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The Red Woman Dec 2019
when christmas came around
the world wrapped me
in wrapping paper
made of anxiety
The Red Woman Dec 2019
angel wings
or devil horns
eagle eyes
or flower thorns

i mean really
who the **** cares?
  Dec 2019 The Red Woman
Casey Rodger
Its not that i miss you
I don't

Its not that i think about you
I won't

Its not that I'm missing a piece of me
I'm not

Its not that I'm cold
I'm hot

Its not your memory
I want to forget

Its not my mistakes
I want to regret

Its not that I'm broken
But i am

Its not that I'm lying
But i am..

All that i miss
Is you

You're always on my mind
Its true

You'll keep a piece of me

My warmth is cold but

I try to forget us
But i can't

I can't regret us
I just can't..
The Red Woman Dec 2019
i told you to say
and you said
and within that
i heard
The Red Woman Dec 2019
the people made the scars
the scars made the people
The Red Woman Dec 2019
it tore the drawing apart
not knowing
that the imperfection
was what made it
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