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A long goodbye
Your smile fading
It caught my eye
Still masquerading

We wear no masks
Yet true we aren't
Many a time
So badly burnt

We cannot stay
We cannot leave
We never lie
But don't believe

It's time to say
Our time is up
And overflowing
Is our cup

The chalice
That we chose ourselves
We've been to heaven
And a thousand hells

It's not goodbye
It's but a 'see you'
In love with you until I die
I pray I never get to see you
When letting go is hard, staying together is harder and moving on is nigh on impossible.
your past
and letting go

frozen heart
and drifting snow

warmth within you
dark without

vernal sprout

and ocean blue

letting go
you come to YOU
love yourself; love one another; love love
Timmy Shanti Jul 15
today i fina try again
and it don't mean you ain't my friend
i'm moving on, i'm moving past
from all i thought would always last

to say i'm scared is to understate
do have this feeling that i'm tempting fate
but bold i go and deep i dive
to find my soul is still alive

i spread my wings and off i fly
i fina live before i die
embrace my spirit, up my game
rekindle my forsaken flame

today i fina start anew
unlearn again all that i knew
i dare to dream, i dare to do
try and keep up - i dare you
July 15
Bang on the middle of summer.
Wills would have been proud.
Timmy Shanti Jun 26
I was jealous of the Moon:
Hanging there,
No thoughts,
No worries...
Poet's most beloved boon.
Feature of so many stories...

Then She smiled and said to me:
Hang in there!
Let go of worries...
Perfect just the way you are,
Carve your own path to glory!
started all the way back in August 2018 with the first four lines.
finished today, in the morning - to my own surprise...
Timmy Shanti Jun 25
a billion stars above
is all I ever asked for
my wish has been granted
many times over
lit is the path before me
every soul a star
YOU can make a difference!
vi 2021
Timmy Shanti Jun 21
I'm going to try again
I will thrive
Even if today
It feels like
I'm the world's most broken,
Miserable man
I shall once more feel alive

I will take the road
I have never taken before
And paint the world gold
And be afraid no more

My dreams will come true
I will rise and shine
There will be no you
And the world will be mine
21 vi 21
Timmy Shanti Jun 15
we wave and smile
we pretend
brave faces worn
until the end

the end is bitter
yet so sweet
no need to lie
no point to cheat

and free at last
relieved, we sigh
our time is up
the end is nigh
15 Jun 2021
don't take it too literally, I'm all heart and smiles. It's not the end. Just yet.
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