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in the palm of her ruined hands
was a single seed

if she grew one flower
spring would be in her sights

but winter pulled her down
together they were miserable

she could not bring change about
and so spring never came
I am scared of planting the flower, even though that simple flower would lead to beautiful springs. I cannot bring myself to do anything but stay the same, suffering in my winter.
he wonders
is there room left in my heart?

I laugh,
I wish there had been room at all.

and I can only hope it is a flower
waiting for the right person to bloom
and have pink petals be showered
I have never had the full picture, feeling, or true understanding of love. I feel like I'm pressured to feel something I've never felt.
Kelly Lin Jun 29
soft kisses presented by the wind
fading quickly at the touch of her skin

snow's sweet-smelling pollen
scattered across the land
swept up, swirling, covering the sun
despite her demand

wrapped up in storms and icy looks
her body, winter took

within the storm, searching, yet
unable to find a path
she clung to winter, though loved
she was forever in fear of his wrath
his love is eternal.
Kelly Lin Jun 29
he handles the rays of the sun
as though it were some delicate flower
she can hardly hold onto the waves of the ocean
as though it were never meant to be held

and when the sun shines over the blue ocean
he will smile and she will cry
will there be pretty skies when they collide
or a storm with only a disaster in mind?
“There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between.”
Kelly Lin Jun 29
four white chrysanthemums
persistently thwarting outcomes
my touch holds the fragile petals
giving room for death to settle
made this a long time ago
Kelly Lin Jun 29
our beating hearts
were bound to die
with blood so full of ***** lies

and the flags are only seen
when the tears have cleared
and hate finally appears
Kelly Lin Jun 25
He is dear to me
a flower I found in the middle of
this rather desolate field

He is a hyacinth
a purple magnificence
He has somehow managed to thrive
in the midst of poison and parasites

His leaves fade with every tomorrow
dull from the sorrow
the petals dragged down
weeping a saddened sound

He is pushing to survive
and I will give him the love
those others may have deprived him of

He and I will make a garden
full of sweet flowers shooting from the ground
until the day he is no longer around
For another friend of mine. He's been a great person and really helping me through everything. I will enjoy his company and be the best friend I can.
he always saw himself as a hyacinth so i wrote it for him
he's really a strong person
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