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Tichozpytec Apr 16
Dressed in black with mask of gold
Slowly walking towards me
Ice-cold hands that warmth can't hold
A lily made of ebony

Dress made of stars that twinkle brightly
Noiseless walk of nonchalance
Dance with me, her eyes invite me
One can't help but be entranced

Soothing voice that's made of silk
Stories told with flick of hair
My eyes get heavy, so hard to think
As she leads me, beguiled, towards her lair
Tichozpytec Apr 1
The light of stars is not powerful enough
Neither them nor the Moon that's above our heads shield us from the Night
Our demons materialize for the fight with sharp claws and weapons made of dread
The arena? Our cold beds that cannot be warmed by our lonesomeness
Alas, we have grown accustomed to this mess of a life without a fire
And our minds who tell stories of a liar to cool us down some more
We are but tired soldiers in an unfair war
Tichozpytec Mar 24
Life and Death, two star-crossed lovers
Sending gifts to one another
So far, yet so near they are
By universe they're kept apart
Tichozpytec Mar 5
That sorrow of tired Eastern mothers
Too many have been taken by the collector of colours
How many more books for her travels has she found?
How many more Book Thieves has she encountered?
As shelters saturate with spine chilling sounds
And the dreams of so many are now haunted

Babies born in basements and bleak bunkers
Home-stripped strangers fleeing in large numbers
Oceans rise with the influx of our tears
Life's difficulty has been increased by a couple levels
People are glued to doom that's on their screens
Dangerous be the dreams of the ****** devil

Hopeless seems to be the days ahead
No calm seems to be scheduled for our beds
Just mindless zombies imbued with world's issues
Just mindless zombies buried in used tissues
Waiting for light to return from her cave
Tichozpytec Feb 14
Those drums of war, oh, what an awful sound
But cries and screams, they cannot be drowned
Pieces of cloth soaked with salt and crimson
Despair and violence sets life against new prisms
Aggression and hunger deeply rooted in his genes
Mad Tsar of East succumbs to vile dreams
Tichozpytec Feb 10
Like the wind blowing down your neck
That tingling sensation dancing on your back
The singing of birds under the morning Sun
That simple smile that just leaves you stunned
A lovely song sung by a supreme bard
What a jolly moment when you follow your heart
Tichozpytec Feb 10
Droplets of water on my palm
As I listen to her whispered Psalm
Tough life of an unfortunate creature
So shelled in that my help cannot reach her
Pillars of salt adorning my hand
What good am I for, if mine strength I can't lend
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