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 Feb 28 Ronnie
The stress of tests
for which I confess
that I am depressed
but will still suppress
that feeling of stress
with a tightening in my chest

I should have guessed
instead of creating this mess
the teacher is impressed
to bad I'm too obsessed,
to even protest
I cannot help but inquest
when I will receive my eternal rest
Should be studying, I keep telling myself
You say
life is

I say
that’s the only way
you can give it your own
 Feb 26 Ronnie
 Feb 26 Ronnie
the way you breathe
how it sounds like you're always taking your first
and last breath

it's like you're gasping for air
but sighing
because you know it could all
in an instant and you're okay with that

the way you breathe
fills my lungs
because i love breathing you in
feeling you
knowing you
 Feb 26 Ronnie
 Feb 26 Ronnie
I don’t want to
Open my mouth
Because I’m still afraid
The truth might come out
And if it does
If it really breaks free
You’ll see what I am
You’ll see the true me
The one I hide
With jokes and lies
I’m a terrible person
All jokes aside
You don’t seem to know it
You don’t seem to see
Even a glimpse of that person
That I know to be me
I’m such a good actress
I hide it so well
Cover it with a laugh
And you’ll never tell
You see depth in my eyes
You see love and emotion
But what would you see
If I ever did open
I can’t bear to find out
I can’t bear to show
The me you don’t see
The me that I know
If I let it out
If I let it be
I know for a fact
That you would hate me.
 Feb 26 Ronnie
Madisen Kuhn
i don’t think my mother
ever brushed my hair.
and if she did,
i can’t remember it.
i could lie and say
that i wonder why,
but i know why.
it was because
she was busy with
my sister’s brand-new curls,
busy tending to her own
dark roots and dry ends.

when i am a mother,
i will balance my sons
and daughters on my lap
and one by one
comb through
their soft mops
with patient hands.

they will never wonder
why i left them
to sort out
the knots
on their own.

they will know
i am there
to help untangle
the predestined messes
caused by the wind,
and caused by me.
 Feb 25 Ronnie
Are you okay?
I reply No
Oh well society says
You don't belong to us
With smooth pale faces
Secrets are hidden among us
Besides you aren't
Enough for our Standards
Sorry you didn't make the cut
You can always apply next year
This is full of metaphors and things representing what society is doing to people. That is something society needs to wake up and realize we are all alike but seperated by our flaws but our flaws shouldn't make us outcasts.
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