We, I mean everyone in the world, in your innermost being while your silence hears the Light comes to a realization as the pilot light within us all created this whole earth and everything in it to please us. Though not everyone is pleased or even cares. Though some don’t believe.... you will.
Sometimes we are so blinded by our emotions or state of being “self”, the veil between the two natures within us all to feel His Presence. To admire His kindness. To care enough to listen for His voice in you. I pray that the Lights start turning up brighter in the souls of men. That the power of the true gospel will break through every man’s walls of rebellion and shine so brightly it blinds the darkness from resisting the pure virginity of truth. Being a Christian has nothing to do with going to church. Nothing to do with Wednesday night socials food drives. It’s all about the Love. Love isn’t just a word. It’s the POWER that created all things through Christs grace. It’s fire in its purest form. Able to cleanse the repentance without singeing
the garments worn. A heat with such intensity you would need special garments to wear. Jesus is that garment. He is everything we need to flourish in the holiness atmospheres.
Praising Him is a thankfulness of His majestic attributes towards us. We are no simple task to get all of us in concordance to His Will. Yet He has it all wrapped up and finished waiting for the perfect ending to an immaculate beginning of brilliance.
Come let us make man in our image.
“Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, even though the world does not know you, I know you, and these know that you have sent me. I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”
John 17:24-26
The compassion is effervescent Joy none other can express.
My soul cries for this same abundance of benevolence. To Love like there’s no tomorrow, yet to Love like tomorrow will never end. Encompassed In benevolence bliss to overcome the world. The outward world and the world that is still in us. You know that stick in our eye.
O Lord forgive all my insecurities and please pluck out whatever is not YOU. Amen
We must get out of the rat race worldly religious masquerades and make it simple. Love the Lord your *** with all your heart and soul. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Meaning everyone in the world is your neighbor. It doesn’t matter what race, country, color or language. When we learn through Christ to overcome everything that the outer eye can see, then we will see what the inner eye sees. The beauty that was here before time began.
Only Perfect Love will SEE this Glory. Amen
tinhearts Jan 5
“Weren’t our hearts on fire when he spoke to us along the road and when he explained the scriptures for us?”
Luke 24:32

Isn’t this true of today. There these men were, eye witness of the ongoings in Jerusalem but with the noice of different voices and distractions going on about what happened they were confused and in despair. It’s like a woman who lost the diamond from her engagement ring while walking the darkened streets of the city.
Unnoticed by her that it was missing, yet, a weary humble soul found it laying amongst the debris and filth and saw it was of great value. Picked it up and cherished it as his heart burned in knowing he had found the truth.
Today the truth is lost, laying along a side road somewhere unnoticed and not missed because of the noice factor that clouds the minds and convinces the soul into believing whatever she hears and soaks it in as good food for thought. Coming from that tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.
It suffices Because it doesn’t cause any disturbances. Nothing alarming enough to make a change within their minds actions to SEE they are blind guides leading the blind and they will all fall in a pit.
When the truth in all its humility is heard it causes disturbance within the innermost being. It’s supposed to so that you know the other is false. The truth burns like a fire to consume anything of the false order and turn the soul to her true Light of Life the Living Jesus, sleeping in the manger because the inn is full of imposters.
   The Pharisees stick their nose up in the air because it will change everything they believe in and upset their lifestyles.
I’m telling you the truth. Didn’t Jesus insist on that constantly! For those who have ears to hear listen!
He knew they were lost yet not knowing and wallowing in their sects of unbelief and misguided preachers robbing the lambs food and leaving them hungry.

I’ve noticed by the Spirit the ones who believe what I say and the ones who leave in disgust.
Jesus said,”And you, do you wish to leave also!” Precious Peter said,”Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words to eternal Life and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of ***.”
How did he know? The truth rises within and burns away the false. The darkness can not comprehend the Light and it DISAPPEARS.
Just like Jesus disappeared after the Light of His words penetrated the souls of the two men on the road to Emmaus. Once He broke the Bread of Truth and Life they could SEE. Amen
tinhearts Dec 2018
Happiness is extinguished
While the heart still needs to shine
Dampening as the years establish
A cloud covers the divine
Like a cocoon
Being kept
For a later time
Believing in a ***
Not yet understanding or ever taught the IAM
Who and what was this clever protective pod
Always condemned
Stepping out of childhood
Nobody cared what means are suffering ahead
Building a relationship
Between the heart and soul
Always thinking lightly yet now under Satan’s toll
Life has a way of drifting
Flowing with the tides pull
Never really knowing
The voice that kept control
Understated authority
Above the sinking sand
Strongholds of a purity
Underneath enemies hand
Slipping through loopholes
Unimaginable escapes
Drawing to another plan
Altogether youthful place
As if another lifetime omits mistakes
Eyes opening beyond
Renovation undertakes
A hairpin turn pulls
The shades
Brighter is the view
Whispered promises made
All to the planned purposes anew
Now focused to make the grade
Light everywhere
Showing where to go
No need for conversation
There’s an entrance to the know
Obedience sets in secretly
No observation shone
***’s plans have no time
Perfectly set for salvation’s zone
Years muffle confused
Believing sets the corse
Earthquakes upheaval
The beginning of the truth enforced
Years months minutes no time
Wave lengths of revelations
A new attention rewind
Focused on the truth’s elevation
The Light and Life unwind
Opening up new worlds proof of constellation
***’s behind all time
What a relief unfurls
Finally In safe hands
Embraced by the Light of the World

The unfolding of your words gives light;
it imparts understanding to the simple.
tinhearts Dec 2018
Faith is the substance
Virginity’s layers of a pure rose
The fragrance lifts you up to the intended requirements
All desire is to attain to the unfolding composed

Revealing twinkles of Light
Filling the soul with a determined fixation
Overwhelmed by the mystery with delight
Faith like the rose’s only passion

Kept in a crystal vessel
Refreshed with the dew of mornings
Patience is in one petal
Our daily mana enriched to absorb the glories

Love seeing qualities within
Obedience honoring the power to receive
As the rose dies daily therein
The voice of holiness is the silence we perceive

Stepping into a new walk of Life
The rose falls and fades away
Living in a new glorious body of Light
No fear of thorns to ever wound
Or betray
tinhearts Dec 2018
Now this I have to say to all; Let every one look to his foundation; for the Lord can arise again; and will arise again, and shake once more; and then the heavens and the earth, which have not a true foundation, cannot but fall. If the earth be not founded upon and settled in righteousness, its present establishment will not stand. If the heavens be not founded upon and settled in truth, they will melt and pass away before the fire of the Lord. There is a spirit that mourns deeply to the Lord, groaning inwardly, and his ears are open to it, and he will plead the cause of his seed; and the churches and religions where the seed of the serpent can live and flourish, shall wither and come to an end. Dust is already become the serpent's food. The spirit of man, in all his exercises of religion, knows not the bread of life; but the dead feed upon the dead, and the dead spirit of man loves to have it so. But this cannot continue; for the Lord has been at work all this while; and when he brings forth the people which he has been forming, and their religion, the religion of man will appear what it is; and shame and sorrow will be the portion of all who have pleased themselves there and trifled away the day of their visitation.
tinhearts Dec 2018
The Samaritan women at the well has deep significance. She represented the lost soul of the city or nation of Samaria the heathens. She was Abraham’s Seed but the Jews wanting nothing to do with them because they considered them unclean because they had mixed blood in them, from their earlier captivity in Syria  
Jesus revealed to her that she had had five husbands and the one she was with was not her husband.
She had had the 5 fold ministry preacher, pastors teachers, prophets and evangelist and the SIXTH was not her husband, but Satan sitting in the holy place of her soul (The carnal mind).
She was thirsty as many Christians today are and came to the same well that her fathers drank from but it wasn’t living water. It was the old covenant that has no life in it anymore from the law. He said to her, “everyone who drinks from this well will be thirsty again.”
So there is Jesus the true well filled with Living water. The new covenant right there in front of her.
She perceived that He was a prophet revealing things to her that only she would know.
She knew about the Messiah that was to come.
He said,”I am He.”
Jesus always reveals himself to the soul first (women represent the soul always).
Then she ran into the city tell the others the good news.
They came out of the city to meet Him. We always have to come out of our comfort zone to meet Jesus when He comes to us in our soul.
tinhearts Dec 2018
Your beautifully
*** knows completely
Promises gripped

Sweaty palms keepsake
His Power
Opens in a song of rhapsody as no mistake
Passes through the glass of hours

Wait on the Lord
Watch and SEE
*** doesn’t make mistakes or
Anyone His Love doesn’t reach

In Your quiet moments
Silence speaks
Ask with all your heart to remove the torments
Rest holding on to His peace

I give you My Peace
Jesus said many times
Not the Peace
This world’s leftovers pantomimes

Hold on to the book
Open if your inspired
Simply take a look
***’s a consuming FIRE

Tears that flow in a mystery
Shaken not stirred
Wash away the misery
When believed He’s the cure

Loving you
Because that’s what He would do
Close your eyes and inhale into you
Love from above has touched deep inside of you
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