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Zoe Grace Jun 23
Whispered words
Hushed tones
Breath that quickens
Face that reddens

Trembles take over
Shaking, reaching
Sweat starts to form
Your touch frees me
You see a side of me that nobody else does, H.
Zoe Grace Jun 13
A brilliant smile
A comfort like no other
And the sweetest kiss
You asked for a Haiku, and I finally wrote you one.
Zoe Grace Jun 13
Take me out into the starlight
High above the ground
Pull me close
Play an old french love song
Grip my hand in yours
Take my waist
Dance with me until we both realise
Neither of us are good at it
Hold me sweet and soft
Sway with me to the melody
Nobody and nothing else
Exists in that moment
But for you and I, my love
Words can't describe how amazing my night was, H. But these come close.
Zoe Grace May 22
They have the chance
To dance and twinkle like stars upon the page
But most of the time
They get lost in winding passages, my train of thought derailed
  May 19 Zoe Grace
I lost my breath
kissing you
and now I'm losing it again
missing you
Zoe Grace May 19
Nothing comes to mind
I promised you a haiku
I'm sorry baby
Zoe Grace May 19
Under the blankets
A cabin in the mountains
Curled up there with you
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