df 1d
inexplicable sadness is addicting.
i crave to feel everything all at once,
and then nothing.

df Aug 5
i joined a support group
for the unnerving amount of somberness
coursing through my veins.
yes we are troubled,
but we are intellectuals finding our way
through art, music, words, and tongues dipped in satire.
learning to find hope and light in the darkness we've become.
and even though i wasn't expecting it, among those brooding souls,
i found a home i call my own.
df Aug 4
how dare the universe take away my will to live.
→p.s. #18002738255
df Jun 12
decadent nectar lips
begging to draw me close,
so i can taste you, honey.

df May 16
why'd you go through all the trouble of stealing my heart,
if you were just going to add it to your pile of forgotten treasures?

df May 16
i fell in love with
the way you
so passionately
rejected me.

df Apr 11
i sit here contemplating what words to use, to say:
how much i don't think about you.
how much i don't care.
how much i don't miss you anymore.

but the fact that i sat down to write about you,
that i seem to never stop,
are words enough.

{d.f. | 04/08/18}
love always, d.f.
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