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Tom Lengel Apr 3
i am at peace
in the petals of a lily,
the violet-stained sheets
comforting my uncertainty.

the flower grows
through dependence and effort -
the heart’s pain and wreckage,
my pain in blooming.

my neck is strong,
Stern and firm
that bends with dedication
to honest beings

I am.
Tom Lengel Nov 2021
Empty words -
That’s what it is.
An answer
To something more concrete than a dream,
More true than a hope.

Not empty, -
Void of meaning.
Full instead -
Overbrimming with potential
A hook to reality.

Those are the words
Of my mind -
Rigid and tense,
Controlling, compelling,
Raw and imperfect.

But they are empty
And they are me.
Acceptance is love,
As it is pride.

To love me
Is not to pick and choose
But to be and

I feel my pain, I live it,
I am it.
Here I am.

I am also more.
Empty words,
Full with life.

An answer.
Tom Lengel Sep 2021
why is the star so bright
when darkness is at its finest?

the sky embodies
and envelops
the perception of the wind

ever strong
ever passionate in force

the stillness is loud
the sound is still

and stargazing is
Tom Lengel Nov 2017
it's poetic, i think, how the
burning of cigarettes
creates a subtle glow at nightfall.

every inhale, the light burns brighter.
a smoker will
the smoke for a second or two and then
release it to the sky.

habitual and addictive, just so, is
living yesterday when today is
self-inebriation by clinging to things that once made you happy
instead of


and taking a new breath.
it's just a subtle glow,
on and
beautiful, but not meant to last.
a new beginning
Tom Lengel Mar 2016
they told me
it would be too late
to see the midnight stars

and they told me
not to wait because
the stars would never change

and they shamed me
when i did not budge
but sat with my friend Hope

yet now i am grown
and perhaps i should tell them
that at midnight
the stars proved them wrong
Tom Lengel Jan 2016
this coffee stain is the leftover
of an accident

of the moment
i fell in love
with a girl i didn't know

and not
the coffee i spilled
standing up
to tell her i love her
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