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Tivonna Dec 2017
Past, present, and future
experienced as oneness in family's presence.
Tivonna Dec 2017
Created gardens

specific to gardener,

their tools, elements, and season*.
Tivonna Dec 2017
Waterfalls of cascading love
pool after cleansing;
~~a soaking reservoir*~~
Tivonna Nov 2017
Early morn between sleep,
Heart and Soul communicate,
mind does not exist.
Human problems looked upon
from higher perspective self

Cells resonate Love,
a chemistry of its own,
in garden of peace,
where Oneness is tree of strength
with sweet fruits to devour.

No problem prevails,
only calm seas in-between,
floating in Presence.
Higher state can be recalled,
as waters begin to swell

To ride coming wave,  
excluding the whole ocean,
floating in its lull;
*that same state of in-between,
filled with resonating Love.
Tivonna Nov 2017
Slumbering Souls awake,
seeking early morning dawn
after night's hibernation.
Tivonna Dec 2017
All words with its resonating energy,
affects vibrations of receiver.
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