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Tila Jul 6
Tomato tomato

You’re green and fresh,
Potential to grow into a sweet fruit,
The soil you started in was not the best
Someone moved you, watered you and let you grow,
They care as best they could but your vines are  twisted all around your post,
You still feel strong and you continue to grow,

Tomato tomato

Your green face is now blushing,
You’re starting to ripen,
As you grow, so do your leaves,
Twisting new sprouts,
You feel the strain,
But you feel strong and you continue to grow,

Tomato tomato

You are red all over,
You look ready to eat,
But with that hue I decide to let you go just a little longer,
You’ll  have your bit of acidity but you’ll still be sweet,

Tomato tomato

Your vines have covered our dear post,
And I may have left you too long,
You’re barely hanging on,
You’re almost rotten.
This was supposed to be out of anger but it’s not so angry. It ended up kind of just being about the person growing up and how I guess some of that ****** up **** ****** him up.
Tila Apr 29
"Boys will be boys." psh.
"how do you know its the truth?"
" Smile sweet heart, its pretty."
Tila Apr 29
Mushrooms and tiny pops,
Fungus growing deep inside,
Its too much, too loud.
Tila Apr 29
**** and ***** bongs,
Finding answers in the fog,
Loathing in New Jersey
Tila Apr 26
I could write a million poems,
but I don't.
I'm caught up, lost, taken from the world.
here is where my existence lays,
somewhere between pain, wonder, and reality.
we fight for what?
love? experience? knowledge? ourselves?
we fight for what?

I could write a million poems,
but I don't
is the world too fast?
am I given too much at once maybe?
psh, a real shame- given too much.
given so much, its too much.
psh, a real shame.

I could write a million poems,
but I dont.
the truth is- who knows?
sitting in bed looking out your window
who knows? who knows.
Tila Sep 2018
I was sitting on the edge of the universe.
I was on the outside looking in.
I was trying to find my way back home,
But there was just too much space for me to win.
3:53am , it's reads like a song to me. It's probably unfinished right now, or maybe this is all it will be.

— The End —