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Tobias Schuster Jun 2018
I was stuck in a burning blistering heat
next to a rippling river.
Small trees offered little shade.

and I hoped against hope
for the sun to go down
and for the moon to steal the heat.

But the sun was high
and I felt low
and the river continued to flow.

As this furnace from above
cooked me as a fire would
and I wondered
how long would I last…,
Tobias Schuster Oct 2017
There's leopard lying in the grass
Miserably he’s looking through the glass.
Children are fighting to get passed
Its 40 degrees
Without a so much as a breeze
As I look at him,
We shear a look of despair.
Tobias Schuster Jul 2017
The horse o the noble creator
the animal that bring us joy and piece.
An animal that always forgives
a animal that helps old war veterans forget their sorrow.
The horse that is our friend,
our teacher.
Someone who will not judge
but only love.
We seem to not be returning the favor,
we get angry at our loving horses when they do not please us
even if it wasn’t their fault
or if they didn’t understand.
WE lock horse up is small stalls
Until their feet rot from standing in their **** all day
and they start turning in circles out of pure boredom.
Then WE put up electric fences so that they cant even do that.
and we leave them in these hellholes
Till WE feel like riding then.
Then WE stick metal pain devices in their mouths
so that we can control them better
WE force horse to do unnatural things like jumping
which hurts their legs an damages their joints
THEN we get angry when they don’t want to jump.
We hit them, make them run.
Till they are to tired to stand up for themselves
Then we beat the last resistance out of them
Till they give up
Till they are broken.
I am personally a horse rider and have seen some serious horse neglect and i am only 14 and have been riding for 3 years
Tobias Schuster Jul 2017
This is a story of a resplendent
young pheasant woman whose name was Shentor.
She lived in a isolated settlement
with her father who was an inventor

One day her father left on a long excursion
but he got lost in a big northeaster.
He searched for shelter in a quiet mansion
Were a large monster took him prisoner.

Shentor said that she would take her fathers
place and so the beast agreed willingly.
A short time later she saw the monsters
True self, she loved him immediately.

If you have somehow missed something do not ail
for you shall soon hear the full tale.
Tobias Schuster Sep 2016
Nature is calling
There is a cry for help
But there is no reply
Our ears deaf to natures cries
But do we realize what is happening
Or do we just not care
Does it not seem important
Does it not matter if nature is destroyed
What we don’t realize is
When we destroy nature we destroy ourselves
There is only so much nature can take
And we need nature to survive
Without nature we will perish
For without nature we will have no food,
No fresh water
There will be no resources available
You may think we have lots of time
But you are wrong
Forests are being cut down
Water is being polluted
And global warming is happening
Not to mention species becoming extinct
It is happening now
We must stop it before it is too late
Or we shall all perish
Along with nature.
Tobias Schuster Aug 2016
We live our lives happily
Without a bother in the world
We do not want to look at problems
For we do not what to be sad.
Why should we
We are happy aren't we
If we were to look at reality we would be horrified.
Because reality is cruel.
It would be all to easy to turn our back to it all
It can look hopeless
The cruelty and unfairness of it all
Can make one try to forget
But what about all the animals that have to pay
There lies a dog on a chain
Out in the cold rain
A kitten drowned
Another on the streets.
A horse is beaten without a second thought
They live a life of misery
Their lives are simply wasted
They have no voice.
They have no choice.
Yet their trust will never fail.
They will always forgive their owners
How can they abuse this trust.
They hide behind the word “humane”
But truth could not be further away.
I do not understand how we can just turn ones back
To animals that are suffering
That are calling
That need our help
We must united to stop this cruelty
To raise awareness
There is still hope.
It is still possible to stop all this.
We owe this to these animals
So I ask you to please open your eyes
stop this cruelty.
For together nothing is impossible.
Tobias Schuster Jun 2016
Leopards: They are such a lovely sight to see.
They live their lives are so wild, so free.
Their beauty is beyond compare,
but alas they might soon be rare.
For poachers hunt them everywhere.
Killed simply for their hide.
Their freedom suddenly denied.
There are not as many as there used to be,
for poachers go on a killing spree.
To satisfy their greed,
wiping out the breed.
We must stop the killing of this creature so wild
and do everything we can to save nature’s child.
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