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Jun 19 · 259
Timmy Shanti Jun 19
The world was bare,
Nothing happened,
And naught evolved,
Things were so stiff.

There was no light.
No darkness, either.
Forms were all shapeless.
Time stood still.

Then, all at once,
The matter sparkled,
Ideas thrived,
High spirits soared.

Built were the bodies,
Art was artful,
Design exquisite,
Visions bold.

As of today...
What have we gotten?
Where are the wit,
The bloom, the charm?

Haven’t we all
But long forgotten
To say our farewells to arms?

We cannot know
What’s drawing near.
We cannot see
Too far ahead.

But shall we swear –
So loud and clear –
To cherish love,
Both born and bred?
Jun 14 · 346
Timmy Shanti Jun 14
When loneliness creeps in
To take a hold of you,
It gnaws you from within.
There isn’t much to do.

Your heart by gnarly limbs
Confined, desires no more.
Your thoughts so dark and dim,
And closed is every door.

But – as all worldly things –
It, too, shall one day pass.
There’ll be new songs to sing
Beside your bonnie lass.
Jun 14 · 179
Timmy Shanti Jun 14
Bridges burn and rivers dry,
Kingdoms turn to ashes.
We live on, not knowing why
Eons feel like flashes.

Trees grow old and stars collide,
Powers fall and crumble.
Some would kneel just to survive,
Blindly trudge and stumble…

Birds go mute and maps outdate,
Loses gold its lustre.
Crowds of fools besmirched with hate
Seek another Master.

Darkness now abides in there
Where oft hope sprang eternal.
Foul is the morning air
That much was sweet and vernal.

Sky falls down and ills abound,
Lights are now extinguished.
Gone for good, not to be found,
Freedom once relinquished.
Started way back in Nov'18 and only done now.
Inspired by shows like TWD, GoT and books like LOTR, to say nothing of,to be sure, personal experience.
Timmy Shanti Apr 10
I wanna die beside the sea:
So peaceful there, so calming…
There will I end - no one to see
But Mother Nature, charming.

The waves and gulls a-lulling me,
The sand my flesh embracing,
No one to judge, no one to blame,
No one to pass the sentence.

I’ll reminisce about the days
Of jollity and laughter…
My shroud - a veil of golden rays.
A happy ever after…

I’ll be the froth, and she’ll be I -
The cycle never broken…
What bliss, O Sea, by you to die
And leave this world, unspoken!
April 2019
Dec 2018 · 303
We happy few
Timmy Shanti Dec 2018
We happy few,
Who breathe and walk.
(The joy of sunlight, snow or rain!)
Who can – just casually –
Write and read AND talk.
And have a functioning, undamaged brain.
We eat, unaided, *** as planned.
We’re even free to start a band!

And yet we sulk, and whine and whimper…
(That’s what I call “to drop a clinker”!)
We’re never sated, always vexed –
Some people cannot even text!

We have the gadgets, have the shelter…
If you so want: ride helter-skelter!
We cross the oceans, study stars.
We’ll soon be up to go to Mars!

... We spoiled brats, we grouchy goons.
How many more last chance saloons
It’s gotta take to make us see
How blessed and fortunate are we?..

Life’s what you make it,
A point of view.

Yours blissfully,
We happy few.
31-Dec 2018
Count your blessings!
Have a glorious 2019!
Nov 2018 · 1.8k
Sounds Paint The Sky
Timmy Shanti Nov 2018
I feel it in my veins:
The way the beat just drops;
The lonely string chimes in;
The melody picks up.

I’m taken to a place
Where sounds paint the sky.
And I’ll be darned and doomed
If I want some other life.
An insight watching some good old TWD and hearing tunes that strike a chord.
27 xi 18

No idea why they would want to mask such innocuos word as "da-m-n-ed", especially so as it's part of a fixed expression, but who knows...
Oct 2018 · 473
Ill at ease
Timmy Shanti Oct 2018
Can’t find my peace
I’m ill at ease
No need to tease
Just gotta breathe

Gimme some room
A bit of slack
And I shall bloom
I’ll have your back

A friendly reminder:
All you gotta do is be kinder
To yourself and others
Young guns, old brothers

Send good vibes
Take no sides
Truth be told
We only got one world.
Happy Is As Happy Does
Oct 2018 · 262
Timmy Shanti Oct 2018
The sands of time,
Dripping like blood.
Free at last.
Oct 2018 · 6.8k
Birds Of A Feather
Timmy Shanti Oct 2018
Birds of a feather,
Not unlike me,
Love fine weather
(When it’s pouring tea).
Manners, wine and dining, too.
Mantis, llama, kangaroo.

Overmade, they do make over.
Things so brittle like the rover
Sent to Mars, the Milky Way,
Bounty, sneaky in its way.

Inbetwixt the words they utter,
They choose bread over the butter.
Frying French and grilling Jerry,
Jamming jars of juicy berry.

Duty-bound, they bound off duty.
Flock together! Fly, my beauties!
Plumes all owned. And not one borrowed.
Standing still amidst the horror…

Jokes aside, and folly ousted,
Peace preferred to putrid bloodshed,
They, like me, are hard to find…
Seems, at last, I’ve lost my mind!
took me a while in '18
Aug 2018 · 355
Timmy Shanti Aug 2018
We’re history the moment we enter this world.
Like it or not. No one cares.

Mystery? We are gone, before long.
Blink of an eye. Fixed stares.

Multitudes single.
Singular masses.
We mingle.

Filling each others’ glasses.
Only to break the glass.
And cut ourselves. Bleeding.
History repeating.

Casting sideways glances.
Treading ever so lightly.

We never leave in earnest.
Not even with the circus.
A letter to the non-discerning.
Hard to find purpose.

Dripping drops of time.
Windows onto the sublime.

No one to blame.
It’s but a silly game.
Aug 2018 · 419
a world with two moons
Timmy Shanti Aug 2018
I went to a world with two moons
You have to see it to know
How infinitely gorgeous it is

I went back to my earthly home
So cuddly in here
I won’t trade it for aught

These passions will fight forever:
The need to see and the need to stay
My wanderlust is enormous
But so is my homesick pay

At times I wonder
If I could splinter myself
Into fragments of consciousness

To see what I see
To do what I do
To dwell in different places
At the very same time

To be alone
To be with you
To be
Aug 2018 · 5.8k
a 10^6 2mrwz
Timmy Shanti Aug 2018
I want us
To see
A million
To see the sun
In all its splendour
Day and night

I want you
To forget
Your sorrows
Relax a little
Take your time

You know
Our world
Is magic illustrated
It’s there
With us
It’s there
In us

That’s why I need
A million tomorrows
To see the sun
To touch the sky

Our time, alas
Is short
Forever fading

There’s nothing
We could do
There’s everything
To try

By trying
I don’t mean

We dare
We do
We fly
4 DVD!
Jun 2018 · 458
My Hobbies
Timmy Shanti Jun 2018
My hobbies are stargazing and daydreaming.
I’m nothing but a chirpy, cheerful chum.
At times, you’ll find me – like a preacher – scheming,
Thinking of ways to make my kingdom come.

You’re free to think I’m careless, airheaded.
I’m fine with being called a loafer or a crank.
My one true north – I’ll end up where I’m heading.
Not every verse I write is snowy blank.

I’m all about forgiveness and acceptance.
Live and let live – I swear by these words.
Not looking for your ‘yes’ or your repentance –
I’m here to make a change, a better world.

I’ve taken up crochet and rubbernecking.
There’s little in this life that I won’t do.
In limbo you shall find me trekking.
In vain you’ll try to see my point of view.

I wonder if you’ll ever truly know me.
I ask myself if that is what I want.
For now, just picture I’m your darling homie.
High five, hop in and kindly play along.
Mar 2018 · 2.4k
Timmy Shanti Mar 2018
Some Jamie snugly in me hand,
A cause for celebration,
Today, I found me promised land:
The home of Irish nation.

I dyed me hair shamrock green,
I made me teeth look orange,
(A spliff of Carroll's in between)
A sliver of Dutch courage.

I mingle with the leprechauns
(A shamrock on me chest)
Not in a thousand years gone,
I’m messing with the best.

Atop the jolly rainbow,
In hand – a *** of gold,
Revering, till I find me rest,
The stories I’ve been told.
Happy St. Patrick's!
Mar 2018 · 490
Blood Calls To Blood
Timmy Shanti Mar 2018
Blood calls to blood like sirens in the night
Run-of-the-mill, it’s just the way love goes
We, all-entangled, step into the light
And all the stranger, bolder is our song.

We dare to dream, regardless of the perils –
The ones we see and those we shunned before
And life’s to us like water to the vessels
That hold it dear and sail to and fro’.

Our only hope is hope itself undying –
The remedy for all the broken souls
Oblivious to folly underlying
We persevere: that’s what makes us whole.
11 iii 18
Feb 2018 · 561
Timmy Shanti Feb 2018
Flowing like a river does,
Straight into the ocean,
I embrace my inner self
With a calm devotion.

Winding roads and rolling fields,
Them I see aplenty.
Lethe is my acolyte,
Them I have a twenty.

I’m the current and the brine,
Nourishing and ageless.
Slipping through your hands like time,
Cleansing bitter rages.

Sifting through the memories,
Finding those of merit…
Love me like a river does -
Light is there to share it.
11 Feb '18
Written in one breath.
Feb 2018 · 572
One-Man Band
Timmy Shanti Feb 2018
I shop the windows,
Watch the birds,
I sip my tea
Until it hurts.

I steer my ship
Across the land.
Voice of the voiceless,
One-man band.

I ramble on,
Just ‘coz I can,
To crash one day
Whence I began.

Winds blowing strong,
Blue stars all-blind,
I go all-in:
I freed my mind.
3 Feb 2018
Life without knowledge is death in disguise.
Dec 2017 · 523
Timmy Shanti Dec 2017
You know what… I forgot to be awesome one day.
Got all boring and bored… I un-learnt how to play.
People stopped me and questioned:
“Hey yo Timmy! What’s wrong?”
And it felt like my heart badly needed a song.

So began I to sing (to myself before all),
And the world around me got more joyous a tad!
As if shackles were broken, melted was the ice wall
That imprisoned my love, where dull hatred was bred.

All the braver, the sweeter, the freer my song –
Voice so clear, the whole world would listen!
Hearts a-warming, ill thoughts all gone before long,
People smiling, their faces would glisten.

...And as long as you live will your dreams be alive,
Will your happiness be in your hands.
Sing a song, while small – overflowing with life.
Don’t forget to be awesome, my friends!
Dec 25, 2017
Merry Xmas and DFTBA!
Timmy Shanti Dec 2017
When winter came and snows took over,
I danced among the falling flakes.
I ambled freely like a rover,
Forgetful of the world at stake.

The days were short – I did not care.
The elegance of fiery ice…
With coloured thoughts enough to spare,
I painted wintry paradise.

The nights were long, the blessings counted…
The warmth of summer still with me.
I never took my love for granted,
It always felt like spring to me...

With blizzards gone and skies a-clearing,
I smiled broadly at the sun.
It smiled back – kind and endearing…
Twelve months and I were all but one.
Keep warm.
Dec 2017
Nov 2017 · 605
Timmy Shanti Nov 2017
Don’t shed your tears when it’s all over,
Don’t let the hurt take root in you.
Instead, rejoice you’re moving on now,
To something promising and true.

You’ll find yourself in dreamland, treasure…
There, every rose is deftly prim,
There, love and peace and –  for good measure –
Joy everlasting reign supreme.

Free rein and grace is all that matters…
Come join bluebirds in their flight.
You’ll have your doubters – let ‘em chatter.
Just say the words: “bring on the night!”

Let’s slip away into the darkness…
To be reborn, replete with light.
Let’s go astray, enjoy the silence…
To find indomitable might.

…You needn’t offer, needn’t suffer –
Not for a single day again!
You’re home now: every man your brother,
And not a thing is preordained.

The hourglass, forever broken…
Who needs the time? You’re so alive!
Forget the rules, writ and unspoken –
Your oneness into overdrive.

They’ll see you flitting 'round the rafters,
A bluegrass garland in your bill.
So, dry your tears and share the laughter:
New life is just around the hill.
Felt so good writing this.
25-26 xi 2017
Nov 2017 · 563
Timmy Shanti Nov 2017
We’re motes of dust and stars that sparkle,
We’re cherry trees and busy bees,
We’re rays of light when it gets darker,
We blossom, finely, in the freeze.

We shimmer, warmly, in the void,
Defying odds and making friends.
We build when others are destroying,
We guide you past unlit dead-ends.

We’re rivers winding through the deserts,
We’re oceans, gentlest at the shore.
We are the snow, we are the claret…
When earth is parched, we let it pour.

We are the night, we are the morning,
We are the ticking of the clock.
We are the comfort in the times of mourning,
We are the feathers mild when you sleepwalk.

We are the sky, we are the thunder,
We are the sun, we are the rain.
We put the rapture in the wonder,
We put the slow in the fast lane.

We are the truth, we are the spirit,
We are the numbers and the runes.
…So take your life and boldly live it
While humming all those merry tunes.
Nov 2017 · 498
Timmy Shanti Nov 2017
Cuéntame de soledad, de amor y paz eternos.
No escondas la verdad: somos sólo dos enfermos.
Nos morimos sin cesar, cada vez y cada día,
Suspirando por el gozo de tu mano en la mía.

Déjame vivir mi sueño... Es tan dulce y profundo.
Por acá yo soy el dueño, he hallado todo el mundo.
Narra cosas que no sé, muéstrame lo que perdimos,
No olvides como fue... ¡Es real se lo pedimos!

Caminamos por el mar y volvemos por el cielo,
Encendiendo corazones, derritiendo los de hielo.
Celebramos el amor, soledad y paz eternos
Y probamos apreciar estos ratos así tiernos.

¡Nunca te olvidaré: eres fuego, luz y viento!
Siempre te soportaré: que concibes, yo ambiento.
Luchadores, se logró... Acabamos de unirnos.
Ganadores, tu y yo... Nadie puede combatirnos.
16-17 Nov '17
un pueblo sin piernas pero que camina
Oct 2017 · 579
One Night, A Long Time Ago
Timmy Shanti Oct 2017
It was a long, long time ago
We did not know where we should go

That night, the forest was our home
A place where both of us belonged
We saw a deer
Then saw a fox
When snow was falling
Crystal rocks
So tender
No one could pretend
Our dreams
They never have an end

With my eyes closed
I still believe
There's more to see
A life to live.
Dream on. Live on.
Sep 2017 · 2.8k
Timmy Shanti Sep 2017
Come September
All the leaves shall fall.
Longer shadows...
Days will shrink and wither.

Come September
Bitter winds shall blow.
Muffled up,
I’ll struggle not to dither.

Fingers fumbling,
I shall light the air,
Fighting cold,
Still thinking of the summer.

Thunders tumbling,
Water is the world...
And every single breath
Feels like no other.
24 IX 2017
Gold is cold.
Aug 2017 · 434
Timmy Shanti Aug 2017
Wringing my hands
Whistling to no tune in particular
Wrestling my ego

And I’m losing
It ***** me up
Every single time
I’m onto something
Something legit
It gets in the way
Bosses me around
Screws me over and over again
Whispers nonsense in my ear
Derails my flawless plans
Turns people away from me
Makes me despicable

But if it taught me anything
Anything at all
Is that you should always keep going
No matter the odds

So here I am
Still wrestling
Won't give up
August 2017
Jul 2017 · 595
Timmy Shanti Jul 2017
But for some cruel jest are not we all perennially ailing…
Are not our lives just pictures passing by?
We, blindfold, in their wake are trailing,
Are hardly ourselves… And at the best of times
We solely hope yet for another handout
At someone’s twisted mercy and before
We ever realise it’s us we cede so freely
It’s far too late… We sob and try no more.

Shall not we fight, defiant, our doubts and envy?
Shall not we hold the fastest to our dreams?
And from our deepest selves shall not we draw our powers
When all is lost and there’s no life within?

It’s down to us to down the cup we’re given.
There is no shame in failing. All we can
Is to keep going on, perennially ailing,
However cruel and short our span.
July 2017
In Memoriam Bradley Lowery
May 2017 · 840
It’s been a while...
Timmy Shanti May 2017
It’s been a while and we don’t really talk.
We find it hard to look each other in the eye.
There’s so much bile – we can barely walk…
I can’t believe the life we made was but another lie.

We stumble, tilted, our world askew.
We stutter – not a single word comes out…
All that we had, all that we held so dear, all that we knew
Is ashes now... Where fire once was is all but dark without.

That C sharp melo that I used to play,
That broken piano – cozy, black and white…
Back in the days so sweet and calm and ***,
Back in the nights so warm and fresh and bright.

What has become of us? What have we done?
Is pride but every person’s fatal downfall?
In chasing shadows we get overrun…
Our hopes collapse, our passions hit the wall.

Yet, we live on, however sour our lives…
No looking back, no sorrows to cling to.
Once bit – twice shy, the truest of all lies.
We sparkle, we aspire, we dream, we rise – we do.
May '17
Keep going! The world could always use more heroes ;)
May 2017 · 1.7k
Timmy Shanti May 2017
Hunkering down in that small world of yours,
Knowing not what purpose it serves,
Not being able to tell your left from your right,
You still choose to stand up and fight.
I salute you, I do, my brave soul!
Take it, own it, reestablish control.
It’s your life, your dreams - yours to live.
It’s your love, your light - yours to give.
Your sorrow, your tears to shed.
Your own fate, your own path to tread.
6 May 2017
Apr 2017 · 1.4k
Wanna cry out loud
Timmy Shanti Apr 2017
Wanna cry out loud
But my voice dies unborn
Wanna take off and fly
But it feels like I’m gravity itself
Wanna reach out and touch you
But my limbs are stiff
Wanna see the moon and the stars
But my hatred blinds me
Wanna hear the laughter and the songs
But I’m deaf with my own rage
Wanna live and let live
But death is all I feel
Wanna stand up and fight
But I know there is nothing to gain
Wanna die in peace
But what is dead may never die
25-April 2017
Here's to better times.
Apr 2017 · 9.9k
I'm Your Wave
Timmy Shanti Apr 2017
“I’m your wave – I told her –  
Lay your head right here,
Softly on my shoulder.
Let your thoughts roam free.”

“You’re my air – she told me –
You’re my life and sun.
Singly we are nothing.
Allied we are one.”

“I’m your fire – I uttered –
Burning bright and mild.”
“That be true“ – she muttered,
Slender, sound and wild.

When we are together,
Nothing holds us down
The unwashed may blather,
Let them laugh and frown.

Floating through the cosmos
On a marble blue,
With the odds against us,
We make dreams come true.

Fresh from the oven. Methinks I messed up the punctuation, namely - direct speech - big time but I do hope it's legible.
Dream on, butterflies!
Apr 2017 · 2.5k
If I die, don't cry for me.
Timmy Shanti Apr 2017
If I die, don't cry for me.
If you live, I smile.
Take the pride, the honesty,
Walk the royal mile.

Gently push the boundaries
Set in place by fools.
Let the love and harmony
Be your trusty tools.

Spread the word of unity
Everywhere you go.
Let your inner purity
Never lose its glow.

Be the peace you seek on earth,
Chase your wildest dreams...
If I die, don't cry for me.
Nothing's what it seems.

Nov'16 - Apr'17
Mar 2017 · 1.5k
Timmy Shanti Mar 2017
I dreamed I was a butterfly.
(Or butterfly was me.)
I fluttered by the golden sky,
The mountaintops, the sea.

I felt the warmth, the sweet caress,
The gentle breeze of love.
I knew there was no hell below,
No heaven up above.

I spread my wings and let it go,
Forgetful of the past.
I dreamed I was a butterfly.
I fluttered – free at last.

I drifted on the salty waves,
Beset by melting ice…
Amid long years and short days
I freely cast my dice.

My dreams came true, and all at once
The evil was no more…
I let it wash all over me,
And then – I crashed ashore.

Anon, reborn, I dreamed again.
(Or butterfly dreamed on.)
My whole existence – pure as Zen,
Unique as a black swan.

The shards, dispersed along the way,
I gathered – one by one.
The kintsugi of life I made
Was brighter than the sun.

The silent flapping of my wings,
Akin to sands of time,
Sustained a galaxy of springs –
Both mortal and divine.

I ambled on, both dry and drowsed…
The point of no return –
I felt at home… When I aroused,
A better world was born.

My dream, however short it was,
Is now a part of me.
Now, conscious of a grander cause,
I flutter by so free.
Idus Martiae MMXVII

Flutter by, beautiful butterflies!
Mar 2017 · 1.3k
Timmy Shanti Mar 2017
You know nothing* – she said,
Stepping out of the flames.
At that moment I knew
We ain't playing no games.

With desire I burned.
Her immaculate blaze –
Nothing else did I yearn.
Pure as pharos her gaze.

… And we danced, and we swerved,
Glints and flickers beside.
So august our verve
Which no woe would betide.

…In a flash she took off –
The mirage molt away,
But my sorrow paid off –
I live on for the day.

#armin #r'hllor
Feb 2017 · 1.0k
Kent Affaire de Cœur.
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
The sea is mild to-night,
The tide is full, the Moon lies fair
Upon the Straits.
pretty old (or young... depending)
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
Are You Coming?
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
Below the hanging tree I wept
Remembering the past.
There was a secret I still kept
Or – it kept me aghast.
A secret so ingrained in me,
An ache, a pain so deep,
A nightmare all day long for years
I could not fall asleep.

Beside the hanging tree I crept
My world – a shrunken hiss…
That fateful night I found the cure
Was in the air I kissed.

Beneath the hanging tree I dreamt
Of stranger things to come.
But all my dreams were swiftly swept
With shafts of morning sun.

Behind the hanging tree I stepped
And took the leap of faith.
And now I know you are to come
To this most sacred place.

The memory of ones we lost
Will never fade away
And neither will our love for them –
Not for a single day.

We might seem peaceful, fair enough,
But we have shown our teeth.
When freedom cried and duty called
We chose to clench our fists.

With every step along the way,
With every drop of blood
We learnt there was a price to pay.
We hardened our hearts.

With every cut and every bruise
And every shot we took
Our numbers grew, so long the queues
That everywhere you looked
You’d see the mothers and the sons,
The daughters and the dads,
Their fiery eyes, their daring hearts,
Their disregard for death.

With every blast and every hit
And every shrapnel piece,
The hopes went high, the dreams grew big –
Our dreams of lasting peace.

But first there was a war to win,
An ego to submit,
Old gods to cast aside for good
And fears to defeat.

A score of scores to be paid off,
A destiny to meet,
Old shackles to be shaken off,
A brave new world to greet.

And long and hard the battle went,
The toll is still unknown…
But to this day we reap the fruit
Of seeds of love we’ve sown.

And now, around the hanging tree
We join our hands
As we recall what made us free,
What brought peace to our lands.

I smile as I linger on –
A minute, maybe five
As I recall the war we fought,
The sacrifice, the lives.

I weep no more, so wild and free,
And all I ask of thee:
Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
If we burnz you burnz with we!
23-24 Feb '17
Feb 2017 · 898
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
Come into the waters of mine,
Fly into the air so fresh,
Dig into the soils so fine,
And maybe you will find the truth.
old gold lel
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
We all fight our demons…
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
We all fight our demons… At times, they prevail.
And once we give in, we are fatefully jailed –
By hatred and envy, by lust and ill will,
By malice and greed… Can we bear such a levy?

What happens to us should we rid ourselves
Of the duties, the vows, the commitments we’ve taken?
How long will it take for us to succumb
To the pleasures of flesh and be ever forsaken?
How long till we cry out for help, our tongues
Tied firmly in place by our own repletion?
How long till we see the daylight and admit
There is no going back to relieve our division.

Yet we dream and we hope, and some pray for redemption.
We fight back… And the demons return to the void.
And no fairies exist – not in our dimension.
Yet the demons are real. Hardly can we avoid
The temptations of power, the concoctions of plenty,
And the fight carries on to this day, far and wide.
Every crevice and nook, every palace and shanty
Hold the ones craving nothing but to bask in the light.

19 II 2017
To those fighting their demons, I salute you all!
Know that you are not alone.
#donthatecreate #takeyourbrokenheartandmakeitintoart
Feb 2017 · 847
Take Two
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
Take your broken heart
And make it into art.
Take your shattered dreams
And let them glow and gleam.
Take your darkest fears
And turn them into cheers.
Take this road alone
And make the world your own.

14-18 II 2017
#takeyourbrokenheartandmakeitintoart #donthatecreate #lovepeaceunity
Feb 2017 · 1.0k
Choose Life
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
Don’t hate on me
Play along with me
Write a song for me
Ring a **** for me
True to your nature
Go on an adventure
Got nothing to lose
If it’s love you choose
Feb 2017 · 1.3k
A Plea
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
When still life is vibrant
And landscapes are dead
No beauty at pageants
No glory ahead
No pathways to follow
No pleasure to find
Desires so hollow
And so is the mind…

Be gentle but stalwart
Be kind but robust
Be passion itself
A jolly wind gust
Be flowing like water
Be warm as the sun
Be timeless like fire
It’s all just begun…
II - 2017
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
Les ondes
Timmy Shanti Feb 2017
Les ondes de la mer me caressent doucement.
Je me sens si heureux chaque seconde de mon être
Et j’oublie mes chagrins si divers légèrement.
Tout ce qu’on veut maintenant est s’unir aux belles-lettres
En quoi notre destin fut écrit autrefois,
Où les chemins de la vie sont toujours dégagés
Et nous sommes libérés des regrets, des outrages
Qui empêchent notre envie de partout voyager.
Nous manquons seulement de courage de fuir -
De nos craintes, vexations, amertumes et avis...
En étant caressés par les ondes de la mer
Commençons de nouveau: nouveau seuil de la vie.
Février '17
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Timmy Shanti Dec 2016
Scrivimi sempre, in ogni stagione:
Nel freddo d’inverno, nel caldo d’estate...
Ti prego di farmi saper le ragioni
Di vivere qui – la pazzia nonostante.

Se scrivi, mi alzo oltre il dolore,
Se sogni, mi chiedo se è la pietà
Che mi fa pensare a te nel rumore
Che mi butta via dal' nostra realtà.

Scrivimi sempre, in ogni stagione:
Nel bianco d’inverno, nel verde d’estate...
Facendomi creder i suoni ascoltati,
E fantasticare coll’ale baciate.
La vita è bella!
Dec 2016 · 1.4k
Three Graces
Timmy Shanti Dec 2016
When I smile at the Sun,
That shining golden medal,
I feel something stir inside,
And blissfully go mental.

Days may pass, I’d still rejoice
At this foolish mem’ry,
Gleaming right through my essence,
Generously merry…

When I twinkle at the Moon,
That pale silver pendant,
I’m beside myself: the boon,
Gracefully resplendent.

Dusks will go and dawns will come,
Timeless, formless spirit
Will tell me that we are one:
Wholeness and no limit…

When I humbly hug the Sea,
That precious sapphire platter,
There is nothing I can’t see:
All flows back, de-scattered…

Waves may crash and birds may sing,
Thunderous in their beauty,
Lastly, will I find my peace
In this senseless duty.

Movember - Beardcember '16
yeah whatever
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
A Thousand Trips
Timmy Shanti Nov 2016
I wish I had a thousand trips around our lovely star
So that I could go back and forth to kingdoms near and far.
To soar forever, taking time, enjoying every bit,
And bathing in the sky of love for every mind I lit.

The bows I'd take, the vows I'd make, new friends for every day.
I'd trek alone, all by myself, about the Milky Way.
I'd smile back and share the tears of strangers and of kin.
I'd live my life and help live theirs – no virtue and no sin.

I'd fly with bats and swim with whales across the ocean blue.
I'd walk the line, I'd take the stage, I’d chuff and churn for you.
I'd learn to live and learn to love and learn to breathe again.
I’d salvage bygone knowledge that I’m but another man.

I'd break the ice, I'd warm the hearts, I'd open all the doors
Which lead right to the fields of stars as my life runs its course.
I'd reap and rove, I'd rave and roam, relentlessly reborn,
Reluctant to let go but still – I’d mend the pages torn.

I’d show myself – and let it spread – the message of pure love:
First love yourself, thy neighbour then, and last – the sky above,
Find strength within, the courage true, the potency of wit,
And don’t regret the choices made nor every second split.

I’d crawl and dash and dive and rise, oblivious of time.
I’d juggle fates and bend the rules, incessant in my prime.
I’d teach and preach, I’d do and dare, defying night and day.
I’d swear and slur, I’d speak and stare as my time ticks away...

But life’s too short, and I don’t get to have one thousand trips
And all I want to ask for is a plethora of blips –
A-blurred, aghast, agog, alight, astonishingly apt –
I’d be forever in their debt, tumultuously rapt.

And on my final trip around, I'd love to sail away…
To throw that fond glance at the moon
And die another day.

October – Movember ‘16
Aug 2016 · 657
To Sail The Seven Seas
Timmy Shanti Aug 2016
To sail the Seven Seas
And still remain benighted
Is something that concerns me quite.
I'd rather be a vagabond
To have in my possession gleeful light
Than drink from bowls of gold
And eat off plates of china...
I'd rather not have heart of cold,
I'd wander bare as Godiva.

The rich, those lucky fools, I pity.
They know not what is right and what is wrong.
Their minds, by gluttony made gritty,
Will never to the side of good belong.

My choice is simple: to fight evil.
My fate is clear: to carry light,
To peaceful harbours fancy ships to steer,
To sleepy babies sweetly say good night.
Jan 2016 · 966
We will die to live on...
Timmy Shanti Jan 2016
We will die to live on
In the sea of Memoria
That we shall sail unbeknownst
To the lands of New Gloria

There, strong winds and high waves
Upon our death we embrace
There, we are ripples in space
Frail and flimsy as lace.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
she’s so phat!
Timmy Shanti Jul 2015
she’s so phat!
can’t deny
a simple fact
it’s worth a try
to start anew
all that we knew
to forget
for good
or for worse
i don’t need a purse
have all the mon
in the world
all the gold
so cold
make it warm
love’s a storm
has no form
but a sphere
wild deer
still dreamin’ of ‘em
ain’t no Eminem
just a young man
of arms
charity and alms
such a rarity
in our selfish world
of calamity
unthinkable disaster
tulip, rose and aster
make your heart beat faster
like a drum machine
Dash Berlin
voice and beat
so neat
that girl
a friend of my soul
with no blues
i choose
to carry on
for what’s right
day and night
shaken but not mixed
i still get my kicks
from palm reading
all my wounds
are bleeding
with red wine
guardians of time
lost in their stride
stick to your pride
follow your dreams
anguish sins
belittle the devil
within you
there’s a universe
of wisdom
an ocean
of beauty
get no *****
but acclaim
your name
done in clay
on the walk of fame
let’s call it a day

Jul 2015 · 770
Timmy Shanti Jul 2015
Salty water
Trippin’ on the table
My condition
From the stress
I think
Of the past
There’s nothing
Wrong I’ve done
She’s the sun.

Mar 2015 · 858
My Friends
Timmy Shanti Mar 2015
For every friend I lost along the way
I found a star at which to smile and wave.  
Now, ***** of gas a million miles away
Make me keep going every single day.
Feb 2015 · 768
Just a smudge
Timmy Shanti Feb 2015
We have the witness,
But not the victim.
We have the trial,
But not the case.

To blindly follow
Senseless duty -
Abandon sanity
Without a trace.

There is no freedom,
No commitment,
No gallantry -
Just lust and laze.

We are updating
The equipment,
In our golden lace.

But in the end,
What will it matter?
Is the only judge.

And when you find
Your life in tatters,
Well... Rub it off -  
It's just a smudge.
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