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the first hello
and the last goodbye,

& all the memories in between.
I am grateful for all the moments we've spent together
Luna Maria May 10
home is
(the people I love)
my hand in your hand
when I lean in against your chest
and hear your heart beat

home is
a place without four walls
where I can close my eyes
and feel safe enough
to run
without fear

home is
the body I live in
(cry in, love in, die in)
where I exist and love myself
home to you
Luna Maria Apr 29
I am lost in the dark
but maybe it is because
I close my eyes
since the sun
is too bright
sometimes we can’t see the positivity we are surrounded with
Luna Maria Apr 27
I left dead flowers on her desk
will she water them?
(I didn't mean to let them die
it just happened)
Luna Maria Apr 27
when I try to swallow your tears
I get a bellyache
it is too heavy
Luna Maria Apr 26
It is silent
but I feel like a thousand words are spoken
we don’t look each other in the eyes anymore  
we don’t touch
we only wave
from across the room

goodbye ¿
is this the last goodbye
Luna Maria Apr 22
don't worry
I don't love myself
so why would you?
maybe you started to see my flaws after all
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