tinhearts Sep 1
Beauty is Love unfolding from within
God’s Essence trifolding
His Divine presence
Delicately woven
A touch of a gentle dove
God’s mysteries unspoken
Silence unfolds
In the twinkle of an innocent eye beholds
His Majesty
Love an imperishable gift
Our souls crave each day
Sing melodies that uplift
Revealing more Love in a Radiant way
Light encompasses
The palm of His Hand
Always reaching out to us
Love is His Promised Land
Our souls seek
Love simply
Jesus in thee
Like a plant,
You sometimes need to prune the dead parts of you in order to let the new parts grow.
Hanging on to dead things won't awaken them.,they'll keep rotting and cause harm to the whole lot of you.
Prune definition:trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.

Holding on to a dead part of our lives is usually due to attachment as well as lack of faith in the new that will spring out after the old is gone.
Prune the dead relationships,interractions and the past that only brings you down.
Trust your instincts,prune whats dead to your life and begin life afresh.
tinhearts Aug 25
Little children
Beware of idols
An image instilled in our mind
Cannot fulfill or console

The crucifix on the wall
With Jesus’s dead image
That’s where people fall
Bowing in homage

They never get past the death
To see the resurrection
Jesus is not that dead man on the cross breathing out His last breath
He’s conquered amidst them all from death to perfection

Splendor in Magnificence
He crushed the principalities
Rose out of that grave in all power in spite of their defiance
He gave up His life even for those who nailed Him to the death defying cross for all humanities

Lord Jesus You are omnipotent
Loving all who hate You
Freely You give to all who repent
Saving the least of these as I am one You rescued

Oh no your not that dead man on the cross
Your Arm Span embraced from east to west
Your voice so soft
Yet like a trumpet heard through silence

Let us bless You Lord
Let us wait on Your Word
Just as in the upper room in one accord
Waiting for the Power that is promised and is what You died for

So all can be as You are in us
Jesus standing firm in the souls that receive Him
Don’t wait around for a Super Bowl event Jesus or bust
He’s quiet and simple loving to the brim

Give Him honor and praises
Allow your soul to let Him in
Repentance is a gift so don’t pass up His grace
Truth be know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Him

So lift up your voices to give honor to the only One
Who died a horrible death yet rose before the sun
Benevolent is Your nature all will succumb
Come Lord Jesus Thy Will be done!
  Aug 21 tinhearts
Stewing problems leaves you overrun.
Doing problems perceives them done.
Written 21 August 2018
tinhearts Aug 18
There’s a New Day
Radiance in a Higher Way
New Creation is spawning

Rising is “The Word”
Prophecy unfolding
Everything spoken is heard
Love in the eyes of believers beholding

It’s a warm revelation unveiling Jesus Christ~ the Last Day
Comforting long searched for
Patience determined in the Way
Sees the Glory of the Lord

“A Fiery Cloud
circles around my Spirit
a defensive Banner”
Centered deep in soul’s to inherit
A burning Essence opens in such a pure manner
Bright Rays from the Heart of the glorified Jesus
Spreading like a wildfire!
Consuming all wood hay and stubble in a conciseness of Peace

Not an eye of worldly matter
Can view this Magnificent Array
Come up higher
To view the inner workings of a Father coming to rescue His stray

“Awake who have been under Death and Judgment
know not that my Reign is near?”

Lifting off the weights of gravitation’s pull
Releasing Satan’s grip of debilitating fear
Freedom’s born in a handful
......of corn
Over the Mountains...
Redeemers filled with the Spirit of Jesus bourn
Gushing water Fountains
Singing in perfect harmony
Sanctified by the burning bush
Recalling His Family

“Nobles shall come from Cush
Hastening to stretch out her hands to God”

O kingdoms of the earth
Sing to God
Sing praises to him who is proved in worth
Ancient heavens behold
Sending out His Mighty Voice
Wisdom’s choice

Divine Love spills over all nations
Doubt bows at Your feet
Leaving the dust as transformations
Perfect Love worthily defeats

Now all strife ceases
Overall the Region of Light
The Lord alone reigns in Peace
For now the Soul is Born anew into the Light

Firmly established in His Kingly Power

“Coals from the Deity are made as an enduring burning Element where the Glory of Christ’s Personality may be seen”

The same likeness has risen
Virtue of the creating Word
in his “Members”
Who are In-trusted with this powerful Body in unison
Quickening  remembers

Suitable for the management of such a Kingdom
Where the Soul at first reigns invisibly
Until a full manifestation comes
Overflowing in Love’s personality

“Whoever keeps His Word
Truly the love of God is perfected
By this we may know that we are in him
Beloved, we are God's children Now
What we will be has not yet appeared
But we know that when he appears
We shall be like Him
Because we shall see him as he is.”

tinhearts Aug 16
In retrospect of the day
The sun did arise
Thunderstorms stray
Finding this little Light despised

In the balance of the temple
To be elect and precious
Freely given to Light up the soul
Does this elate truth or religious

Nobody listens to fruition’s
Spoken through insight
Clearly spoken in Wisdom
Unjustly is darkness’s right

Speaking in tongues
“The breath in our nostrils is smoke
Speech a spark
to move
our heart
Let us crown ourselves with roses
Before they are withered
Let no meadow escape our riot”

Clever how death covets its prey
Words spat
Dispirited wafts of wind play
Blowing favoritism in chitchat

“For we are born of nothing
After this we shall be as if
we had not been
for the breath in our nostrils is smoke consuming”
.....words devoured to move our heart’s whim

“Why is light given to him who is in misery
......and life to the bitter in soul?”

God is not a respecter of persons
I Will have mercy on whom I choose to have mercy
Do you have to be knocked off your high horse on the way to Damascus
Blinded by the Light personally

Praying on a street called straight
Guidance in your darkened state
To realize natural man is blinded to Heavenly Estates

No natural eye can partake
Of the treasury
Only in Christ does He open the floodgate
No imagination can fathom a Higher Memory

Satan’s so subtle keeping the whole world in the dark
People pumped up with pride
Never humbled enough to hear Hark!
While death overrides

Jesus said,”Your poor, blind and naked”
Throwing pearls before swine is useless
Lord allow the souls to be awakened
Before Satan demands his recompense

On your deathbed
Do you have any requests?
Will your pride comfort you instead
Or are you ready for repentance

“By the envy of the devil, death came into the world
And they follow him that are of his side”

How does a man swallow his pride?
Lord, please open up their eyes
to realize
Forgiveness is a gift of Life inside
Can you bare to accept the compromise

“These things they thought and were deceived for their own malice blinded them”

Bowing my head
In retrospect of the Day
Silence beheaded
Ignorance passes  away

Fate is a rude awakening
Giving alms to subside
Death waits undertaking
Last breaths of souls that die


“It is in Light that Light exists “
The unfolding of your words gives light
  Aug 16 tinhearts
Emeka Mokeme
Distance is not something
to be afraid of when you
are loved so much.
It actually makes
the heart grow fonder.
Thoughts of one in love
reaches out fondly to the other.
It's really beautiful to
share something so rare.
Seems like you are in the
twilight zone.
Your thoughts about the
next day is so hilarious,
so funny that you can't wait
for the dawn to come.
It's so good to be loved like this.
My heart beats for you,
can you hear it my love.
I'm waiting for your return.
This long absence has become
more difficult than I thought.
I know you can hear me,
for my heart speaks louder
than words.
Even though I am strong I still
need you to complete me
my beloved.
Listen to your heart
and you will know.
Deep calling the deep
and heart to heart.
The river flowing to
the ocean gives itself
willingly for it hears
the call of the deep.
The mouth that opens
when it yawns must
collects dust from the air,
even so the heart that yearns
for love must experience
the pains of sleeplessness.
Only when the morning
comes shall all things
be resolved,restored
and renewed,
for the beauty of the
divine rest within the heart of man.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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