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One moment the waters are calm
And the next, you are weathering the storm
The unpredictability of life
May differ from the norm
Another moment you may see darkness
And the next, the sun will shine
It is up to you to push those clouds away
In order to keep everything in line
I see the universe expanding
Has been for 13 billion years
While stardust breeding planets arose
And that Dark Energy I fear

Can’t understand Dark Energy or
700 trillion miles to bear
To reach Andromeda Galaxy
When water was discovered there

Believing acceleration slowed
For 200 billion galaxies
Science proved that hypothesis wrong
Questioning even more fallacies

Each newborn star illuminated
4 billion times stronger than our eyes
Their galaxies currently revealed
Expansion’s not slowing- surprise!

Brilliantly more supernovas flew
Among 100 billion stars
For all we know this still is true
No water or air- can’t live on Mars
just exploring my lifelong fascination with space, all those big numbers describing distances between planets, the moon and stars...I enjoy seeing the marvelous pictures captured, but would prefer keeping our Earth healthy to live here, not counting on Mars or finding another planet.
I can no longer write;
My fingertips are lethargic, connected
to a paralyzed heart that wishes to no longer beat;
breathing is too painful to him.

I can no longer pray;
My faith is a stained mess, she has been
circumnavigated by every sin, plagued by depravity and apathy;
breathing is too painful to her.

I can no longer live;
My life is dead, outlined in chalk
Joy left me, love betrayed me, fate destroyed me;
breathing is too painful...
Take my silence one step too far
Take my violence and tear me apart
Your words are the cure I need
Your love is where my heart will feed

Indiscriminate demons fill my head
They try to tie my to my bed

The flame in my heart
                              is a smoulder
The only blame falls
                            on my shoulders

Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt
Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt

I'm pushing back the battle lines
Trying to capture all the lost time
This is just a forlorn endeavor
Forever severed whenever I fall

Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt
Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt

The flame
is a smoulder
The blame
on my shoulders
I don't surrender
I don't surrender
I don't surrender

Help me find my way out
I don't surrender
My eyes show only doubt
I don't surrender
Help me find my way out
I don't surrender
My eyes show only doubt
*I don't surrender
This is my first song. Of course since I don't write music there are no chords to it, but I intend for it to be played to hard rock with a lot of drums.
Hello Poetry to me is just another joint family
How by a common bond, here we are strung together
Though separated by geographical boundaries
Distance has never been a hitch or a tether

Your relentless encouragement helps me aim for heights
Your heart felt blessings give me loads of happiness
Your poems open before me new avenues of thought
Your gracious company creates for me a new ambience

Before my eyes, a hundred smiling faces appear in a row
Some stand out as beacons of radiant light
With words of encouragement, you vanquish all my doubts
Revitalizing my spirit and leaving it shimmering bright

Through this forum we share our inmost thoughts
How close we feel though never been together
Many have left the scene leaving trails of footprints
And many join fresh to continue the endeavor

Irrespective of creed we are here at art’s sacred shrine
‘Poets’ we are called and we breathe the scented pride
We stand tall among many others of our species
Let us proclaim aloud our fraternity worldwide!
Please don’t see this as a poem, but an expression of my deep feelings of gratitude! I am so happy about the enthusiastic response I get for my poems and am short of words to thank Hello Poetry and my fellow poets here! These days I am ******* with some family responsibilities and am unable to read poems I wish to read or comment!  The pressing engagements at the home front compel me to take a short break from you all! Hope to be back after two weeks. In between, whenever I get time, I shall try to see your poems…
Girl, everyday we face another day
A chance to better ourselves
Another moment to grow
In order to climb towards the top shelf
With our love
We build each other up together
We move towards the light
And encourage one another
Her rib cage
Her frantic beating heart,

Keeping it intact within her body -
Unleashed, it would crumble
And fall apart.

Safely tucked away,
Kept warm
By her soul's internal light,

To keep its melodic rhythm;
Distorted by Anxiety -
It is tortured day and night.

By Lady R.F. (c)2017
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