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oh darling,
undress me
I want to feel
my lips against your lips
skin against skin
hands wandering on your
damped body
touching you
careful and slowly
kiss me passionately
                 & love me deep.
promise me that you will love me forever.
do we fear the love
we think we don't deserve?
"you deserve someone better than what I could ever be for you."
Luna Maria Sep 25
It’s where we smoked our cigarettes
because we were already living for way too long
but we never jumped of the roof

we only let the smoke
burn our lungs from inside out
and wanted death to come closer slowly.
two fallen angels on a rooftop
Luna Maria Sep 15
we love
as hard as we
fall apart
on our worst days
Luna Maria Sep 7
I want to pour
the overwhelming amount of
out of my heart
as a
sticky, pure red liquid
and use it as an ink
to write a love poem
as an attempt to
describe what I feel
for you.
you are making me feel things I've never felt before.
Luna Maria Aug 28
I want to take you
to the prettiest places in the world
and tell you
their beauty
doesn’t even come close
to yours.
loving deep.
Luna Maria Aug 21
what if God
regrets creating
a human
like me?
what if I never reach his expectations?
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