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Jan 2020 · 49
your sanity
tom krutilla Jan 2020
When saddness  clutches your heart
and your mind knows not were to start
when every sound and touch evades
look into my eyes,I'll be your sanity

If dispair brings fear and many tears
your search for truth only disapears
when every sound and touch evades
look into my eyes, I'll be your sanity

Your eyes watch what your words say
to others, yet keep them at bay
you wonder if your in this life to stay
look into my eyes, I'll be your sanity

The newness of the morns chattering birds
start a new beginning, melts away the hurts
hope is always in you, it never goes away
look into my eyes, I'll be your sanity
Jan 2020 · 137
tom krutilla Jan 2020
I too was like you
I added up the night dreams
and totaled my silent screams
Ah but here it is, a new day
with inspired tunes
they infiltraded my head singing
the turmoil of yesterday
those were the debt already paid
I smelled the fragrance of
the long last me
and this one I shall follow
Jan 2019 · 183
Old friend
tom krutilla Jan 2019
Hello old friend, it's to hear
from you again
Me, I'm still mending my hearts
fences, from were this all began

Okay, so how long has it been
Let me pull out the letter, that you sent
Yes, I still kept them, a reminder
of what was then

You look tired and haggard
guess you new got old
What shall I do for you
My hearts not that bold, anymore

I wondered how long it would take
For you to realize your mistake
but like shifting sands that blow
in all directions
history can never repeat even
with corrections
Jan 2019 · 151
Whats in a poets mind
tom krutilla Jan 2019
The tales of lore abound
were arrogant lies are found
measured by a length of time
subliminal messages we do find

go ahead, cast the birds
against the bees
for the rains will leave
dry, the empty seas

and the stars will not twinkle
as lovers kiss
for their hearts that beat
seem to go amiss

suspect every word
for that truth or falsehood
behind every door
are just tales of lore

then dance upon the new green
of spring
inhale the freshness that it brings
their, the slumber of arrogant lies
are found
decaying, as the newness of renewal
Dec 2018 · 124
tom krutilla Dec 2018





Dec 2018 · 126
tom krutilla Dec 2018
be jolly with Holly
2. add another wrinkle
waiting for Kris Kringle
3. unwrap the present that
I never sent
4. have a beer with the reindeers
5. take a sleigh ride listening
to Hardrock, Coco, and JOE
6. catch snowflakes on my tounge
as I did when I was young
7. wanting to believe Santa ate
the cookies, but it was me
8. making snow angels in the snow
once more
9. praying for the world to live
in peace
10. Hoping that the brightest star
in the night sky
will always be my guiding light
Nov 2018 · 133
One more time
tom krutilla Nov 2018
Shall I whisper in your ear
or will that flood them with tears
will my breath conjure up
memories you held so dear

and it's one more time
on this merry-go-round
riding with the horses
and laughing with the clowns
listening to the music
thinking of our prime

shall we dance upon the sidewalks
of our memory lanes
as our feelings drip down the sewers
of love lost in vain

and it's one more time
on this merry-go-round
riding with the horses
and laughing with the clowns
listening to the music
thinking of our prime

No,I think we shall release ourselves
our magnetic energy, has lost it's attraction
we probably never added up, anyway
when you added a new one and I was the subtraction

so there will be no more riding
on this merry-go-round
nor riding with the horses
and laughing with the clowns
there is silent now, no more
music of our prime
its funny how life erodes time
Oct 2018 · 169
smoldering embers USA
tom krutilla Oct 2018
the word salad of deception they weave
and all these years our faces beam
the slogans of hopes and dreams
have left us with nothing to believe

their weathered faces  crinkled smiles
hiding their history of countless lies

the charactors on the hill
the donkeys and the elephants
sure get their fill
while the slave ants
bend  silent and hurried to their will

the promise is to have us
bend our knees and plea
as they smile, well'll get to your needs
yet the masses still adore
what they choose to see

their weathered faces crinkled smiles
hiding their history of countless lies

let the smoldering embers
be remembered
as a place of hope and dreams
yet she will be standing

waiting for you and our  promises
that Her flame will never extinquish
as she guides you to the the promise land
Sep 2018 · 199
Empty Chair
tom krutilla Sep 2018
as I decend down this creaky staircase
I can  see a glow of a cigarette
fresh brewed scent of coffee mixing
a window open His morning routine
though just a kid I wonder what He's thinking
probably family and work
hearing my footsteps, says good morning son
yawning. I reply, "morning Dad
I ask, " how are you today and with a chuckle
he replies " I feel good  and you?
I say  " I feel diferrent, I can feel what today
may bring
I don't understand" and he chuckles
the next morn, there was not a glow
from a cigarette, nor a hint
of fresh brewed coffee
only an empty chair, a closed window
and a start of my new morning
Apr 2018 · 207
Hopeful Cloth
tom krutilla Apr 2018
I think I'll fall upon
My sword
Plunge it deep without
A word
Perhaps conjure up a
Let it **** in everything
I knew
Or I might breathe again
Release it to the wind
Let it carry it beyond
Come gently back
Without sin
If then it leaves an inprint
On my splattered
I'll dab them up
Rearrange them
With my hopeful cloth
Then I'll be whole once
From body to spirit my
mind I can again adore
I'll paint me with colors
Each sentence I spoke
Think of days past and
Be blessed that I awoke
Nov 2017 · 197
tom krutilla Nov 2017
When I settle in your mind
your breathing on a rapid incline
you sound the alarm, to your defenses
to surrender, a prisoner of your senses

but I am what you dream
streaming thoughts of what you need
fluttering eyelids, mouth agape
fingers glide , slowly to your lap

legs agonizing spread
to your hips, were your fingers lead
that shuddering seems to last forever
the after touches, follow you
though your daily endevours

you can thank me after dinner
Nov 2017 · 249
Puffy cloud
tom krutilla Nov 2017
saw a puffy cloud at dusk
it seemed the forehead was large
with a wiley smile, smirk
gliding along the sky

then suddenly turns
with a wink of an eye
it waves goodbye

it's fall now, time for a change
the cool of the day
gives way to the low sun's play
as it's light fades away

does the change of the seasons
enhance my reasons
to ponder what may come

as the songs of the insects
in winter, I will tally up their sum
Nov 2017 · 176
His Tear
tom krutilla Nov 2017
I am just like you
pretty when  I was born
beautiful when I grew

I was just a person
walking on God's creation
living life with His certain

my color should not matter
we are the colors in His crayon box
mixed and matched, to create a splatter

as it takes form
our blood bleeds the same red
His painting of perfection has lead

to the now
the intelligence He bestowed upon us
perhaps He errored in trusting us

I can envision His hand
wiping the palate clean
a tear rolls down His mighty cheek
Heart broken from what He,s seen
Nov 2017 · 154
Your gamble
tom krutilla Nov 2017
You crossed your fingers
and bet on me
to win place or show
guess I was obvious
something to see

through the many races
around the track
you upped the anty
strength came from you
and I never look back

there were some victories
and sorrow defeats
but my endurance never wavered
cause at each finish
win, place, or show
We get to meet again
Nov 2017 · 186
Beggars plea
tom krutilla Nov 2017
I am walking with
a fools pace
trying to catch you
before its to late
as you slam the door
in my face

Like a beggar, I fall
to my knees
scrounging for a morsel
of forgiveness I seek
it's ok to taunt and chuckle
at me, I am both hopeful and weak

But the half moon of love
in the night sky
shows me I am incomplete
as I realize
that I want to make us whole
before the sunrise
Nov 2017 · 144
Mr Tom's observation
tom krutilla Nov 2017
let them be children
let them be friends
for they don't see colors
of one's skin

let them chatter and laugh
talk of what matters to them
oblivious, one hopes
from the adult's sins

let them be innocent, for
many sunsets
let their curious eyes
be always open
let us foolish and bitter adults
recognize our time has past
fill them with our knowlege
we send
Nov 2017 · 187
Final scene
tom krutilla Nov 2017
be well my love
if you want it this way
our final scene
in this fairy tale play

take you bows, bid farewell
your memories of us disapates
across the street, in that shady place
you'll find your escape

as for me, i'll be sitting
stage right
dimming the lights
wondering whats left
but only for awhile
I know there be a new
light for me
this is not my final goodnight
Nov 2017 · 172
for you
tom krutilla Nov 2017
when you see yourself
in some distorted mirror
what appears, you cannot
come warm yourself
by the fire
melt away your numbness
find your desire
as you fall asleep
your grin, at your peak
I'll watch over you
wonder what you dream
Nov 2017 · 123
No Needs
tom krutilla Nov 2017
we'll build a moment
create an explosion
melt the ice between us
our toes will wade
in waters hence
shock us to our senses
fall to our knees, embrace
and breathe
nothing else matters, no needs
except our selfish pleas
Aug 2017 · 161
Chance glance
tom krutilla Aug 2017
she entered my life
with a quick glance
and a seductive look away

oh, that's not fair
i have enough on my mind
for you to invade

before your vision skirmishes
with my heart
i need to remember" it was a glance made"

but like the Mona Lisa
it's embedded in my thoughts
and tonight is a good place
for dreams to start
Aug 2017 · 167
tom krutilla Aug 2017
Underneath the casual talks
are semmetrys of all of us
the hurt and joy, pain and glory
such is the human story

there's always a rough ride
up and down, yet a smooth ending
we exit the ride, wait for His gentile
glance up, for they are waiting
saying "join us in His promise land
Aug 2017 · 179
A bit of chuckles
tom krutilla Aug 2017
the hand, is perfectly formed
for a device that speaks our minds
attention defecit is a medical issue
but the cure is ringtones
we are born with ten fingers
glad I took typing, its useful
on a nine inch device
they say humans are capable
of deep thoughts
did'nt realize Lol is a cue to laugh
I wonder if the aliens recieved my texts
they would probably reply, we love Houston
use to be loud noises got our attention
but now the rings and dings
has cured attention defecit
Aug 2017 · 256
tom krutilla Aug 2017
your touch upon my skin
is the musical interpretation
i feel within
your voice, like a sonata phrase
soothes this tempted soul
as your words are easy to appraise
your nakedness jazzes my mind
each line and curve, etches you
the aura i sense, is well defined
as the last note I feel
and your touch recedes
that this lullaby, this admission
is from the heart I hope you steal
Aug 2017 · 190
tom krutilla Aug 2017
Carry away this moment
what you see and feel
cup it in your hands
mold it to your uniqueness
empower you to believe
let the external voices
that whisper what you need
fade into their wonderlands
they are not your consciousness
you are what you feel and see
only to truly believe
Aug 2017 · 269
An Observation
tom krutilla Aug 2017
the weeds have gathered, now
around the pretty flower
those who's dripping drool
gave her life
have left it to wither
in her aging sunlight
there's always something new
on the horizon
a prettier, nano second
of admiration to follow
and yet, on the surface, a blossom
of unmatched beauty
but at the root, the slow decay
beauty and strength
are a true illusion
that everyday, after birth
is our slow wither
onto our aging sunlight
Mar 2017 · 301
tom krutilla Mar 2017
A poem is a thought
an inkling idea
dripping from the mind
into the heart
there it palpitates, speeds and slows
weakens and strengthens
as blood flows through the veins
the mind wanders between fantasy
and reality
lets us let it sink in
for it is ours, yet written for many
Mar 2017 · 999
I am home
tom krutilla Mar 2017
Coming down the road
like those thousand times before
pull into the sacred grounds
I am home
The squeaky door alerts
intruders, not here not ever
your demise is imminent
I am home
the walls of the old place
echo with futures past
breaths of life whispers in my ears
I am home
The colors have changed
every crack in the floor
tells of little feet that scurry around
I am home
touch the walls, feel the laughs
from tales of living
it's warm and cozy, the ultimate blanket
I am home
a living history ripe with pain and joy
the air inside filled with memories
a lovely melody, of notes that played here
I am home
and in the quiet of the night
when the eyes wary from the day
close them for a comfort sleep
For I am home
Mar 2017 · 2.3k
Your sanity
tom krutilla Mar 2017
When sadness clutches your heart
and you mind knows not were to start
When every sound and touch evades
look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

If dispair brings fear and its many tears
and if you seek the truth, but it disappears
when every sound and touch evades
Look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

Your eyes watch what words you say
to others, yet they keep them at bay
you wonder if your in this life to stay
Look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

The newness of the morn, the chatter of the birds
starts a new beginning to melt away the hurts
hope is always in you, never goes away
look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

Look deep inside you, you won't hide no more
For I'm the savior you've been waiting for
I'll dry your tears, chase away your fears
all the sounds and touch with me appear
I'll be the one to hold your heart
guide you to my bay, in hopes you'll stay
Mar 2017 · 306
tom krutilla Mar 2017
Come lay with me by the fire
Snuggle on the soft rug we wove together
Let the flames lick at our thoughts
And their warmth perspire us to passion
Then we'll watch the embers slowly fade to gray
As we wrap ourselves in a cacoon of dreams
Mar 2017 · 330
Tattered sails
tom krutilla Mar 2017
Those sails on your ship are tattered
Your rudder askew
The quest for yourself  has left you bruised
That newness you sought, was the past renewed
Time to anchor in this harbor, your emotions are
past curfew
Hold steady now, my flags are flying
Rest here for awhile or forever if you need
Lay down your arms or around me
Save your last bullet for me
I'll take it willingly
Then patch me up, absorb my love
as I bleed
Mar 2017 · 551
Colored Signs
tom krutilla Mar 2017
There was a time, I thought
I could find that sign
When green meant proceed
But I'm stuck on yellow
Waiting patiently
Yet your hands roam free
all over me
But mine were seized
You said " I'm not ready"
As you take what you need
Maybe I'll walk down to the sea
Let my mind wander, a good release
Have the waves caress the emotion in me
Stir them up, find some relieve
As the soothing sounds recede
I'll look to the horizon and see
In the distant, a new coastline for me
The yellow I've waited patiently
Is green so I'll proceed
Mar 2017 · 263
tom krutilla Mar 2017
the cold absorbs my skin
only your whispered breath within
can warm this near fatal heart
of memories since we're apart

I watched those eyelids twitch, dreaming
what fantasy you might be seeing
but I woke up to reality
the erasing of our legacy
Mar 2017 · 443
The moon and the sun
tom krutilla Mar 2017
the moon reports to the sun
as another day awakens from
the mischievous night
It tells of tales of crazed eyes
their faces hiding from sight
the murmur sounds of creatures sighs
of noisy streets, desperate peoples blight
of bright lights, dimming hopes goodbye
of tongues licking the roofs of mouths
tasting the moisture of loves delight
of lovers entangled, secrets kept till the light
of the sleepy quietness of dreams in flight
and those not ready to say, goodnight
Jan 2017 · 233
tom krutilla Jan 2017
is it not the way it goes
that everyone knows
how to live your life

ride that ferris wheel of life
get stuck at the top
a breathtaking site
all the possibilites
a utopia of delight

and when the ride ends
and your grounded
when you walk away with
that tear in your eye
know i'm your constant light

that beam to guide you
through your nights
and with each turn of
your ride i'm always
in your sight

the only cornucopia
of your life's delight
Dec 2016 · 331
tom krutilla Dec 2016
Nocturnal eyes, pierce the night
their form hidden from sight
rustle sounds, no shadow to follow
back and forth, in perfect rythm

The pendulum of thoughts restart
the mind relaxes the heart

Two fingertips, inches apart
merge, become hand in hand
where a new live began
Dec 2016 · 239
Lonely man
tom krutilla Dec 2016
The white canvass, scribbled
with sqiggly shapes
are words from my mind
my fingers seem so nimble
my thoughts perform a dance
with them
the ebb and flow of each sentence
conjures up many meanings
such is the manic, of a lonley man

a dimly lit light, a glass of shiny red
and all the voices talking at once
tell my story first, no tell mine first
whats the difference
they all end the same
Dec 2016 · 224
tom krutilla Dec 2016
will the truths said on this starlit night
evaporate with the morning dew
and when the hot sun creates cracks
have you stumble over them
face first you go, to comfort your lies
will there be any remorse
of your lovers demise
Dec 2016 · 207
tom krutilla Dec 2016
Shall I fall upon my sword
plunge it deep
or conjure up a whirlpool
swallow everything
shall my breath, ease to the wind
set fire with no meaning
does my gentile caress
of a fallen leaf
leave an imprint to believe
and as it fades
only a shadow I see
Nov 2016 · 491
A love rhyme
tom krutilla Nov 2016
My opening words I write to you
Are pennies from my wishing well
An inexpensive gesture for you
My sentences ramble from time to time
I was never good at a well placed period
My thoughts just bang in my head
And slowly ooz from my mind
I hope you smile reading this rhyme
The warmth that creeps upon you are my arms
Lay your head down with your soft thoughts
Tonight with me there are no more mountains to climb
Nov 2016 · 237
tom krutilla Nov 2016
If my paragraph is too long
To keep you interested
Perhaps sound bites are
What you prefer
You the know the ones were
Words flash across your eyes
You rearrange the letters for your
Mind to understand
Now you are content yet confused
At my verbage
Reread the paragraph and and find
All the phrases were I love you
Nov 2016 · 301
Watching you go
tom krutilla Nov 2016
And so it is, as you disappear
beyond the hill
Your sunset will always be new
While my darkness forever continues
Nov 2016 · 474
Vintage is new
tom krutilla Nov 2016
The gap between our fingertips widen
Cool winds whistle warmth discipates
Your set for a new adventure
Without me as your guide
I know now the oldness of me
Has rusted your heart
I understand we both threw stones
Only so much sanding and primer
Can hide all the dents
I see it in your eyes
The color of happiness has faded with time
So go now seek somthing new
When that wears off you can find me
In the vintage section
Painted and shiny looking new
Oct 2016 · 227
Time constant heals
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Floundering winds whisper
Through hearts holes
Meek attempts to close them
In wails of pity
Devastation of the minds trust
Seems everlasting
Each new interest seems ghostly
See right through them
Time and loneliness erodes
What has been done
Strength rebuilds to sturdiness
Pulls up from the abyss
Oct 2016 · 257
One night
tom krutilla Oct 2016
A drop of moisture flows slowly down
Her sculpted nose
Enters her sensual mouth barely parted
And red as a ****** rose
My arms sturdy as pillars her fingers grasp
As I enter her rythm starts
Eye to eye we photograph each move
To decorate the walls of our hearts
There's barely a whimper no need to compromise
Only silent sighs
Exhaustion sets in my pillars have collapsed
The brute and the goddess have taken
What they needed this might
Oct 2016 · 518
Pure sillyness
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Joely Ann if you can
See the spot were I stand
It's here I wait for you command
Joely Ann if you can
Don't tell me you found another man
Cause my green grass is covered in sand
Joely Ann if you can comeback
I'm waiting for the love I lack
Im tired and bored counted all the cracks
Joely Ann if you can
Make a stand don't be bland
It's either me or the boys in the band
Oct 2016 · 212
The parade goes on
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Shattered hearts lay strewn
Upon your nakedness
Empty cavernous eyes
Deep dark never ending
Cadaver stiffness cold and still
Many have tried defeated in shame
And the parade goes on
Oct 2016 · 306
Fantasy of you
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Like a web the morning fog entangles the tall trees
It drapes the valley as a smoke filled mystery
Feel free to walk among its time and length for the are treacherous exercises
What appears suddenly surly leads to ones demise
Such was my fantasy of you
That smile entangled me too soon
Your mystery I need to unravel
But only with time
Your sudden appearance and movements are sublime
Shall I fall into that treacherous exercises of chasing you
Not knowing of my demise
I'll pick yes for my mind is smoke filled
Yet the clearing is before my eyes
Oct 2016 · 267
Campaign season
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Their hallow eyes perice the night
With deceiving eyes and pearly whites
Draw you in with hypnotize words
You were a thinker but now a listener
Tainted by something more sinister
***** your mind with propaganda swords
Pick me I'll heal your pathetic lives
I'll give you love happiness and blue skies
But I'll discard you when I'm sworn
In god bless america
Oct 2016 · 494
The envelope
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Lying among this dandelion field
With its colors surreal
In hand a tidy envelope
With a letter perfectly sealed
So nice of you to take the time
To make it pretty with hearts that shine
I'll perceive what's in here is a confession of sorts
Hope you kept it simple your lies come up short
I can't open it been in your emotional blender
I'll peel off all the shiny hearts
And return to sender
Oct 2016 · 221
Confession to you
tom krutilla Oct 2016
I must confess I was poorly made
I'm vulnerable yet strong
Cut easily from the blade
My skin is thick yet delicate to the touch
My mind is focus yet wanders too much
My hearing is excellent yet selective
My voice bold yet whispers when expected
My nerves shatter every once and a while
Yet I'm not ready for that funeral pile
My heart still beats awake or asleep
I hold dearly the dreams I seek
These are my confession I say to you
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