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Oct 2016 · 313
Hey Lover
Tina McKenzie Oct 2016
My faded bliss
I would be remiss
If I did not tell you this
Like Pangea we had to drift
Now across oceans
My heart is roaring
As my love for you is still
Jan 2016 · 840
The Grand Escape
Tina McKenzie Jan 2016
I don't want everybody to know
About me and you
They don't know the truth
And they don't mean well
Even when they think they do
They don't really mean well
Even when they mean to
Happiness don't last here
Its a dash in a flash here
They don't want to see us tattooed in smiles
So let's run away
Grab then pack our bags today
For eternal sunshine
Racing to the shoreline
The grand escape
With my eternal sunshine
Jan 2016 · 619
Morally Bankrupt
Tina McKenzie Jan 2016
If they come for you at night
I will be gone by morning
Sirens deafen the silence
Of a society in decline
Real eyes realize real lies
stand down or stand aside
Diving deep to drown in a cesspool of demise
Profit at any cost
Left us morally bankrupt
and without rights
Dec 2015 · 423
Evil (Live)
Tina McKenzie Dec 2015
Evil spelled backwards is live
And that's what I choose to do
God placed us here
To oppose evil
I can't not live
I can't not give
I can't not share
I can't not forgive
And do as thou wilt
Dec 2015 · 905
Big Brother
Tina McKenzie Dec 2015
Spy on us
Lie to us
Shatter our dreams
Betray our trust
Being good
Ain't good enough
Working hard
Won't earn u much
Thinking too much
Can leave u stuck
Alone as ****
Not thinking enough
Can leave u stuck
Out of place
Without touch
It all falls down
When the bubble busts
Sep 2015 · 348
Tina McKenzie Sep 2015
Did I take too long
When I made you wait
Do you still long for me
Or did your feelings fade
*** now I'm upside down
All over the place
Told you I'd be back
With teary eyes
Wishing I could stay
Pouring out my soul like rain
Knowing that things might change
And there might be a day
When another takes my place
Apr 2015 · 985
Baltimore Gray
Tina McKenzie Apr 2015
Revolt is not Riot
Appropriate reaction to state violence
80% unemployment for black youth
Poverty has its roots
In Slavery
Victims of death by ******
He did it himself they say
He died
His neck snapped
And broke the silence
Disturbed the peace
Inciting violence
Sparked Light
Of resistance
In the hearts and minds
Of the confined
And fear in the hearts of those who don't matter to mind
Modern lynchings
At the hands of police
And they call us thugs?
When we're killed for making eye contact
Or walking home from a store run
By maniacs with or without licensed guns
For having the nerve to shop in Walmart
Or playing with a toy gun
You know,
Cops and robbers?
But what happens when cops are now robbers of lives and justice in our communities
Then all too often they shift the narrative to you and me
Of why unemployed and underemployed thugs are stealing food from the grocery
Occupied like Syria and Iran
For failing to purchase
With dollars they don't have
In a store like CVS that is insured by the flag
How will order ever be restored?
#blacklivesmatter #gray
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Love Affair
Tina McKenzie Apr 2015
After denying myself for so long
How can you accept me
Staring into my eyes
Seeing pieces of broken glass
Mirroring shattered dreams
Reflecting old lovers past
Yet somehow
You always come back
With a new smile
Tina McKenzie Mar 2015
Living in a world
Where far too many don't make enough to buy food
While the rich have plenty
No more can we plow fields
As hunger builds
They confuse you to think
This is how sacrifice is
It does nothing for me
But bring pain and worry
They said the ultimate sin is not earning a living
Same ones consumed by greed and not giving
Life ain't fair unless you pay the fare
Fear burns in the air
They call it an -ism
But it's Spiritual warfare
Apr 2014 · 424
No Left Turn on Red
Tina McKenzie Apr 2014
Fear ruptures in the pit of my stomach
Waxing and Waning
Tears ebb with only the intent to cool the Flames
At which turn did I become so deranged?
Feb 2014 · 460
Tina McKenzie Feb 2014
If no one more than you
happens to believe your truths
their lies cannot seep through
the walls built within
to contain
a roaring sea of emotion
at bay
miles away
sky high
from your demise
Feb 2014 · 956
Tina McKenzie Feb 2014
made my way underground
in a last attempt to escape from it all
its been so long
right turns left wrong
time to embrace my fall
with an eighth and a box full of matches
mind racing from the static
the sun rose today
but whats tragic
is the moon took its place

— The End —