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Sam May 2018
Awakening to a dog on my right,
I turn to the left.
I see my angel, softly sleeping;
She has stayed through the night.

I awaken her with kisses
and an arm around her head.
Without her,
I would certainly be dead.

She brews up the finest addiction,
and I follow closely behind her,
Beginning to think...

I wonder,
do I stink?

My hair looks like a nest,
my face riddled with blemish;
I still need some rest,
but I have a mission to accomplish.

Though I am a disaster waiting to occur,
with messy hair and ***** feet,
a torn night gown and an expression of defeat;

She turns to me and whispers
"You're perfect."
And all of a sudden,
My mess of a world comes back together...

This woman has repaired my broken,
brushed my unkempt hair,
Sat at my feet and kissed them,
Sewn my torn nightgown,
And turned my every expression into a smile...

So tell me,
Is it really ME that is perfect?
Sam Apr 2018
When our battle comes from within,
How will it be possible to win?
Our left is tearing away from our right-
How can we win? How do we fight?

We try clawing our way out of this hole,
But only effortlessly, losing our soul.
Lets fight to be heard, let's all scream-
"We need to wake up from this dream"!

Nothing makes sense anymore,
And we are left empty to the core.
Let's rise up from this pit
And tell the masses as we see fit
So all can become aware of the lies being told
To trick you into the mold.

They turn us into sheep
So we can make comfortable the elite.
There is no life in being a slave-
They want us to keep digging our grave!

And there is no heaven or hell,
That a big fat lie as well!
Money and religion go hand in hand
Making sheeple of every man.
Controlling you, and certainly not caring
If your life is worth sparing.

We have to wake up and realize
That our ship is being captized!
Teamwork will be the only way to save it,
That is, if you even give a ****.
My dear friend wrote this and asked me to post for her.
Sam Feb 2018
Listen for the word;
It will be "spoken" to you.
Spread your message across the globe
through what you say and do...
Be a good Christian soldier

Impart your "knowledge" into the minds of the susceptible:
the children and those in despair;
let them know there is man upstairs
who wants to befriend them...
Be a good little messenger

Fire is the payment for "sinful" nature;
believing a delusion is the remedy.
Bask in the glorious "freedom"
that in return will be given to thee...
Be a good little shepherd

When logic and reason test you,
do not be jarred;
fiction is comforting and kind,
while reality is just hard...
Be a good little liar

Maintain mass chaos and confusion;
call it a "prophesy"...
Deny all truths and bask in this fantasy,
and for ages to come, keep alive this fallacy...
*Be "good", little robots...

— The End —