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Today is that Day
Do you ever feel
All emotions aside
That your just spinning your wheels
Praying deleriously to our most Holy Father in all plans so He Will be your guide
Looking outwardly
Will get you nothing but a bill
Or an airplane ride
Love conquers all
Seeking inwardly abide
Trusting with all your heart you think...
Humm...I recall begging the Lord to heal me help me please
Prayers or instincts
When all your searching for is His Life he sees
Earthquakes to rattle your dove cage
The valley of death daily sand my a song
Then that day came
I heard His voice saying,”The darkness is gone.”
I jumped on that healing not a doubt could enter in to the choice
I had been set free
Doctors or anything
In this world that has clout
God will not be over shadowed as it’s impossible to outshine His magnificence
Nothing I did healed except Faith that  
He Will
Not by power or might but by My Spirit says the Lord who will fulfill
Whatever we ask in faith and humility
In His precise timing seeing a genuine faith He restores
Giving New Life

“Yet does not one in a heap of ruins stretch out his hand, and in his disaster cry for help?”

Amongst forgiven past strife
We take one day at a time
In constant communication with our precious Father
He knows all well how to ****** out of the fire His kind
He will never falter
Trust and obey so you will be kept fine
Strongly declare this Faith to be His saving grace
The substance of invisible mysteries
Able to part the Red Sea in us
Come on
Sink your soul into the Light of His integrities
You will never wish to see a rainbow
His Glory illuminates beginning to end to beginning
He is our halo
Opening up the flood gates this inning
Pouring out His Soul
Embellishments to preestablish our fates
Knowing His Love will bring us home
Let’s be thankful and invite Him to be our Lord
We need not to roam
Silently waiting in the upper room praying for
power on high
Focusing only on beholding His presence within
Peace comforts like butterfly kisses dancing on tear’s alibis
No more darkness or sin
Freed in the nick of time
Following Him
Be His colorful rhymes Overflowing from the depths of His *****
Pray for peace within every heartbeat
Remember who is Him
All knowing inside out
That’s what I’m talking about
Showering every innuendo our soul tries to hide
He sees everything inside and out

Please take my advice
Cry out to the only One in charge of ever day
Only Jesus Christ
Within the Lord’s Last Day

Today is that Day

Lord I always desire to bask in Your glow
Tonight I have to say fear snuck into my land
Making me cry and shake like I was in an undertow
Drowning and I needed You to give me Your hand

Strengthen me please Lord
Don’t allow the enemy to get that close
Shivers went up my spinal cord
Please keep me in Your meadows

Lovely blooms of fragrance comforts
Knowing Your always within my soul
Silently inhaling the breath of Your sweetness drifting in Loves warm bursts
Settles me into Your ***** being embraced my heart extols

Being with You in my garden
Singing along with feathered friends
You embody my whole being drenched in a peaceful haven
Looking upward together our smiles never end

Angelic melodies whispered in my ear
Majestic armies surround
Symphonies calming every bird stops to hear
A heavenly orchestra plays gentle tunes on
Holy Ground
tinhearts Oct 9
There is so much beauty only God can provide
When people get too distracted from their busy lives
Darkness blinds
No Jesus in sight
Separation from direct sunlight our  holy communication
Drags us down
So we lift up our eyes to a better view of God’s plans in His comfort
Blessings are His Venue

Blessings are found in reflections of Light
A Magestic desire comes as a dove
Filling us with possible insight
Believing makes it the purest Love

This powerful force in the most tender way
Changes our point of view giving us direct communication with the Sorce
Graciously filling our souls with nourishment each day

What an altitude of listening to His voice sweetly
He is my heartbeat
My every breath of Life completely
My Joy is forever flowing gracefully
May we all help each other come to this most serious invite
Holy goosebumps rise and fall unexpectedly
Dedication is pure divine desires reaching for the Light

Never give up
Loving Him
This sounds heavenly listening to violins
  Oct 8 tinhearts
leona chaput
All that I am and all I can hope to be
All that I understand and all I need
Is to be in your fold for the years I grow old
Within the glory of heaven with you
All is goodness and joy in the wonders of God
Behold you are crowned with the victory
Claimed for heaven for all of eternity
Shining down on the nations of earth
You are our God and we are your children
Trusting in all that you say and you do
Providing a way to be more like you everyday
Following you, Jesus, Lord of mercy
We fall on our knees confessing our need for you
All that I am is to be held by Jesus

By:  Leona Chaput
In the spring and in the autumn,
in the calm and in the storm.
I give thanks to You, O Lord.

In my sorrow and in my joy,
in times of bounty and times of uncertainty.
I give thanks to You, O Lord.

In times of darkness.
In times of sickness.
In times of abundance.
In times of youthful vitality.

In times when I do not understand why.

I give thanks to You, O Lord.

In days of rest; and days of stress.
In days of struggle; and days of hopefulness.
I give thanks to You, O Lord.

In every season.
In every season.
I give thanks to You, O Lord.
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord,
unto me. (Thomas Chisholm, 1923)
I give thanks.
To Thee.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude over all God has given me.
tinhearts Oct 7
Stay on the path in the Light
Your peace will increase
As will your inward spiritual life
Setting our face like flint to obey our Fathers pleas

Being born at a time like this
Honor to becoming
Oh the unfolding of the mind of Christ
Learning to walk a New walk overcoming

Please don’t let this precious time slip away
Listening and being quiet in His Presence
Learning to walk in His Will in His Holy Way

Don’t worry what to say
You are being prepared inside
Power comes only if we obey
Rivers of Living Waters will flow from our side

Maybe a simple remnant
Mighty to the core
God prepares every man Abraham’s descendent
An Inward unveiling of the mysteries of glory in store

It’s been a relationship
Getting acquainted with the Power of Truth that created us
Calling us home to Fellowship
Anything we need to know we just ask and He provides

Oh holy waiters and lovers
Let’s help each other straighten up
Awaken your daily walk in holy conversations with our Elder brothers
We must be serious to drink His Cup

Suffering brings growth
We must be brave
We signed an incorruptible oath
Jesus suffered and died for us to be saved

Lord bless us all
Bless You Lord
We are hearing Your call
To press on forward
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