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Tommy K Feb 9
Men Are From Mars
Women Are From Venus
*** Men Are From Uranus
Because They Like ******* And The *****.
Lesbians Are From Mercury
Trannies Are From Pluto
Hermes Are From Saturn
And That's How It Will Always Go.

(c)  5/1/2019
  Feb 8 Tommy K
Eleete j Muir
In Heaven and throughout Hell
there are no secrets on Earth
And the truth exists omnipotent
in the moment and once a moment
has occurred it shall forever exist
In time eternal.

  May 2018 Tommy K
When I told the doctor,
About how the voices in my head
Tell me to **** myself,
And how I have anxiety attacks over the simplest of things,
And how it seems that I’m constantly sad.
He said,
“Oh here. Take this.”
And so I did.
But it didn’t help.
So I stopped taking it.
The next doctor gave me a new medication.
And this one seemed to make everything worse.
So I stopped taking it too.
The next doctor told me to go to therapy,
Because that’s what people like me need.
So I did.
And she told me that I was making it all up.
That it was all in my head.
And that If I kept telling these lies that I would be put in the hospital like the rest of the crazies.
If doctors are supposed to help you,
Then why did they only seem to make me worse?
If doctors are supposed to fix the problems,
Then why did they only give me more problems to add to my list?
If doctors are supposed to understand,
Then why did they call me crazy?
Tommy K Sep 2017
I know Eleetian
She's a good friend to me
The world knows her
But, I know her personally
Kicking your arses
Blowing your mind
Listen to the poet
Giving you the line.
Richer than most
Completely broke
Secret Squirrel is here
Giving you all hope.
A spiritual messenger
Words cemented in time
The heist of the millenium
A musical crime.
You say my name
You know who I am
Controlling and rolling
The world says, ****!!

Tamahae Kaio
Tommy K Nov 2015
Dragon defender
Hold your stance
Breathing the fire
While the arrows dance.
Smoke is blazing
From your firey mouth
The air is thick
Defender of this house.
The warlock is watching
Waiting to make his move
Like a game of chess
Ready to destroy your groove.
The defender had a plan
He called out to the sky
Bright light take flight
Shadow figures, waiting to die.
Bombardment from above
Too many to shoot down
Dropping and destroying
Explosive sounds.
The castle is crumbling
Like that of dust
A light hit the warlock
He cursed and he cussed.
The earth was sinking
As he turned to stone
A sword hits him
With a shattering tone.
Dragon defenders rise
As we have won the day
The sun comes out
Showing it's rays.

(c) Tommy K
Tommy K Oct 2015
The dog licks his bowl
Wondering, what's that funny but nice taste?
The owner of the mutt
Was ****** off his face.
He gave the dog scotch
What kind of ****** are you?
The dog slurped up the lot
And then he ate some spew.
Yum Yum Yum
As he munches on the crap
Then the dog has a heart attack
Died and never came back.

(c) Tommy K
Tommy K Oct 2015
The owner gave the dog
Some funky cold madina
He licked it all up
Then got a ****** with his weener.
The dog suckled on his ****
He is ***** as ****
Ran out of the house
And nearly got hit by a truck.
He saw a nice poodle
The dog wanted to **** her bad
When he got behind her
He realized the poodle was a ***.
So he jumps off the *****
And runs around the block
Hoping to find a lady
So he can release what's in his ****.
While flying around the corner
He collides with Mary Jane
She's the local ******
Her ***** is game.
As her head hits the ground
She died on impact
The dog looked at her
And ****** her from the back.
Bang Bang Bang
In and out he goes
Barks like a maniac
As his **** explodes.
He pulls it out slow and steady
Then came a scooter
And squashes the dog like spaghetti.

(c) Tommy K
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