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TinyATuin Jan 2018
There's this glass cylinder full of water
inside my chest
it quivers and shakes lately
when people talk
and try to reach out
and touch
threatening to break and spill
green seaweed and red and goldfish
from my eyes down to my feet
to tangle around my ankles
and disappear into the shower drain
till I find new ones
TinyATuin Sep 2017
Like a beast
it creeps
into my chest at night.
And like a beast
it tears
my fragile bones apart.
  Jan 2017 TinyATuin
George Cheese
I am a reservoir of masks
The ocean is placid or angry
From space, like space.
TinyATuin Jan 2017
with Red i claim:
1. the land i roam
this is mine! this is my home!
with Red i claim:
2. the girls i kiss
bright red lips on redder cheeks

and with crimson nails i rip
i rip the flesh, i rip
i snip
and Red is mine
and i am Red.

and finally-
with red i claim:
3. myself
my body, soul
i take it back
i steal
i grab
i take it all, for blood is Red
and Red is mine
and i am Red.
TinyATuin Nov 2016
I wear the void like Sunday dress,
I wrap myself in nothingness
far away from solid ground
moons exploding without sound...

I spin around my weightless self.

Shining stars of every color
welcome me like long lost lover,
sending stardust to my aid
telling me "You shouldn't stay"

...but still in the void I float.
TinyATuin Nov 2016
Melodies of frozen harp,
                          Igniting the morning sky,
         when the Day comes, cold and sharp,
        played by Wind across the plains,
               harsh, Incisive, angry, biting
             like the Northen wolves fighting,
desperate with Trembling hunger
                snarls Echoing, blood on snow
                           Red on white - the winter woe.
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