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But make no mistake.
Leave behind no ****.
You have been lingering here
For far to long.
Your presence
Is a permanent scar in my mind.
You caused me pain once
Now I just want you gone.
And the blood I sparred is lost
But I will heal
Once you leave.
Make no mistake.
You might return.
If you lose the blades
That have split my heart.
Left me
Drained of
Filled with
I guess,
I chose you.
I did not simply
Let you in.
I ushered
And pushed
And forced you
To fill the empty
Left by others.
Forgotten others.
The bars on
My heart
Are strong.
They leave
The remembered
In sight
But too far
To touch.
Because you
Have filled
Space left.
But still it remains
Empty space.

— The End —