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Thousands of crystals spiraling around my head swirling and twirling creating the illusion of a perfect world....
White roses in a bundle,
Their fragrance caresses my senses as I rise my hand
To join yours.
Your hands, they trembled
But it wasn't what I thought;
You weren't nervous, but terrified.
Trapped in a room without a door.
Pretty faces caught your eye once more,
I grow weary just thinking of the score.
Competition, there was none.
How does a rounded belly full of your child,
Compare to a thin waist?
You couldn't see the damage that was done;
You only looked at me with distaste.
Beaten and sometimes bloodied,
I never amounted to you,
You dragged my soul through the dirt;
It’s ragged and muddied.
Much too soon my belly again bloomed,
Within an innocence that came of your evil.
You still prowl and feast upon the broken,
I paint on a smile whilst in my mind,
Screaming the words that went unspoken.
Again you struck but this time with vengeance,
You stole a piece of soul from one of my own.
A wound cut too deeply to heal,
Everything that once was beautiful in you
At long last died;
I am nauseous at your presence.
Tortured, and caged no more;
Cracked, age yellowed petals
Scattering to the wind
As the wedding bouquet;
So perfectly preserved,
Falls to the soot covered floor.
You once called me your princess of the stars;
Queen of the moon.
Our reign together has been nothing but agony;
Deepened wounds never healed but always left the scars,
I surrender my crown I abdicate;
A position I want never to resume.
A caged wretched bird no longer,
My wings have spread wide;
Out of the flames of hell.
I leave the burning memories behind now that I'm stronger,
No more your haunted bride;
Out of the ashes I rise.
A phoenix,
I have overcome your spell.
But I still keep that memory of
White roses;
Their beauty and fragrance,
That’s all.
I despise you, everything that you are.
You have the disguise of an angel, beautiful and fair.
In truth under the mask, you are a demon, with a matching heart.
I want to scratch your blue eyes out with my nails; I want to rip out your lovely hair.  
I want to destroy you, just like you destroyed me; I want to be your torture.
The very thought of you makes me sick,
You are such a loathsome creature.
I walked through a meadow that once was full of summer cheer.
Now it’s filled with winter, there’s nothing for me here.
You were my summer, my love, my life.
You broke me into bits, cutting deeper into my heart like a knife.
I’m coming apart at the seams, because I’m picturing you in all of my dreams.
One punch and I’m down for the count, only had one chance and I lucked out.
I’m stuck in this timeless tragedy,
Guess I’ve gotta endure this insanity.
Suicide suicide,
not much longer til the noose is tied.
The rope snaps;
wine-glass filled with acid,
bottoms up and down the hatch;
how I long for a casket.
Not a drop makes it to my cracked lips,
maybe this knife hanging from my hips;
will perhaps do the trick.
The blade is dull and rusted;
now I linger atop a spiral staircase
flying down to meet the marble ground,
Now I wish my skull was not busted
my neck not twisted around it's base,
I scream out my pain yet there is no sound.
Suicide suicide,
I really didn't want to die.
Mary Shepherdess with hair the color of bark
lead your sheep astray;
To the writhered valley deep in the dark
where the demons and witches play.
Little lamb be not afraid
your mistress is near;
don't listen to what she may say
she is Fear.
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