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777 Dec 2022
one bullet
free from thoughts that pull it
please just let me sleep
paranoia that makes me weep
one cut, one rope, one bullet
all the things gone
that make me wanna do it
777 Oct 2022
i was thinking of myself as little
thats why im always taking small steps
thinking ill run fast
777 Sep 2022
walk around in circles
and i miss the site of the city
stare down on the ground
drowned in thoughts
about you
its all in rhymes
string of words in harmony
about you being
my light,
my flower, my heart,
my one and only
my crowned queen, a piece of art
so far apart and so forlorn
the night comes around
and i just went ‘round and ‘round in circles
and im bound to the same conclusion,
the end’s always the same
that i love you
i write better than i can talk
777 Sep 2022
sitting in the train
the mirror next to me
the drums kick in
feel like my world falls apart
staring in the mirror
my face covered in shards
how a song made me feel
777 Aug 2022
i need to be alone
bits and pieces of my soul
need to regroup and reform
burn everything and built from ashes
rise like the phoenix
the light flashes
the darkness gone for a while
777 Aug 2022
my day starts with you
either by my side
or in my head
either way
we connect
either through our phones
or in your bed

this has ended now
the pain was too deep
to still go down this route
a way paved with pain and doubts
777 Jun 2022
with each of your words
the colors of the world
get lighter
the sun shines brighter
the rays blind my eyes
my smile turns wider
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