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Apr 5 · 24
Kyle Janisch Apr 5
The sound of shallow wind whispers into my ears
The smell of fresh air comforts my;
And alleviates the stress of unwanted;
The skin on my palms is damp;
So much that the skin feels new
The soles of my feet begin to ache;
For I have been walking for some time now
The sun is starting to fade;
And the moons glow quickly replaces the orange aura from the sun's;
Kyle Janisch Apr 4
Brand new thoughts emerge;
As I take a step away from;
And peer into my world;
Through a new set of eyes
I no longer just see my flaws;
I come up with ideas to change them
Everything around me seems brighter;
And I no longer crave the same bitter taste;
That I have been for so long
For so long I have convinced myself that I am;
Without actually doing anything to be different
I hope that I will be better;
I will be better;
And I will fight to be someone I can look up to
Someone who others can look up to;
And be inspired to be better themselves
I do this knowing that I don't have to;
But that I need to
Kyle Janisch Dec 2018
You swallow his words so easily;
You might as well admit defeat;
Before you become entangled within;
His lies;
And start to wonder why
You didn't leave when you had the;
Now here you are;
Inside the mind of a man;
Who could care less if you are happy;
And his only victory belonging to;
His "clever" mind;
Which so easily, lead you to believe his words were;
Oct 2018 · 42
Peaceful Dreams
Kyle Janisch Oct 2018
On this old bench;
Made from old wood and covered in chipping paint
Feeling the breeze;
And listening to the birds chirp as they pass by
The sun keeps my skin warm;
And there isn't a cloud in the sky
My mind, usually flooded with thoughts;
Has become calm
I feel at peace
People, both young and old, pass by;
They seem to be feeling the same way as I;
And as quickly as this venture had begun;
It was over;
When I;
Woke up
Sep 2018 · 49
When I Go
Kyle Janisch Sep 2018
I’ve recently started to fear;
The day where I cease to exist
No longer being able to hear the sounds of;
And see the faces of strangers passing by
I will become a distant memory;
And the fire that burns inside those who truly;
I fear being forgotten;
But the thought of becoming something greater; keeps me moving;
And helps me cope with my passing;
Though I am not dead quite yet
My body will mold into the very earth I once called;
And my spirit will forever dance with those who have gone;
Before me
Sep 2018 · 48
Kyle Janisch Sep 2018
Everything is black
The sight of small lights,glimmer all around;
They are synchronized with my heartbeat
It is silent;
So very much so that I can barely hear my own;
I am not sure if I am alive or dead;
And time ceases to exist
I'm still, yet moving;
Maybe being carried by an unknown force
The urge to fight it eludes me;
And as the lights around me begin to fade
Everything becomes;
Aug 2018 · 143
Kyle Janisch Aug 2018
Present yourself before me;
And I'll take your hand;
As we;
Traverse the back of our;
Lost within our thoughts;
And fears
We can overcome anything;
As long as we maintain;
Within ourselves
Aug 2018 · 48
With The Current
Kyle Janisch Aug 2018
Life is too short to just not;
With the flow
Find a current;
And ride it;
Until you find what you're looking;
And live without;
Just do your best;
And keep moving;
Jul 2018 · 63
Pieces of The Past
Kyle Janisch Jul 2018
I wish I could say I miss you;
And the way it felt when you were around
But I don't;
And that's okay
But what isn't okay;
Is the way I now currently;
And I guess you could say this is my way;
Of saying that I still love you;
maybe I do;
But the you I love is the memory;
Not the person you have;
Jul 2018 · 102
Symphony of Love
Kyle Janisch Jul 2018
Pieces fall down;
From up above;
And crash all around me;
And is it messed up,that I think this sound;
Resembles the sound of love?
When things begin,to ***** and break
The world around, begins to shake;
And the thought of it all makes me feel like;
I'm home;
And then suddenly the music stops;
And I'm all alone,with the waking thought;
That this is some how my fault;
And how it all could have all been prevented;
If I would have;
Just stopped;
Jul 2018 · 58
Sound of Change
Kyle Janisch Jul 2018
The sound of our lips being pressed together;
Is much better, than the sound of our fists;
Bouncing off of one another;
And I think that your love;
For the sound of violence;
Is the reason, that I;
Jul 2018 · 41
Rave Into The Night
Kyle Janisch Jul 2018
Lost within;
The sounds and vibrations
That dance all around me

Controlled chaos begins to unfold;
As my body gives in;
To the temptations;
That swarm my presence

Sweat drips;
And my body shines in the moonlight;
As I dance into the dawn
Jul 2018 · 57
Sinking To The Bottom
Kyle Janisch Jul 2018
My memories are lost within;
The currents;
Of time;
And I do not know how to swim
Alcohol,being the only thing;
That gives me;
The courage to;
Jun 2018 · 53
Storm Within
Kyle Janisch Jun 2018
If you place your hand upon my chest;
I swear you would feel thunder
Pumping lightning;
Where there should be blood
A storm rages inside of me;
And I swear that's why my head is so cloudy
The reason why I tend to be so gloomy;
And the reason why;
You sleep so soundly;
When your head is placed;
Upon me
Jun 2018 · 47
Through Another's Eyes
Kyle Janisch Jun 2018
As leaves fall from the dying tree
A warm breeze gently;
Carries them
To wherever it desires
The leaves go effortlessly;
And a silent agreement is made
As the journey progresses
The breeze dies down;
And the leaves are carefully placed in their new home
Shortly after the leaves begin to decay;
And once again become part of the earth
Forever possessing warm feelings for the breeze;
That presented them with the opportunity;
To see the world in a different light
Jun 2018 · 72
Break The Silence
Kyle Janisch Jun 2018
Sitting in silence;
Wishing to be heard
But they drown me out;
And my voice cracks every time
I muster up the courage
To be loud enough;
So that I may be heard
But they don't listen
because they do not care;
For my words
Because they tell a story
Of abuse;
And how I'm ignored;
They dare not listen;
For the fear of realization;
That they were wrong;
Yet they dare not believe;
That I could be truthful;
And how my words carry a song
That just might awaken;
The child inside;
And force them to finally listen;
And realize;
That I spoke the truth
Now my voice no longer cracks
When it speaks louder
Than what has been allowed
Jun 2018 · 175
Kyle Janisch Jun 2018
When I was sixteen
I was a fiend, for the sadness
Didn't do well in life;
Let alone pass my classes
Ready for life to finally end
It was then and only then;
When I picked up a pen;
And bled my emotions,for everyone to see
Now I'm sitting pretty
Almost twenty three
Not nearly as much of a fiend;
As I used to be
Though I still feel the urge;
To still be
May 2018 · 51
Made Into Nothing
Kyle Janisch May 2018
As you can see
You took everything
That was;
And Turned into something entirely;
A creation of your own
Forged from the fires of your hate
I am now something;
In which everyone can no longer relate to;
Thank you
May 2018 · 55
Explore a Litle Further
Kyle Janisch May 2018
We're adventurous beings
Willing to explore anything
Except ourselves
May 2018 · 60
Growing Out
Kyle Janisch May 2018
Where would I be;
Without the pain and agony
Carefully shaping me
Into everything I could be
Perhaps now is the time
To shape shift;
Into something that's not me
Grow into light
That can grow new thoughts
A happier being is what I'll become
Leaving a hollow shell;
Of self-loathing and hate;
May 2018 · 49
Happy Fathers Day
Kyle Janisch May 2018
Mothers Day is in the past
Fathers Day in the near future
Although a future with my father;
Was never something I could celebrate
Left early so I couldn't relate;
To your ****** qualities
But little did you know;
It was you who I turned out to be...
May 2018 · 182
Welcome Home
Kyle Janisch May 2018
Welcome home son
Come on in
Welcome to the place where;
You can never forget your sins
You may be grown now;
But you'll always be a kid here;
And can always express your rebellious nature
I can see your doing your best;
To be the best you can be;
But that will be possible;
Because here you're still sixteen
And you still make mistakes
Even though you try hard not to
You're a **** up and will always be;
Unless you come home to live with me
Give up on your dreams to be with me
Welcome home son;
This is the place you were always supposed to be
May 2018 · 49
Broken Pieces
Kyle Janisch May 2018
Why does it take;
For someone to cut their hands;
On your broken pieces;
For you to know that they truly care?
Apr 2018 · 48
Simple Vibrations
Kyle Janisch Apr 2018
Mesmerizing vibrations dance across the room
Keeping at a steady pace;
without a care at all
Not worried about who around them will feel it
Just keeping the rhythm;
Bouncing back and forth
Moving in sync
To produce a simple heartbeat
Apr 2018 · 32
The Other Side
Kyle Janisch Apr 2018
Stepping, ever so gently upon the path
that leads me astray from my wants;
And my desires
That starts a new fire inside my belly
Leading to the discovery of something quite lovely
A new side of me;
One that has yet to be touched
Another version of me;
That has yet to be hugged
But is slowly starting to feel the embrace
Of the newly lit fire
old habits of mine slowly becoming replaced;
And a new version of an old smile,slowly creeps across my face
Dec 2017 · 49
Family Traditions
Kyle Janisch Dec 2017
Loud voices bleed through the walls;
And echo through the house
The sound of doors slamming rumble like thunder
Blankets pulled up to my chin as I cower in the dark
My brother does the same in his bed next to mine
The stairs creek as they're stomped upon
The front door slams;
And the house becomes silent
I can faintly hear the sound of my mother weeping
This has become a family tradition;
And hopefully will become a faint memory
Nov 2017 · 48
The Path
Kyle Janisch Nov 2017
Be weary dear traveler;
For there is a long road yet ahead
It is bumpy and broken;
And will place lies in your head
But if you stay focused
With your goal in your sight
Never give up;
And you just might;
Make it out alive
With minor bumps and or bruises
Only the ones who give in;
Are the ones who truly loses
Nov 2017 · 45
Kyle Janisch Nov 2017
Remembering the past;
Can make a warm heart;
Grow cold
Oct 2017 · 76
Kyle Janisch Oct 2017
I am drowning
My body has become heavy;
And is dragging me down under the current
I am cold;
And nothing is as it seems
Drifting slowly in the tide
I am weak
Thoughts of pushing back against the stream elude me
I am not me
Black masks my identity;
Forcing my entity to blend with the surroundings
I am lost;
Forever becoming the tide
Oct 2017 · 58
Fading From Existence
Kyle Janisch Oct 2017
The eagerness to write is slowly fading
Ideas dry up as the days pass
My hands,once tools for the manifestation of imagination, have began to forget their purpose.
As the title of creator slowly moves further from my reach;
A deep depression overcomes me
The realization that all that I stand for is becoming a myth
The will to live has eluded me
Unable to find a purpose in this world, nor can I see one being possible
As the grass grows and the sun shines, I begin to fade from memory
Sinking slowly into turmoil and despair, I envy all able to float
I hope one day soon I am able to rise above
Sep 2017 · 68
Kyle Janisch Sep 2017
Walk with water;
And feel with fire
Let your heart burn with desire
Let your mind become air
Allow your temple to be earth
All may enter
As the world drips around you
Stay focused on your center
Aug 2017 · 58
Dance of Life
Kyle Janisch Aug 2017
Flow free like the air that flows between our hair
Be the thing that people need;
Though they may not know it
Enter quietly upon the life of a being;
Caress their skin with such little effort
Let your presence be known, but do not disrupt
Fly high overhead
Look down over the lives that you touch everyday
The bodies that breathe you in and out;
Know that you are just as much a part of them as they are you
Flutter gracefully in their thoughts;
And lovingly in their hearts
Dance with their spirit, it may just dance with you
Aug 2017 · 53
Kyle Janisch Aug 2017
Small embers burn ever so slightly on the edges of my heart
Hopefully someone will blow very gently upon them;
Possibly starting a never ending fire in my heart
This takes a special person;
Someone who does not give up easily
One who would want to do such a task;
And to maintain the growing fire;
Making sure it never goes out
I believe this person to be my soulmate;
The guardian of my flame
Never to leave my side;
And I will never leave theirs
I too will make sure their inner flame never goes out;
Becoming their guardian in the process
We will always be together;
Burning ever so bright;
For all of eternity
Aug 2017 · 106
Becoming One
Kyle Janisch Aug 2017
The smell of cigarettes linger in the air
It's on your clothes;
On your skin;
And on your breath
Your lips taste of warm cinnamon
Our tongues wrestle gently;
And our bodies become entangled in one another
Fingers lock and legs intertwine
As I run my fingers up and down along your back;
I can feel your skin start to shake;
Your legs begin to tremble;
As I kiss your thighs
This is not our first encounter;
Hopefully not the last
You feel soft, and wet, and warm
The feeling is truly indescribable
Just as soon as it had started;
It quickly began to end
I can feel your insides pushing against me;
Releasing your passion all over me
You now lay upon my chest;
As we are now tangled once more;
This time in a more romantic way
I would not dare feel anything else;
For the way I feel in this moment is all I wish to feel forever
Jun 2017 · 177
A Warmth Most Familar
Kyle Janisch Jun 2017
Little kisses placed upon your cheek
A deep love courses through your veins;
Pumped through a deeply broken heart
A pounding head;
And eyes pulsating as if they were to explode
Hands, shaking at the very thought of your touch
Moist palms and weak knees
Your mind, racing, unable to process a controlled thought
An emotion once thought to be lost, has now been regained
It is terrifying;
And it is familiar
It is love
Your body is slowly becoming warm in its embrace
No longer suffering;
You are now complete
Jun 2017 · 290
Little Wildflower
Kyle Janisch Jun 2017
With warm hands and soft feet;
You approach with a gentle presence
I can feel the warmth of your heart,radiating from inside you
It is calm and inviting
You smell of wildflowers;
I am intrigued
Tips of your dress blow gently in the breeze;
Exposing soft and smooth flesh
You are of humble nature;
And I know you mean no harm
Free as the air around you
Who are you dear wild child?
For I do indeed wish to know you
Apr 2017 · 115
The Sea of Ash
Kyle Janisch Apr 2017
We are born;
From The Sea of Ash
Fragile beings
Seeking warmth and affection
Our desire to be more than man;
Has without a doubt been our downfall
But now we try to rise above our own afflictions
Become one with our surroundings, yet again
Our hearts shall be born of the purest qualities
No longer will be born from The Sea of Ash;
But from the cracks between the stars
Feb 2017 · 327
Off Kilter
Kyle Janisch Feb 2017
Living day to day
It slowly becoming a blur
Can't tell Monday from Friday
My mind feeling absurd
Life is moving to fast;
And I'm not achieving enough
To soon have I lost my luster;
I am no diamond in the rough
I patiently for the day;
Where I am no longer off track
Mental illness' eating me away
Can't wait to have my life back
Feb 2017 · 163
Lost In The Current
Kyle Janisch Feb 2017
Words lost in a current of thoughts
Never will I be able to express my true feelings;
To you or to the world
For they have been washed away
Like tender kisses upon your cheek;
They are wiped away by an uncaring hand
smeared across the face they once were perched upon
Now just a memory;
Of what was, or could have been
Something quite wonderful
In an ocean of words;
I carefully fish for the ones that best describe my love;
But alas, I cannot find them
For they evade me
I lack the proper bait to coerce such thoughts
But I will try and try;
Until the day approaches;
The day in which I finally catch my thoughts;
And are able to share them with you
Please be patient;
Wait with me;
Do not become lost in the current as well
Remain with me, until you can see
The words I shall soon capture;
And place before thee
Trust I know what I know;
And shall soon speak
My love for you is forever
It will never be lost in the stream
Remain with me forever;
And you too shall see
For the words now upon me
Will always explain everything
Feb 2017 · 179
Learning To Fly
Kyle Janisch Feb 2017
As we ascend
Free from our mortal bounds
We rise into the grand open space above
We soar;
Floating away into our imagination
No longer our we forced to be where we do not belong
We are finally us
Now able to be ourselves;
Transformation can begin
Let us be better;
Let us be wild;
Let us ****** into the great blue above
Our minds transcend
Eyes now seeing those which used to be invisible
I was invisible;
And now I can see me
An open minded, open hearted being
My path is unclear;
That is ok
I am me;
This is who I am supposed to be
Jan 2017 · 191
Out of Many, One
Kyle Janisch Jan 2017
All for one and one for all
Everyone, now together;
Will soon be divided my an imaginary wall
Some people's hatred for difference has come out to play;
And our children's future will soon be filled with dismay
With a tyrant in power;
We begin to divide
We no longer desire to conquer the unknown;
Yet instead we fear it
With fingers in our ears;
We can no longer hear it
But if we could hear it;
Do you think we recognize?
The sound of injustice;
The lack to sympathize;
With those being oppressed, who only seek shelter and help
Yet we would rather ignore the cry;
Sit inside and do nothing;
Let our world fall apart
Oh how the people are suffering
We bat our eyes at the thought;
Of a man so unjust;
who's only care is a wall;
And the removal of rights;
Of those bleeding heart liberals;
The ones who bear scarves on their heads;
And the ones who love the same gender
But end of the day;
It is he who is at fault;
Not the blacks, Muslims, or ****
A wall will divide;
But we can overcome it
Join hands brothers and sisters'
And let the strength of our love overpower this tyrant
Let us tear down the wall;
We will not be divided
Dec 2016 · 414
Let Me
Kyle Janisch Dec 2016
Let me dream
Let my mind be with the stars
Let me be the outlet for your pain
Let me be what keeps you sane
Let me lick the blood from your lips;
And the rythm in your hips
Let me be you;
Because I could never be me
Let me be your moon and your stars;
The thing that keeps you afar;
From the dark within
Let me be your sin
Let me be your saviour
Please, just let me be;
Everything I couldn't be
Dec 2016 · 198
Barista Confessional
Kyle Janisch Dec 2016
My job is a writer;
Coffee shops are just a hobby
I would rather be in the lobby writing
Than be behind the counter
Wearing green and black
Trying to convince every customer;
To cut me some slack
Because I accidentally messed up your drink
You now spew words of hate
Things that make me want to *****;
In the kitchen sink
Learn that I'm only a man;
Trapped behind this bar
I'm more than just the person;
Who hands you your drink;
While you sit in your car
So pass me the lotion;
So that I may show you what you are
No longer will you spew your words of hate at me;
No longer will I ***** in the sink
Learn to be a better person;
Now shut up and take your drink
Nov 2016 · 178
Blank Canvas
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
We are blanks canvases
Looking for someone to color on us
Share their wisdom and beauty
Lay it down on us
Turn us into something worth looking at
Put us in a gallery;
So that we may one day be admired
By those who understand beauty
Is something more;
Than what is just hanging on these walls
Allow us to dream
Be whomever we wish
We are more than just bank canvases
We are living beings
Who only desire one wish
So let us shout to the heavens
For they may one day hear us
Let the world around us know
That we are more than just a blank canvas
Nov 2016 · 129
Dark Entities
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Never in a million years did I think I would lose what I believed to be the only thing that made me, me. Attached to me like a parasite, never to let go. It first became attached when I was young and since then my only choice was to grow around it.
Many years have passed and it slowly began to let go. To let me finally be free. I could see the light through the cracks and was soon consumed by hope that maybe one day this parasite would finally die.
Here I am today, a free body, free to do whatever I like and feel whatever I wish to feel. I am no longer afraid of my feelings and no longer possess a reason to be afraid. The parasite has left my being and after many years the light that poked through the cracks has finally broken through. I overcame my depression. I never thought I would, but yet here I stand. I never thought I would make it. I almost didn’t, for death called me every day and every night, not that I could tell the difference between the two.
I may feel sad and dark some days, but I know it will never be like it once was and I have everyone who has helped me over the years to thank. I am able to be me because of all of you. I love you all and hope that one day your parasites will vanish. Stay strong and never give up, no matter how much you want to.
Nov 2016 · 157
Irrational Fear
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Are you a portal?
I wonder what is inside
Dare I open thee?
And take a peek at what resides;
Inside of me
Or perhaps somewhere else
A glimpse of what I truly am
Push and poke;
To open up
My bellybutton holds secrets
Tales untold
But dare I touch thee
To open up
I think not
These secrets must remain;
Always locked up
Nov 2016 · 175
My Favorite Season
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Let me tell you about the girl I love
She’s something real special
Making feel things I never thought I’d feel
Always telling the truth, keeping it real
Not interested in the mass appeal
I suggest everyone get to know her
She’s a queen;
A real high roller
Evolving everyday
Trying to be the best she can be
With a higher state of mind
Third eye open;
She could never be blind
Ball of anxiety and sometimes a groaner
Stimulate the proper spot;
All of a sudden she a moaner
Inspiring me to be a better me
She’s everything I wish I could be
Nov 2016 · 140
Merely Existing
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Slit wrists leaking deep crimson
Thoughts of suicide;
It’s only a matter of time
Until I do it
With no thoughts of regret
The only thing I look forward too
Has it happened yet?
I mean have I already died;
And just don’t remember
Body already cold;
Not even December
Mind is scattered;
Can’t trace the thought
Of being alive
Or perhaps I’ve been deprived
Of life everlasting
I can’t remember the last thing;
I did when I was alive
Perhaps I have lied;
And the outcome is
I had never died;
Because the truth is;
I was never alive
Nov 2016 · 157
True North
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
As the wind blows;
I already know
That you’re gone forever
Without a trace
Not going to look back;
At the look on my face
You didn’t care enough to tell me;
That this was goodbye
To wrap your arms around me
To wipe the tears from my eye
But as the sun sets in the west;
I know you’ve gone to the east
My love for you has gone too;
May it rest in peace
Oct 2016 · 250
I Am Nobody
Kyle Janisch Oct 2016
I am no one and will forever be no one
I am but a figment of your imagination
Traversing through life unscathed;
And unharmed
You see me and you hear me;
But you do not acknowledge my presence
Ideas worthy of admiration
Yet you do not care
I change for the better
Unrecognized talent best describes it
Forever I will be a nobody
This is my fate
Please will someone acknowledge me?
Before it is too late
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