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