There’s a New Day
Radiance in a Highway
New Creation is spawning

Rising is “The Word”
Prophecy unfolding
Everything spoken is heard
Love in the eyes of believers beholding

It’s a warm revelation unveiling Jesus Christ~ the Last Day
Comforting long searched for
Patience determined in the Way
Sees the Glory of the Lord

“A Fiery Cloud
circles around my Spirit
a defensive Banner”
Centered deep in soul’s to inherit
A burning Essence opens in such a pure manner
Bright Streamers from the Heart of the glorified Jesus
Spreading like a wildfire!
Consuming all wood hay and stubble in a conciseness of Peace

Not an eye of worldly matter
Can view this Magnificent Array
Come up higher
To view the inner workings of a Father coming to rescue His stray

“Awake who have been under Death and Judgment
know not that my Reign is near?”

Lifting off the weights of gravitation’s pull
Releasing Satan’s grip of debilitating fear
Freedom’s born in a handful
......of corn
Over the Mountains...
Redeemers filled with the Spirit of Jesus bourn
Gushing water Fountains
Singing in perfect harmony
Sanctified by the burning bush
Recalling His Family

“Nobles shall come from Cush
Hastening to stretch out her hands to God”

O kingdoms of the earth
Sing to God
Sing praises to him who is proved in worth
Ancient heavens behold
Sending out His Mighty Voice
Wisdom’s choice

Divine Love spills over all nations
Doubt bows at Your feet
Leaving the dust as transformations
Perfect Love worthily defeats

Now all strife ceases
Overall the Region of Light
The Lord alone reigns in Peace
For now the Soul is Born anew into the Light

Firmly established in His Kingly Power

“Coals from the Deity are made as an enduring burning Element where the Glory of Christ’s Personality may be seen”

The same likeness has risen
Virtue of the creating Word
in his “Members”
Who are In-trusted with this powerful Body in unison
Quickening  remembers

Suitable for the management of such a Kingdom
Where the Soul at first reigns invisibly
Until a full manifestation comes
Overflowing in Love’s personality

“Whoever keeps His Word
Truly the love of God is perfected
By this we may know that we are in him
Beloved, we are God's children Now
What we will be has not yet appeared
But we know that when he appears
We shall be like Him
Because we shall see him as he is.”

Distance is not something
to be afraid of when you
are loved so much.
It actually makes
the heart grow fonder.
Thoughts of one in love
reaches out fondly to the other.
It's really beautiful to
share something so rare.
Seems like you are in the
twilight zone.
Your thoughts about the
next day is so hilarious,
so funny that you can't wait
for the dawn to come.
It's so good to be loved like this.
My heart beats for you,
can you hear it my love.
I'm waiting for your return.
This long absence has become
more difficult than I thought.
I know you can hear me,
for my heart speaks louder
than words.
Even though I am strong I still
need you to complete me
my beloved.
Listen to your heart
and you will know.
Deep calling the deep
and heart to heart.
The river flowing to
the ocean gives itself
willingly for it hears
the call of the deep.
The mouth that opens
when it yawns must
collects dust from the air,
even so the heart that yearns
for love must experience
the pains of sleeplessness.
Only when the morning
comes shall all things
be resolved,restored
and renewed,
for the beauty of the
divine rest within the heart of man.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Moseying down a broken road
Stopped beside a wishing Well
Leaning against a wagon load
Was a Mysterious Man with a story to tell
I reckon you’ve heard them all
As I sipped some water from the wishing Well
I don’t believe in miracles passing the cup so the Man said Well,
I’m from a place where miracles are spectacles
Where blind men SEE and the lame walk
He nodded in all certainty
I said that sounds far-fetched again He started to talk
Well let Me see what will it take for you to believe
Not sure I know why wildflowers grow
Or fish swim upstream against the flow
Not sure about the birds that fly
Across miles before winters nigh
Well I’m heading to move on down the road
Oh wait there’s more I know please tell me so
Well it’s just like this there was a Son in days of old
Came to set the people free so I’m told
Claims He rose from the dead
After being crucified for our debt
Came alive in the Spirit to teach us all
It was as in the beginning before the fall
Love abounding
Children laughing
All creation singing
Does that ring a bell
If I could just go there and look upon
This place your stories based on
Son, you just have to believe that it’s so
Promises were made long ago
There being fulfilled in the folks that Know
Well I’m so glad we met here at this Well
Pass the cup I’ll drink it up
Living Water rises in this Well
Let’s sit a spell here’s bread we’ll sup
You have listened to My story well
I’ll see you soon then He disappeared
My hands were shaking as my heart burned inside
Deeply moved His voice rings in my ear
This was that Man who was crucified
The Man who suffered so we can live
Gave me Living Water from this wishing Well
I guess this isn’t a wishing well
Drinking the last drop hearing “I came to give you Life as well and to forgive
as I AM
The Well
It was early in the morning when He stepped out of that tomb
Right at the break of Day
The Light did shine seven times brighter in a way
Like being birthed from a mothers womb
Mary went to the tomb and saw
It was empty at that time
Wounded as her heart did cry
Searching for her Lord
Jesus saw her and said, “Woman why are you crying?”
She turned and faced her Lord with bright eyes
Tears streaming down her face
As the apostles thought she was lying
Two of them ran in one accord
As if in a race
Saw the tomb was empty
Seeing the grave clothes left inside
Bewildered puzzled in disarray
Peter and John went back to abide
On the evening of that Day
Jesus came to the upper room
Appearing to the apostles showing them His wounds
Eight days later He came back to show Thomas He was alive
Thomas cried out My Lord My God ashamed putting his hand in Jesus’s side
How many of us would have believed when Mary brought the Good News
The souls that seek will have opened eyes
Seeing Jesus in clear view
tinhearts Aug 11
There hangs a string of heart
Love growing by the entrance
Our souls being no longer apart
Being joined by His deliverance

A vine delicate in appearance
Each new leaf reveals in part
Members of this family’s presence
A welcoming loved ones scarf

Allowing loved ones to know
Love grows here
Come in and let us dine together
Renewing Love in a whole new atmosphere
tinhearts Aug 10
You already
                            KNOW” it
        But I’ll pump you up a bit  
               Enjoying your (talent)
Humor & Truths
Foam from your soul
A RiZing
              Love IN kindness
                                Styl-N Stanzas!
            “EXTRAVAGANZA S”
Shine ON
Gifts unplanned are always

~~~~~~flowing ~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~out from the~~~~~
~~~~Light of your soul~~~

Blowing kisses while
Pumping your imagination
Keep on .........
         .........keeping on a smile
               ATTACHED !!!
 Love & Appreciation

Temporal Fugue
tinhearts Aug 10
Waking up this morning
Thanking Jesus in my Soul
Blessings of His Presence
I give Him all the Glory
Praying in reverence
In making the BODY whole
I cannot look outside myself for healing
.....or deliverance

It is only through His Blood
In His “Arm” revealing
The Power flowing freely
In His Elect-Through-Light
Beings connected by His Love
Filled with His presence
Flow with the Power of His Blood
Pouring out His Life
As He did for us
Only through Obedience
Walking straight into His Light
Fills our souls with essential evidence
Everyones looking outside
To cure their unbelief
When His Power He did provide
By His death on the cross
So if you're looking for relief
Suffering daily with infirmities
Bow your head to Our Father
Holy Spirit of Jesus
A remedial doctor
Nothing in this whole world can heal like His Virginity
In the Gospel
Holy Doctrine

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