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Tim T May 2011
My blood is no longer my own.

Mercenaries are coursing through my veins
paid to fight off the alien invaders.

Their war is tearing me apart.
Tim T May 2011
Today I noticed something
that wasn't there before
a just punishment
for being a dumb *****.
Be safe kids. It only takes a second...
Tim T Mar 2011
is this tingling feeling in my stomach
or just my IBS playing up?
Tim T Feb 2011
Cigarettes and alcohol
smell of a long friday night out
I hate other people.
non-haiku #1
Tim T Feb 2011
My only fear
is to end up
a lonely old queer.
Tim T Aug 2010
I don't want
a *******
a *** slave
a *****

I don't need
a housekeeper
a nurse
a cook

I don't want
a supermodel
a politician

I don't need
an introvert
an extrovert
a pervert

I just want
someone to hold me
and do my laundry
(from time to time)
Somewhat inspired by Rufus Wainwright - Want.  I also lie several times in this poem (...I would like someone to cook for me, yes).
Tim T Jul 2010
Some days I would rather shoot myself in the head
rather than get out of bed
and live another day
with this pain.
This is about my chronic sinusitis.
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