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4h · 36
hurt & hurt
Aseph 4h
I used to look back on the poems
and memories, and they would hurt me
you said that if you never spoke to me again, you'd be dead
and I couldn't stop you
Now things have changed and everytime I read them I am hurt for a different reason
I'm hurt that our friendship ended
that I hardly every mattered to you
but I was just deluded
always seeing the best in others
4h · 24
section 04
Aseph 4h
I wanted to carry your burdens with me
and show you the joy of this world
that you no longer believed in.
how could I forget your sweet words?
and oh my heart ached
the silence filled with dread
"oh god, please don't be dead."
this poem hurts me a lot. I really did care for him and I was truly scared that he had died because he did attempt but now it hurts for a different reason
5h · 24
section 03
Aseph 5h
"maybe this is bound to end in tragedy
but for now
I will give you a hug, a smile,
and a place in my heart"
the rest of the poem this is from isn't the best but I still enjoy the emotion it conveyed and these lines especially I loved
5h · 22
tired; worthless
Aseph 5h
"my body is tired with torn hands
I want to be perfect, more and more
but nothing changes, it only ever hurts"

"when will you be happy?"

"never... I live miserably,
wanting to work myself to exhaustion
waiting for death's release of this worthless vessel
that hates me deeply
perishing underneath dirt and pebble
no one will want me, need me
I will be forgotten and my ideals of perfection soon to be rotten"
Aseph 9h
You took my hand into your small
Gentle fingers, yet to be tainted by years
Guiding me with rainbows and tireless curiosity in your eyes
Flowers bloomed beneath your feet
And as I followed you, I trampled them
My heart warmed at your sight
Weaving a young and delicate desire into me
And I couldn’t let go of your hand
When you turned your back
An obsession grew, violently
Your kind don’t last in my world
And I’m happy to devour the innocence
I will crush you with wounded hands that you bandaged
I’ll smile like how you taught me to
I’m simply overfilled with joy
As you smell the scent of the lilies you had given me
Your innocence turns to death
my friend said he liked it, i feel happy :)
2d · 138
"romance" 02
Aseph 2d
my heart does not beat
and I only dream of what it'd be
like to touch you and be warmed up
simply because of human desires

your hands can be replaced by anyone
you wander my daydreams
but never my slumber
you enter my thoughts
you leave just as easily
rewritten poem from a long time ago
2d · 71
section 02
Aseph 2d
"nothing can be done
especially not now
she is all that fills your mind
and it is time
that I leave you

what a silly family we were...
she has prolonged your existence
but I cannot smile
it is only a reminder
that your death is very possible"
looking back on these with him back, feels odd. i still feel all the emotions I felt when I wrote these.
5d · 262
"romance" 01
Aseph 5d
i've dreamt enough romance
to know that I want it
and I've lived enough days
to know I can't feel it
short thing before I sleep
Aseph 5d
"sorry, always sorry. what are you sorry for?"

within my grasp
even outside of it
if I didn't say sorry
I would fall apart
like a flower
when pulled all the wrong ways"
5d · 81
poem for you
Aseph 5d
I'd write a poem for you, lovely, so lovely....
and you'd never know that I wrote it
all these feelings
they breathe
so wonderfully blossoming
and they die
having never left my side
It's not about romantic love although it definitely can be seen that way.
7d · 31
Aseph 7d
if I write
could I ever turn the scribbled thoughts
the pitiful teardrops
and stress that festers
into something beautiful
lovable, almost.
Aseph Sep 22
it's delightful
the harsh autumn movement
and the angelic snowfall
with wings so beautiful
though my body grows numb
I still open my heart warmly
to these cold seasons

I think of him fondly
even though he was wrong
I cried for him, cared for him
and he hardly thought of me at all
I was always holding on to something
that was never
really there
Sep 22 · 68
we aren't friends
Aseph Sep 22
maybe I'm cruel
but I deem you selfish
In this obscure, unsure connection
we call friendship
Sep 22 · 60
section 01
Aseph Sep 22
"I cannot
carry your burdens with me
not even in the slightest

I am empty, I am numb, I do not understand
you in
and love."
I wrote this super long poem in a storm of emotions some time ago and I just like how the end lines sounded so I decided to post it.
Sep 22 · 152
happy little angel
Aseph Sep 22
I'm a happy little angel
sentimental and soft
as I dance through the clouds
I think of you sweetly

I'm a happy little angel
saying "I love you" in between sweet smiles
as you wipe your tears away
I will guide you, my dear
challenging myself to write happier poems ^-^
Sep 21 · 78
holding hands
Aseph Sep 21
my fingertips are cold, with slowed movement
and there is a grace to them, dancing in such a sorrowful way
I'd almost think they were longing for someone
to hold them, locking each other, and brushing against

and yet, my mind grows uneasy at that idea of warmth
I draw my frigid hands away, escaping the touch
how unbearable it would be, in all reality
they remain as they are, how i'd prefer, lonely.
take this poem however you want to, for me it is an expression of myself
Sep 19 · 330
Aseph Sep 19
night settles, resting alongside me, hoping to keep me company
but their touches phases through, alone I am, alone I'll stay
its night time, school's starting, and i should sleep
Sep 10 · 63
quiet, stay quiet
Aseph Sep 10
one, two three
don't forget to breathe
count to ten
slowly, slowly, before you can speak

that foul mouth
is better off dead
if you don't heed the warnings
you will carry the burden for all the words you've said

your heart needs to be silenced
crush it up, with hands of violence
Aug 25 · 116
love him not
Aseph Aug 25
petal after petal, I need not decide
I love him not, I love him not
once all the petals are gone
I move on and find another flower
Aug 15 · 143
Aseph Aug 15
the space in this skull is claustrophobic
the words of this mouth are clumsy in movement
with every willingness for a silence of a thousand centuries
my brain is growing exhausted of me
Aug 14 · 73
no longer do we speak
Aseph Aug 14
I prefer to detach
rather than the agonizing
feeling of not being needed

with that sentiment,
Aseph Aug 14
I sat in silence
anxiously deciding
certainly overreacting
a sudden desire to change
flooded my heart with courage

their voices startled me
my mind failed to be calm
with each beat after beat coming so quickly
but soon their laughter filled me with ease
and I could find myself finally at peace
I was really scared at first of something so small but my friend was chill and I don't regret doing it at all. I'm still a little anxious but I'll get used to it eventually!
Aug 13 · 181
ocean of affection
Aseph Aug 13
she pushes and pulls like the waves
ultimately I cannot bear to be near it
and have disgust cover me cold
they see beauty, placing charm in her mystery
and I only see the madness
of an ocean that will surely drown me
Aug 12 · 368
i can't tell you
Aseph Aug 12
fear oh fear
with hands so strong
come, won't you?
oh dear, just tear me

what a burden
are my words
i laugh, i laugh!
it won't stop..
**** it hurts
Aseph Jul 23
this feeling
it never leaves
I feel lonely
and unneeded
you all smile
with warm words
but I can only stand cold
and pathetic
Aseph Jul 23
overcrowd my brain with blossoms
until it bursts out of my head
whose petals tear apart my skin
covered in red
now I can breathe at ease
with my thoughts finally dead
there is no more room for thoughts
just flowers
Aseph Jul 23
I climb this hell in the pursuit of perfection
Yet nothing is sufficient to please my lack of self-satisfaction
All senses, all pleasures, my every motivation
Washes away as I push myself further into isolation
i keep feeling empty, worthless, i don't feel like trying
i've just been wanting to cut off people recently
Jul 11 · 137
thank you for everything
Aseph Jul 11
even as I run away
you tell me such kind words

and when I look back
you have said so many kind things
that I cannot forget, that I cannot stop caring

I find it impossible to speak to you
because I know that I can't change anything
I keep wondering if today you'll be alive

why can you say everything right to make me feel better,
but I can't say anything at all to help you
how cruel is this friendship we've entangled ourselves into?
Jul 1
im sorry
Aseph Jul 1
at first my heart was kind
gently listening and staying by your side
now my heart is distant
and our conversations have become cold

you compare our sorrows
even though my feelings are valid
you make me not want to rely on you
even though i never told you anything

i dont want to admit your right
i still dont want you to die
but i cannot carry your burdens
and dont think we can be friends
edit: this friendship went downhill.
i still hope he's okay.
i miss you wolf...
Jul 1 · 397
flower in the winter
Aseph Jul 1
in the palm of her ruined hands
was a single seed

if she grew one flower
spring would be in her sights

but winter pulled her down
together they were miserable

she could not bring change about
and so spring never came around
Jun 30 · 118
love as i see it
Aseph Jun 30
he wonders
is there room left in my heart?

I laugh,
I wish there had been room at all.

and I can only hope it is a flower
waiting for the right person to bloom
and have pink petals be showered
Jun 29 · 152
Aseph Jun 29
four white chrysanthemums
persistently thwarting outcomes
my touch holds the fragile petals
giving room for death to settle
made this a long time ago
Jun 29 · 263
our love was red
Aseph Jun 29
our beating hearts
were bound to die
with blood so full of ***** lies

and the flags are only seen
when the tears have cleared
and hate finally appears
i dont like this poem
Jun 25 · 140
purple hyacinth
Aseph Jun 25
He is dear to me
a flower I found in the middle of
this rather desolate field

He is a hyacinth
a purple magnificence
He has somehow managed to thrive
in the midst of poison and parasites

His leaves fade with every tomorrow
dull from the sorrow
the petals dragged down
weeping a saddened sound

He is pushing to survive
and I will give him the love
those others may have deprived him of

He and I will make a garden
full of sweet flowers shooting from the ground
until the day he is no longer around
For another friend of mine. He's been a great person and really helping me through everything. I will enjoy his company and be the best friend I can.
he always saw himself as a hyacinth so i wrote it for him
he's really a strong person
Jun 20 · 4
bunny and fox
Aseph Jun 20
a bunny in a cottage
tidy and small
it's rather lovely
lasting through
summer, rains, and snowfall

a fox wandering the world
bright copper fur
and mischievous eyes
who cannot find joy
even in the light
i am the mischievous loud fox and she is a soft timid bunny, but at the end of the day, we both want to be kind-hearted and care lots for people around us.
Jun 19 · 336
cute things
Aseph Jun 19
I fill my world with all sorts of cute things
with so many shades of pink
I want to forget about my sorrows
and have my heart soften
at the sight of something rather gentle

I fill my world with all sorts of kind things
with so many types of love
I want to set my heart free
and have my mind be at peace
in a garden of pink flowers and graceful doves
i loveee cute things :)
just decided to write some happy poems y'know
Aseph Jun 19
let us adore this universe of ours
as we wish upon
a shooting stargazer lily
who collides with our world
bringing about blossoms
and pink springs
for days to come

let us hop between the planets
mark the moon as our own
catch the stars in our hands
explore the unknown!

let us create memories
and overfill our senses with joy
blast off our worries
into the void of space
and lie here in fields
full of pink and white orchids

this universe of ours
is so sweet
lets have fun
until the day we're gone
Jun 19 · 154
you will die someday
Aseph Jun 19
my hands are bloodied with your thoughts,
the flower withered away
everything is gone
and my mouth is dry, empty of words to say

when you die
your burdens leave that tormented soul of yours
and wanders into my heart, making holes in every thought
each bit of love that once pumped has grown sickened
I wish I could tear myself apart, to build everyone up
my empty efforts have never been enough
my friends will die
and i dont know
if ill be okay
eating away at your mind
eating away at your body
I wish
I could do something
and I think its now eating at me too
Aseph Jun 18
the flower in the vase,
you gave it beams of innocence
and poured drops of affection.
but when all is done, when all is said
you did not stop the flower from its death

and you'll never understand
the way it that it wilts
the way it wants to stay there...
inspired by a quote "the flower in the vase smiles but no longer laughs"

also based on my personal experiences

its not that good I just felt bad
and I needed to stop thinking about something
Jun 17 · 267
your sun
Aseph Jun 17
in your solar system
I am at the center
you weigh down the universe
with your unsolvable planetary problems
destructive asteroids
and uninhabitable mindsets

you let my rays envelop you
but heed my touch
and it becomes night
when my compassion is too much

in your solar system
I am dying out
you limit me of hydrogen
and empty my reserves of love
until I am unstable enough
to take you out
i suppose its about a toxic relationship where the victim becomes filled with hate.
May 2 · 139
angel's bliss
Aseph May 2
ignorance, a blissful heaven above the deepest pits of hells
an angel's wings and her kind nature
regardless of her wishes and prayers
a fatal deception awaits her

what is that of which compels?
her to open her eyes and stare at her own demise
her gray wings in the stormed sky
no matter who poisons, it is herself that she will despise

and her heart swells
did it matter for the innocence in her words?
she could not fix anything even with such concerns
rip away her mouth, give in to their ideal, she concurs!

fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath
broken wings, bloodied body
she opens her heart for the man named death
i wanted to be good
to save them

but ignorance is nice
it's nice to pretend they arent hurting

i can't help them
May 1 · 276
you, me, and the world
Aseph May 1
rapid warming bursts open his polluted lungs
flies and maggots spill while wilted flowers have sprung
sickly eyes and perverted form
chaos and death revel in the man-made storm

mourning with blue irises in my hand
a cold silent distance between where you and I stand
if I move an inch closer, I will have to overcome my fear
that it is of little matter that I care
im your friend.
but it isn't good enough.
May 1 · 135
Aseph May 1
The small cut sits there
pulling at my pain
The tears fall
pulling at my heartstrings
and there is so much more to suffer
as I pull at the symptoms,
the useless situation, I am helpless, help me, but help cannot fix
what my body has come to be
I should have gone to the doctors the moment I realized something was wrong, but there is nothing I can do now but look helplessly at myself.
Apr 6 · 184
sunset sorrows
Aseph Apr 6
multiple weighty peach trees
outlined grief's path
lanceolate, broad, and pinnately veined
leaves cornered my view
of the clashing realities between faint rays
and the celestial dome

my sweet cries and pleads set into the sky
the atmospheric refraction
distorts all that is left of her being
an astronomical twilight will pass
and the dusk will swallow her wavelength

wandering into a new medium
surpassing the earth
and as the sweet color of peaches decomposes
becoming simple matter over time
her sun has set and mine will follow shortly
i dislike the ending line

i've never experienced death, but it certainly feels like your world is ending. i wanted to convey death in a different way and I like sunsets and peaches
so here we have this poem
I do rather like it, but it's not perfect :)
Mar 24 · 606
delusions and boys
Aseph Mar 24
"i like you"
he had said,
his words i had obsessed
and misread
the idea of being loved is
yet i wished for my foolish dreams to be believable
your anonymity
and my delusions
gave weight
to my inner rhythm
Mar 20 · 322
ᶜᵘʳˢᵉᵈ words
Aseph Mar 20
even with the
bruises from beatings
and so i found that
our love was fleeting

leave the mouth
******* and cornered
fear quickens the pace
many ways to be tortured

you say
do those words
have truth
because a lie
would not be kind
at all
i like it because you can read this poem from 2 perspectives.
Mar 7 · 197
Death Awaits
Aseph Mar 7
Softly stop your breathing
Your memories fleeting
Whisper to yourself sweet things
And shut down the heart beating
For death is mercilessly awaiting
Mar 7 · 205
Aseph Mar 7
Away the color dripping on the sky
Moon and stars burst and die
Away the words that brought us love
Die the heart that pumped with blood
Away with memories and all our friends
Welcome the world and its end
Mar 7 · 238
Aseph Mar 7
heavenly appearance
feathered wings
soul full of perseverance
halo ring
the human pleads for interference
she picks up the golden spear
there is a duty to uphold
and flies through the tears and fear
life and death, she cannot control
but even then she is not as kind as she appears
oh the gold metal, shiny parts and all
shall pierce the human and the angel will fall
I always liked the way this one sound. Any recommendations for what to call it?

— The End —