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Lara Ozdemir Jan 5
Glimmers and sparkles
Happiness surrounds
Moments in gratitude
The home that is near
Sweet bliss
Lara Ozdemir Jan 3
Momma says
Keep your head up
Be happy and strive
Hold onto good vibes
And before you go
Don’t fret or you’ll regret
Lara Ozdemir Jan 2
Messy hair
Don’t care
Running here and there
I am where?
Deranged and afraid
Of the Unknown
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
shivering leafs
intertwined with the grapevine
engrave sins on the twine
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
The cackling of leaves
As the coming forth of April goes by
Pretty blueish mocking birds flutter their wings - a fellow goodbye
Cobblestone pavements lead the road below
Windy they went, far, far ago
Once more, their stones are yet again so beautiful
Just like you, gleaming too
The Sun and lucid daydreams lead me back to you
Daydreaming of the one the heart wants...
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
Constant mind ******
Restless memories
Stays stagnant behind my mind
While it holds tight
Replaying on my broken cassette player
Missing the past that I had with an unrequited lover...
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
You love me, you love me not
How many times do you command
Pulling me in and out
While you strum the strings on my heart
I ask only since I’ve wilted
Struggling not to give away my life
Inspired by exs’ whom I endured many heartbreaks from a naive period in my life
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