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Timmy Shanti Jun 19
The world was bare,
Nothing happened,
And naught evolved,
Things were so stiff.

There was no light.
No darkness, either.
Forms were all shapeless.
Time stood still.

Then, all at once,
The matter sparkled,
Ideas thrived,
High spirits soared.

Built were the bodies,
Art was artful,
Design exquisite,
Visions bold.

As of today...
What have we gotten?
Where are the wit,
The bloom, the charm?

Haven’t we all
But long forgotten
To say our farewells to arms?

We cannot know
What’s drawing near.
We cannot see
Too far ahead.

But shall we swear –
So loud and clear –
To cherish love,
Both born and bred?
Timmy Shanti Jun 14
When loneliness creeps in
To take a hold of you,
It gnaws you from within.
There isn’t much to do.

Your heart by gnarly limbs
Confined, desires no more.
Your thoughts so dark and dim,
And closed is every door.

But – as all worldly things –
It, too, shall one day pass.
There’ll be new songs to sing
Beside your bonnie lass.
Timmy Shanti Jun 14
Bridges burn and rivers dry,
Kingdoms turn to ashes.
We live on, not knowing why
Eons feel like flashes.

Trees grow old and stars collide,
Powers fall and crumble.
Some would kneel just to survive,
Blindly trudge and stumble…

Birds go mute and maps outdate,
Loses gold its lustre.
Crowds of fools besmirched with hate
Seek another Master.

Darkness now abides in there
Where oft hope sprang eternal.
Foul is the morning air
That much was sweet and vernal.

Sky falls down and ills abound,
Lights are now extinguished.
Gone for good, not to be found,
Freedom once relinquished.
Started way back in Nov'18 and only done now.
Inspired by shows like TWD, GoT and books like LOTR, to say nothing of,to be sure, personal experience.
Timmy Shanti Apr 10
I wanna die beside the sea:
So peaceful there, so calming…
There will I end - no one to see
But Mother Nature, charming.

The waves and gulls a-lulling me,
The sand my flesh embracing,
No one to judge, no one to blame,
No one to pass the sentence.

I’ll reminisce about the days
Of jollity and laughter…
My shroud - a veil of golden rays.
A happy ever after…

I’ll be the froth, and she’ll be I -
The cycle never broken…
What bliss, O Sea, by you to die
And leave this world, unspoken!
April 2019
Timmy Shanti Dec 2018
We happy few,
Who breathe and walk.
(The joy of sunlight, snow or rain!)
Who can – just casually –
Write and read AND talk.
And have a functioning, undamaged brain.
We eat, unaided, *** as planned.
We’re even free to start a band!

And yet we sulk, and whine and whimper…
(That’s what I call “to drop a clinker”!)
We’re never sated, always vexed –
Some people cannot even text!

We have the gadgets, have the shelter…
If you so want: ride helter-skelter!
We cross the oceans, study stars.
We’ll soon be up to go to Mars!

... We spoiled brats, we grouchy goons.
How many more last chance saloons
It’s gotta take to make us see
How blessed and fortunate are we?..

Life’s what you make it,
A point of view.

Yours blissfully,
We happy few.
31-Dec 2018
Count your blessings!
Have a glorious 2019!
Timmy Shanti Nov 2018
I feel it in my veins:
The way the beat just drops;
The lonely string chimes in;
The melody picks up.

I’m taken to a place
Where sounds paint the sky.
And I’ll be darned and doomed
If I want some other life.
An insight watching some good old TWD and hearing tunes that strike a chord.
27 xi 18

No idea why they would want to mask such innocuos word as "da-m-n-ed", especially so as it's part of a fixed expression, but who knows...
Timmy Shanti Oct 2018
Can’t find my peace
I’m ill at ease
No need to tease
Just gotta breathe

Gimme some room
A bit of slack
And I shall bloom
I’ll have your back

A friendly reminder:
All you gotta do is be kinder
To yourself and others
Young guns, old brothers

Send good vibes
Take no sides
Truth be told
We only got one world.
Happy Is As Happy Does
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