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 Aug 2015 thommya
Sue Violetta
Excuse me,  where is LionAir ?
Sorry,  wrong terminal.
But, to be fair,
It's not far.
Down the escalator
turn left
see the sign.
Up the elevator
turn right
You will be fine.
                  I    Was not !
No crossing the yellow line !
Excuse me,  ? LionAir ?
Sure, follow the footprints  on the gound
about 5 miles to walk about
you will be there in no time at all.
                    I  Was not !
The footprints  ended in a wall.
LionAir ? I ask,
Yeah, follow the guy in a yellow vest
he is heading there too.
               he    Was not !
The dude diverted to a Portaloo.
Where is the Lion ****** Air ?
Follow the crowd ?
Arrive en masse ?
                   Nope !
They got on the bus.

Oops, what's  this ?
LionAir !
No sign,  no footprints,  no line
But, I'm  finally there !

The name has been changed to protect the innocent.   Me.
A good flight, after all that.
I watched one am turn into two am
And then three crept around the corner
That's when I knew I was a poet
Because poets are slaves to the night
 Aug 2015 thommya
an internal and eternal
sliver of happiness
 Aug 2015 thommya
you can't hurt me
you can't hurt me
you can't hurt me
alright ngl this is abt as tru as the statement "i am str8"
 Aug 2015 thommya
Lucy Michelle
We started staying up later + later
We started wearing less + less clothes
We started closing the windows
And locking the doors
Like we were afraid something would be stolen
But what we thought we’d keep for longer
We had already lost.
 Aug 2015 thommya
I've lived a thousand lives
And died a thousand deaths
Within the pages of my notebooks
 Aug 2015 thommya
Isn’t physically quick or agile.

Disappears in libraries.

Has been known to dissolve into the physical pages of books.

Is good at tucking herself into the stacks and retreating to reading nooks.

Blends in at coffee shops where her voice can be drowned out by the grinding and the steaming.

Can become indistinguishable in the dark of theatres, in the quiet shuffle of art galleries, the finger-snapping of poetry readings, the hum and jostle of the Tube.

Is indistinct. Adept at hiding in plain sight.
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