As a child I always loved begonias
Rain or shine they brilliantly flourish
Vigorously bypassing the roses
Though the roses find the begonias particularly boorish

Roses have always been my favorite flower
Especially light pink or white
Having special issues to deal with in behavior
Tender loving care when weather isn’t perfect in their sight

A garden of grace
Simplicity accommodates perfectly
Peace in the air allows growth to enhance
Seedlings of babies breath sprout in infancy

Impatients are so unlike their name
Less in value performance would steal the show all together
Never intimidated when roses outshine in vain
Every garden has its gardener

Passionate for rare variation
Quality must show it’s just dues
Never would a periwinkle show in competition
In humility spreading kindness to the view

Still a garden should have its focal point
One upright that catches the eye
Orchids are in a category of high esteem never a stem out of joint
Living on mists shared by their family of like kinds

A garden variety in any society
Be it showing in a bouquet of crystal romance
Differs according to the price of luxury
The misers mum doesn’t stand a chance

Earnestly propagating
Purest intentions for full blooms
Growth depends on Love consummating
Multiplicity of floral heirlooms

All pocketbooks have their delight
Gardeners always outdoing last years extravaganza
Stunning arrays satisfying any appetite
It’s all in the heart of the admirers to enjoy the fragrance
Through all the propaganda

A poppy will always bring a smile One of the first to show up everywhere in spring
Naturally dressing fields all aglow for miles
Living in a garden turns a blind eye to many unpleasant fantasies

Instilled as a garden knows
Always keeping composed
Never revealing the woes united in secrecy

Only the pure in heart
Plant love in their garden first
So from the very start
Harmony blooms an outburst

In stillness silence and elegance
Only God produces the growth
Graceful in obedience
Even flowers know
“We must be the change we want to see in this world”
Too much noise constipating the whole statement:
“Freedom of Speech”
Satan's last hurrahs prophetically unfurl
All open venue for spectacular evil entertainment
People taking advantage of rights unleashed
Nobodies responsible for the rage it magnifies
Too much emphasis on other people’s lives
What happened to having a day with a smile
Too much information for attitudes to get inflamed
Energy for drowning out the voices
Excavating no holes Barred consciousness of blame
Exploiting shameful options of choices
Dig and keep digging until the grave starts reflecting the fire in your eyes
What ever happened to STOP
SELF is so out of control
Devils are mixing Molotov’s cocktails for all the unstable Souls
Loose cannons just waiting to be recognized
People this isn't a lack of government amenity
We have lost the POWER to restore
There's no passing GO
Look in the mirror and be truthful
Can you let go of your anger long enough to bow down and cry
Unbelievers and doubters spitting mouthfuls
Stop and listen
No more alibis
Way at the back of the field of dreams
Mighty Saviors are strong, courageous and multiplying
A Divine intervention has always been arranged
When darkness stumbles into its own
Unable to SEE the horizon's FIRELIGHT
Start singing swing low sweet chariot's full blown
Now's the time to make a turnabout
Jesus is a saver not a looser
For those who have a miraculous change throughout
There is a Love for everyone
Beacons of Light have been searching
Take off your shades
Its time to FACE the LIGHT and come
To a movement of metanoia
There they go walking Bible in hand
Unaware of the dromedaries surrounding 
Saddle bags full of mingled wine of a distant land
Tattered and torn were the garments as a disguise so not to be recognized as enemies approaching 
Secretly deceiving the promised ones to live within their God’s hand

Enemies of God try to cozy in with your life
Pretending to be passers by expecting to befriend the Sons of God
One of these is the “reasoning mind”,  the “EGO” a Hittite 
Be aware of the carnal mind pretending to be God but NOT

Keeping aware of the spiritual company we keep
Wanting to always be the light for everyone 
Not standing firm on our foundation, darkness can put us into spiritual sleep
Conversations watched carefully till the old nature is gone

It’s wonderful to be in conversations relating to holiness
I know I thought it sounded strange too before I could relate
Now it’s my favorite or I’m pretty quiet other wise 
Once you’ve had your fill of the worlds type of religions state

You will be happy to cut the cords and feel the breeze
Flowing through your soul like the essence of fresh bouquets 
Peace within every heartbeats romance with omnipresent relief 
Life shouldn’t be a flashing red light reminding you of that original sins millstone malaise

Moving past elementary principals 
The deeper to sink in to the teachings pure and true
Floating on calm waters wisdom takes you under her wing understanding every parable 
Finding out that the whole book is written about you!

The way in and out of this false imitation we see outwardly 
Obedience will soon become apparent 
Learning how to walk in any situation honestly 
Following the innermost identity SEEING the futility more coherent 

To be completely content is absolutely a blessed gift 
I went from room bound freak show 
To Jesus’s unconditional Love and respect
Healed from all the bondage as He wiped the mud out of my eyes so I could SEE the glow

Healing from Jesus is more than a miracle 
It’s the Love I felt inside
Nothing ever touched me so lavishly and intimately personal 
I knew it was especially designed for my awareness at this particular time

The precise timing the Lord planed for my wilderness journey 
Changing me from the inside out in moments unnoticed particularly 
But I could SEE a difference that I liked about me
I was healed and in Love with getting to know more about this wonderful mystery

The rest is history as we take one day at a time 
Living on a new platform that is already Lighten for our way
Focusing on pressing into the secrets of the Divine 
Seek and you shall find the wonders in a most delightful unexpected pathway 

Life’s supernatural acts out of the most extraordinary stillness 
Willing to expand the majestic highway 
Inviting you personally as His witness
How Grandure and incomprehensible is the Mind of Christ to desire to know how was our day

The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament and the Old Testament is revealed by the New Testament.
                              ........St. Augustine
Every art form is a reaction to your imperfections
We write out our heart and soul
To the windows of double paned glass with intentions
So the sounds of the breaking down in tears within lines cannot be told

How suffocating is the condition
Enemies shooting words twisted left and right
To untie them and set in a poetic form takes a mindset of precision
Don’t underestimate the power you hold between your mind as your fingers write

If you want to get washed away in your own tears
Being distracted by the itch in your ear that you can’t reach
Wallowing through nightmares rehearsing fears
Medication side effects may instill a partial breach

Taking advantage of the symptoms for their ability
Words flow into subliminal subjects never experienced
Art that performs within the soul is an entity
Using the power of your mind to create masterpieces

Most of the artists and poets were partially lit
In one way or another
Tuning in to the power is leasing your soul to the devils wit
Giving him entrance to your personal thoughts is inviting open season as they smother

Keeping a safe lock and key on your vulnerability
Glorifying God in all you allow your whine to project
Keeps tabs on who’s spirit is controlling the dramatic sensibility
Letting go of wisdom is a dangerous deflect

Who is the true author in control
Silhouettes of oneself in conformity to the events in respect
Literally mused by sincere intentions of heartfelt counsel
Trusting abilities seeking the richness that only the Word can project

The Bible is full of glorious words
I’m amazed at times how significant each word is profoundly placed
Of coarse we know which Spirit is controlling each verse
I’m in awe at the magnificence of our Lord Jesus’ grace

Writing so we can be free of the underwriters demands
Reaching out for our telecommunications to reach Him
It’s all in His ineffable purpose previously planned
Give your whole heart, mind and soul to the only One within

Who controls where you will eventually stand
Nomads land
Or favorably in the comforts of His hand
Our souls are His Promised Land

Let Him save your soul
Your writing may not win a Pulitzer’s prize
But delight in knowing your pleased in His eyes

But the ultimate goal
Is in knowing whether your dead or alive

After you stop breathing.....

When ever I write a poem I listen as I am writing to myself too
No condemnations
Flowing freely in peace ✌
You’re beautiful
Your perfect skin
Illuminating glory from within
The Spirit shines
It’s glow abides
The infinite secrets
Instilled inside
A heartfelt warmth
Passionate touch
Your heart reveals loving truth
You must share
The dawning of the New Day is here
Your inner eye unveils a view
His loving life that lives in you
Does your heart yearn 
For your seductive shadows 
Entertainment into places unknown
Dancing with devils
Tiptoeing into deep caverns of emptiness 
Floresent dandelions 
Musing your ego
Suffocating your pathetic echo 
Trembling to be heard
So the seas wail for you
Velocity in the tide a lonely outflow
Drag you to where urchins play
Where the foam 
Skirts shame
Sleeping all day
Mind wildly roams
Wake up from your deadness
Missing the afterglow?
Misfits halo
Has it occurred ?
Sounds you try to muffle
Visions of blindness
Your special 
Loneliness is a gift
Leads to higher enlightenment 
Happiness with this world
Battles to be noticed
Belong in society 
Success kills eventually 
Chosen are the misfits 
Appreciate a shift
In consciousness 
Winds stretch out a hand
Hovering birds try to disguise 
Gentle doves quench
Insecurities isolate demand
Other spirits captivate
Recognize the stench 
Turn from other wise
Follow the pure tactic
Warmth sympathizes
Lift up your inner eyes
What do you SEE 
Is the twilight dawn active
Your heart internalizes 
Recognizing your first birth
You are not of this world
Misfits try to connect
Matter clutches control
Gravity grips
Painful mind games 
Suffering silently 
Agony surrounds the soul
Don’t allow the noise
Ignore all darkness 
Listen quietly
You are found helpless
To control the senses 
Everyone you know
Hasn’t a clue
What is happening 
To you
Onlookers try to console
No medications!
Seek keep seeking
In the still small voice
You will recognize 
Your true nature
Awakening your soul
To who you really are
Don’t think it’s strange 
The fiery trial to prove
Your faith
Call out to Jesus
He’s calling you
For the plan and purpose
You were born to do
Welcoming angels will assist
Don’t fear
You are highly favored
Your Father within you
Is helping 
Always and forever 
Your rescue 
Has begun
Your a chosen 

All the darkness within
Is the enemy
Taking captive
The souls of our children
People are labeling them
With syndromes 
Because ignorance 
Doesn’t recognize 
The suffering of the soul
In dire need of forgiveness 
Along with spiritual patience 
There not sick
They’re in a state of spiritual 
Wake up to recognize 
What the world is covering up
Open your hearts and see
Now is the great awakening 
Don’t put your youth at risk
Suicides are an epidemic 
Crying in darkness 
Needing to escape the pain and suffering 
Open the book and find out
Just what the Bible is warning us about
Don’t be a victim of Scientology 
Get free from the worlds ideology 
Before it’s too late


The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament and the Old Testament is revealed by the New Testament.
                              ........St. Augustine
We plant seeds
Of Your Life
We share
Seasons of growth
Because we care
Love that keeps inside
Has no hope
Only You can provide
Growth to multiply
You bring the rain
Showers of tender mercies
Witnesses testify
Rooted deeply within
Jesus is the caretaker
Over our souls
He tenderizes
Trusting our body soul and spirit
In the arms of the only
Life giving Spirit
Nurturing blessed hope
Becoming His very own
Sheep fold
He calls and we follow
Knowing He is
The only voice
Making Him our Life’s
Magnificent choice
For Love to be multiplied
Sharing intimately gives
To the hungry
Honestly freely we share more is supplied
Love is a never ending flow of the true Life within
Jesus the Light of the World
He is the Light and Life of man
Turn to Him to be Loved
His everlasting plan
All Loving
Life’s entrance to eternity
He’s the door
The Gateway of Thanksgiving
Come on IN
There’s always
Room for more
Lifting up holy hands
To the only One that we Adore
Jesus made flesh like man
Died so that we can share
In His inheritance
“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
He had to die so that
We could have His Divine Gift
Life in abundance
Jesus is our Root
We are His reflections
Lights glistening on distant shores
Searching for every heartbeat
Alive waiting to be found
Celebrating as one more
Living grain of sand
Now complete
Love more and more
I Love You Lord
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