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they hate me for being me
and so, i changed myself
the way they want me to be
but they seem to hate me more.
i don't know where to
put my shoe anymore.
i don't know what to do
you promised that you'll be happy again
but why are you still in the dark?
why are you being chained by anxiety?
does your past still haunts?
when will it be gone?

one minute, you said you're fine
then the next minute, you're cryin'
you said you can't understand yourself
is that true?
then, did you fake your smiles?
your laughs?
i bet your wishes are all the same.

you just wish to be happy.
you wish to be free from sadness.
you wish for something that is possiible to happen.
there's nothing wrong in trying to be happy.

but, what did you do?
what did you do to your wrist?
why are the bleeding?
what's under those bandaids on your skin?
what's that you're trying to hide?

you promised me
but why are you letting those dark demons fill you again?
why can't you be strong?
why can't you fight them?
why are tou letting them in?

you're life is nothing like a fairytale.
you're not a 'damsel in distress',
there is no prince that will save you.

wake up, honey
and face reality.
don't break your promise.
love yourself.
and most iimportantly,
b   e     h   a   p   p   y.
love yourself, okay?
champagne and kisses
under the starry night sky
indeed, you look happy with her
should i?
i smiled widely at the facade of our home
it doesn't matter if it's made of stick or wood
i just wish to be beside you until i die.
you only need love
i already gave my best
i already did my part
but i think it's time for me to take a rest.
eyes alike
                       astronomical object

                          s            ­ from

  ­                                 a

         c  o  s  m  i  c   g  a  l  a  x  y  ,

        the   s  u  n   and   m  o  o  n


           and   r  e  f  u  s  e  d   to

s             h                 i                   n                  e

                               even in a

l                    m                                     d
    a                    a                               u
       r                      g                       o        
         g                       e                 l
            e                        l          c      
       ­                                  l

        ­               i can tell that

                    ­               a
                         ­           e
a poem for you:))
kiss me under the rain.
put me in a trance where i couldn't escape.
baby, lock me in your heart.
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