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Kyle Janisch Apr 5
The sound of shallow wind whispers into my ears
The smell of fresh air comforts my;
And alleviates the stress of unwanted;
The skin on my palms is damp;
So much that the skin feels new
The soles of my feet begin to ache;
For I have been walking for some time now
The sun is starting to fade;
And the moons glow quickly replaces the orange aura from the sun's;
Kyle Janisch Apr 4
Brand new thoughts emerge;
As I take a step away from;
And peer into my world;
Through a new set of eyes
I no longer just see my flaws;
I come up with ideas to change them
Everything around me seems brighter;
And I no longer crave the same bitter taste;
That I have been for so long
For so long I have convinced myself that I am;
Without actually doing anything to be different
I hope that I will be better;
I will be better;
And I will fight to be someone I can look up to
Someone who others can look up to;
And be inspired to be better themselves
I do this knowing that I don't have to;
But that I need to
Kyle Janisch Dec 2018
You swallow his words so easily;
You might as well admit defeat;
Before you become entangled within;
His lies;
And start to wonder why
You didn't leave when you had the;
Now here you are;
Inside the mind of a man;
Who could care less if you are happy;
And his only victory belonging to;
His "clever" mind;
Which so easily, lead you to believe his words were;
Kyle Janisch Oct 2018
On this old bench;
Made from old wood and covered in chipping paint
Feeling the breeze;
And listening to the birds chirp as they pass by
The sun keeps my skin warm;
And there isn't a cloud in the sky
My mind, usually flooded with thoughts;
Has become calm
I feel at peace
People, both young and old, pass by;
They seem to be feeling the same way as I;
And as quickly as this venture had begun;
It was over;
When I;
Woke up
Kyle Janisch Sep 2018
I’ve recently started to fear;
The day where I cease to exist
No longer being able to hear the sounds of;
And see the faces of strangers passing by
I will become a distant memory;
And the fire that burns inside those who truly;
I fear being forgotten;
But the thought of becoming something greater; keeps me moving;
And helps me cope with my passing;
Though I am not dead quite yet
My body will mold into the very earth I once called;
And my spirit will forever dance with those who have gone;
Before me
Kyle Janisch Sep 2018
Everything is black
The sight of small lights,glimmer all around;
They are synchronized with my heartbeat
It is silent;
So very much so that I can barely hear my own;
I am not sure if I am alive or dead;
And time ceases to exist
I'm still, yet moving;
Maybe being carried by an unknown force
The urge to fight it eludes me;
And as the lights around me begin to fade
Everything becomes;
Kyle Janisch Aug 2018
Present yourself before me;
And I'll take your hand;
As we;
Traverse the back of our;
Lost within our thoughts;
And fears
We can overcome anything;
As long as we maintain;
Within ourselves
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