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 Jun 2019 Seb Tha Guru
How beautiful is it
That a tree can be washed clean whenever God sees fit.
Trampled and walked on by the birds and the bees but not phased.
Every branch, leaf, berry just sways then moves back to its original place.
Used as a way of survival for other creatures Yet still survive.
Still stay strong when we rip them from their roots, their home.
As they provide shelter and protect our lives.
How lucky it would be to be a tree.
So many different purposes greater than us human beings.
When i look at you i still envision the rest of my life.
& nothing has changed because of the pain i feel at night.
i won’t say mean things, i won’t leave, i don’t ever want to cause you pain.
I’m so scared if i ever hurt you in any way, you’ll never look at me the same.
i want to spend all my time with you when my weeks end, I’ll drive 4 hours back and forth any weekend, this is a test that will make us stronger, we will prevail and relinquish the weak ends.
When i look at the spaces in my hand i know your fingers belong there.
Anything said bad about you, to me, is a voice aimed toward the wrong ears.
i pray the Lord blesses us with many long years.
Scrolling through Chris brown’s album and you come to mind during all the songs here.
i won’t give up on you, if you don’t give up on me cause I️m hurting, Images in my head make me cry sometimes, & i feel so insecure now.
i feel alone, i can’t talk to my friends about I­t­ so my heart feels so unsure right now.
i don’t want them to judge you, i don’t want them to choose not to love you some day.
i love your friends like my own because they’re the ones that keep you happy when im away.
i guess In the end all that matters is i want Ali, i want to be with you.
My father always told me a great quote, “the only way out, is the way through.”

Either way, I’m happy I­t­ became us, “them”, we.
You are without a doubt one of the best things to ever happen to me.
One day you'll escape gravity
You know, when you jump that thing that snatches you back rapidly?
But be careful when you're in the air
You'll hate what you find there
"Yes, of course, your house? Yeah."
Things they whisper in my ear.
Get yours & get gone.
That's nice & she's fine, so what's wrong?
Money brings troubles & they won't leave me alone.  
During *** you'll feel alone,
You'll realize you've grown when it dawns on you her beauty can't turn a house to a home.
Evenings turned to Hennights
It's been a while since I was denied.
Went to sleep alive, just to wake up in my dreams have me & all my friends died?
Oh Lord how I've arrived.
The sky's the limit but achievements cause cavities.
Privilege isn't power, it's the absence of gravity.
Nothing holding you down.
But when you're floating, when everything is floating, it's easy to lose your crown.
I took my ego & drowned it.
Gravity holds you back but it also keeps you grounded.
I remember that it hurt, looking at her hurt.
They saw what she projected,
But I just saw her.
Maybe I just saw a prize within her.
Most people buy diamonds,
I'm more of a digger.
I'd give her my all
just to wake up bitter.
Shot after shot she knocked me down and still I chased her,
I fell in love with clear liquor.
‪I grew up locked up in hell, I found out hard work was the key.
Spent most of life watching the Devil constantly scoring on me.
But now me and God on offense, time for Satan to play the D.
Situations in life can start bad but I like my chances in quarter 3.
Ooo, optimism will always be apart of me.
Can't shake me, can't wash me, I'm a harder flea.
I prayed for one blessing he must've thought I ordered 3.
I'm living life with no umbrella, all this water on me.
College grad, now these women sweating me like I'm a smarter Keith. ‬
every day she wondered
"how many more times must
I be heartbroken before he
gets tired of it all and
finally sets me free"
I know I have to let you go,
For the reasons I don't know...
Does love always have to be logical?
If so, why do they say it's magical...
We are miles apart and,
time is like running sand.
I don't know if I'll see you again, And would it be a loss or gain?
Sometimes, it's like I'm giving up all...
The rising hopes for you suddenly fall!
My mind drifts away to somebody else...
But my heart screams out at the mess.
Late at night, when the moon is full and shiny,
And I'm alone, I wonder about my destiny!
What it would be really at the high time
It's like tossing to get head or tail of a dime!
Should I then really let go...?
Only thinking about it is, painful oh!
I simply don't know and it ain't fair...
Like an unheard voice, hung in mid-air.
 Nov 2016 Seb Tha Guru
Jay Heart
If I had no picture no name and just words written what would you think?
Would you know if i was black, white, puerto rican, or asian?
What about if i talked about going to jail and my mom being on drugs and my dad not being around; what color would i be then?
What if talked about my mom being a nurse and my dad owned a law firm, what color would you think i was?
What if i talked about my latina grandmother that smoke cigarettes and my uncle that smokes cigars and wheres shirts with flowers on them with straw hats; what color would you think i was?
Truth is you can't tell,
Well, maybe you can but i don't think you should judge
Because, no matter what was said, you don't know who i am or where i once was.
The important thing is that i have become someone better
Im not who i used to be
This is a different side,,So you better recognize
And get used to me.
The Stereotype....
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