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Timmy Shanti Oct 15
i'm thirty six now
thrice a rat
and i must say
it ain't that bad

you'd think i'd shed a tear
or two
but after all
the sky's still blue
the sun still shines
the rain still falls
my fam would even take my calls

i'm frens with cats
i'm frens with dogs
some people too
a couple hogs

i walk and saunter
skip and hop
taking my time
around the block

i'm looking back
and all i see:
those things i did
were meant to be

i'm looking forth
and realise:
you can't prepare
for each surprise
that life may throw
at you or yours
you can't predict
as to which doors
will blow wide open
and which will ever
be protected

no key, no lock
how to get past?
to secrets guarded
fierce and fast...

another thirty six to live?
so full of joy, and toil, and grief...
or, one day, have just what it takes
to boldly go and up the stakes?..

mid-summer autumn
rat three times
feels good as hell!
unshod and blithe...
a moment of self-reflection for birthday boi timz! :)
Timmy Shanti Aug 15
El aire huele a otoño,
Las nubes grises me saludan hoy.
Estoy rodando junto a mi retoño,
Me preguntando: donde, donde voy...

Y no encuentro la respuesta.
Sólo me gusta el calor
Que resplandece en nosotros
Viviendo dentro el olor.
15 Aug 2020
Just a touch sad and nostalgic, but mostly uplifting, wrote this having come across the opening line used as a caption. It stuck in my mind and basically made me sit down and write something. Only then was I delivered.
Timmy Shanti May 18
Près de toi, je rêve encore.
Près de toi, il n'y a pas de souci.
Avec toi je lâche mon cœur
Et ma vie est déjà réussie.

De toi viennent toutes choses :
L’amour, la paix, le bonheur…
Le monde est plein de métamorphoses,
Mais près de toi, chante sans arrêt mon cœur !
Begun a loooong time ago, completed today with a sense of wholeness and blitheness.
18 v 2020
Timmy Shanti May 16
The dog is black, the cat is white.
The mouse is grey - both day and night!
The grass is green, the sky is blue
And when I'm hurt, i turn to you.

The rose is sweet, the lemon sour.
The minute short - so is the hour...
But long and painful is my due -
That which I pay when there's no you.
Written as a part-fun-part-challenge thingie with a student.
15 V 2020
Timmy Shanti Apr 12
we came from space
to space we shall return
to join the void
and the stars that burn

our endless lust
for wand'ring the unknown
our utmost joy
when (safe and sound) we're home

our sense of wonder
taking baby steps
our first endeavours
in this world and the next

from space we came
to space shall we return
to cross the void
and watch new stars get born
12 iv 2020
ad astra per aspera
Timmy Shanti Apr 2
enjoy the little things
they're everywhere you look
a smile on your beloved's lips
a photograph you took

a cup of tea to warm your hands
a record on repeat
a cat - yes, he's a pest! -
who rubs against your feet

a morning ray of light
to gently wake you up
a calm and silent night
a soft and tender hug

a hearty meal made just for you
a tune you gladly sing
a smiley face you daughter drew
a moment to slow down and think

enjoy the things you have for free
the air, the sun, the love
enjoy and one day you shall see
your life fits like a glove
2 Apr '20
Stay safe and be loved!
Timmy Shanti Mar 21
Put pen to paper
- it's so simple -
And wield the might
Of countless words!

Be brave and daring
Or... be nimble:
Your thoughts can be
As sharp as swords.

Pick up a pencil
- pen a poem -
Enlighten, thrill and entertain!
But once it does spring from your *****,
What sway is there to retain?..

The words you say
Are gone forever!
Life of their own,
So free at last!

By humbly scribbling
You endeavour
To stay the future and the past...

Partake in pleasure
- pure and proper -
Both art and craft, it's eons old!

Tread lightly!
There's a world on offer,
A slew of stories to be told.
Happy World Poetry Day!
21 -iii- 2020
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