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Timmy Shanti Nov 15
I see you, o wintry wind
I feel you, my pale autumn sky
I hear you, my pain within
I heed you, o freedom cry

I hug you, o falling star
I smell you, my wide-eyed youth
I fear you, my friend from afar
I love you, my bitter truth

15 xi 22
Timmy Shanti Oct 1
when the time is right
when your heart is healed
you embrace the light
searing truth to heed

when the moment calls
when your conscience's clear
beauty to behold
you protect what's dear

when the angels sing
when the die is cast
you are everything
make this moment last...
Timmy Shanti Sep 22
i never chose him
never wanted him
never trusted him

knew he's a fraud
from day one

liar, crook, worm
not a thing gentle,
loving or pure about him

thinks himself
some fracking messiah

all the same
not even a common imp

it's on us
he rose so high
dizzied by his false might

the fall won't be only his
everyone's going down alongside

and in his agony
he will say


mad king that he is

jaime, we need you now
more than ever

Timmy Shanti May 15
some people are oceans
some people like puddles
some people are wizards
yet others like muggles

but don't dim your colours
for those deeming them bright
there will always be someone
in love with your light
15 v 22
Timmy Shanti May 8
you dance with strangers - gifting them your smile
a treasure i called mine (if only for a while)
you laugh at perils when your life's at stake
you live the dream while i'm not quite awake

you wear your finest silks, the world is your stage
new faces every day - befitting of the age
your beauty changes hands of those who hardly care
i'm left to rue the loss, i find it hard to bear

you're dancing with a stranger - wish it was me instead
moved on so fast, you have - it's messing with my head
don't think i'm getting back that part of me i've lost
you dance with strangers - i'm dancing with your ghost
May 2022
Timmy Shanti Apr 25
When you unweave a rainbow
It won't become less wonderful

You'll still admire it
Worship it - in a sense -
Stunned by its perennial beauty

When you unravel the sunset
You won't sink into despair
Feeling being lied to or worse -
Being lost for good

'Coz you'll find the light within
You'll have the strength to do what's right

When you unweave a rainbow
You'll share in its undying light
finished on 25-4-22
long time coming
Timmy Shanti Mar 24
It's been a month
A month of horror, despair and pain
It still hurts

It's been a month
A month of hope, kindness and unity
I'm still speechless

We have never been so different
We have never been closer still

It's been a month
Why then, does it feel like yesterday?
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