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a heartbeat in the dark
you purr against my chest
we melt together
blissful synthesis

we rise and fall
convergent plate tectonics
our boundaries crash
the earth heaves and shifts
with us

i wake to the dawn chorus
and to her breath tickling my neck
the world at peace, anew
George Cheese Oct 2020
How could I bury something
that never

Pull me apart and
use me.
We cannot be whole

Map the network
of my veins;
within me

We cannot escape
this orbit
but we could
crash together

There would be beauty in that
George Cheese Sep 2020
i. 403 Forbidden

lostin _thisdigital_scream.mp3
it’s over
pick up the pieces.
you know who this is
you know where this is
fresh eyes to see the world
strings of code
binary - 1 or 0
back into the
cave we go

ii. 401 Unauthorised

you split yourself open.
it is time to make a change
your code writ in red and
love and trauma
plug you in
(plug into me)
corrupted files
delete, delete
a cut job (ctrl x)
you do not have access.

iii. 404 Not Found

who are you
where are you
what colour is the sky
what colour is the sea
why can you feel the pull of the moon
does the earth call to you
why does she have rainbow eyes

there you are
empty automata
take to change.
flee from me.
find safety.
electric sheep dreams.

everything not saved will be lost

iv. 410 Gone

you wake.
the world is new
to you again
or you are
new to it.
i won’t find you in this place
because you’re gone
new version
a reconfiguration
ship of theseus
whole again
without them

coda. Metadata

you run out into the dark
the burdened and choked night sky
you see nothing
you see everything
this world is yours to reshape
and you to be reshaped with it
cause and effect
no more binary. no more
i am waiting for you.
George Cheese Sep 2020
you saw the body on the side of the road
dead fox splayed out, eyes closed
like sleep but forever

you think of the chain
cause and effect
you wonder where this death started
you wonder where it ends

under the weight of screaming metal and rubber tire
that’s where it ended
although the fox seems pristine, at peace
you know that can’t be true. a trick of the light,

the fire in the sky that builds the world
gives it momentum
(the only thing that matters,
but the fox is now still)

illusory: your monopoly on trauma
the fox reminds
you don’t own this world’s pain
you are component, module, product

one less fox for the hounds
your mind travels to empire
lines drawn on maps and in sand
torn apart in the jaws of dogs

what would it take to change the world?
one less dead thing?
George Cheese Jul 2019
you grip the dove too tightly.
it comes apart in your hands,
white, pink, glistening, slippery.

we awake
in the burning midnight,
dionysian noise filling
the moonless sky.

she takes my hand
as we become one,
fill each other,
more than whole,
a pleasure synergised
through friction,


we awake
by an ocean of blood,
a crimson sky with no stars.

it has been thought
that luna longs for terra,
trapped in unconditional distance,
drifting further and further,
soon to be lost in the endless dark.

endless peace? love eternal?
or an obsolescent dream?
could a dove still fly without wings?
how disgusting
George Cheese Aug 2018
colourless green ideas sleep furiously.
a small mercy has your skin crawling.
wondrous awe is not all that great.
an idea rains heavily.
have some straight-up gibberish. cheers Noam
George Cheese Aug 2018
The blast woke that great and terrible monster,
Godzilla, from his slumber
at the bottom
of those darkest depths,
titanic nuclear thing unfurling
at the heart of the abyss.

Reptillian eyes glimmered in the murk.
Stretching out his arms and legs,
beating his tail against the ocean floor,
Godzilla began to swim towards the city.

Godzilla stopped sleeping. The whole world
seemed rife with opportunity,
profits to be had.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla stomped his way towards the city.

Godzilla got a new motorbike.
The engine’s roar soothed him,
for a time.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla stomped his way towards the city.

Godzilla found another woman to use,
his reptilian desire overcoming
whatever remained of his humanity.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla towered over the border of the city.

And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla’s throat began to glow.
Sizzling blue fire crackled in his mouth,
and then the city was dust and shadows,
a Hiroshima ghost.
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