df 7d
decadent nectar lips
begging to draw me close,
so i can taste you, honey.

df May 16
why'd you go through all the trouble of stealing my heart,
if you were just going to add it to your pile of forgotten treasures?

df May 16
i fell in love with
the way you
so passionately
rejected me.

df Apr 11
i sit here contemplating what words to use, to say:
how much i don't think about you.
how much i don't care.
how much i don't miss you anymore.

but the fact that i sat down to write about you,
that i seem to never stop,
are words enough.

{d.f. | 04/08/18}
love always, d.f.
df Apr 5
do you still believe?
that if you close your eyes
you’ll dream once more.
of a world we built
under the glow of stars.

each night as i pull the covers tight around me,
i wonder if you still dream
with me. of me. of us.

i must be insane to still stay up,
waiting for you to crawl back under,
to these once vibrant dreams now turned grey.

but you know what they say about dreams,
‘don’t give up on them.’
and that is the reason why after all this time,
still i keep sticking glow in the dark stars up on my ceiling.
may they light the way back to dreamland.

{d.f. | 04/04/18}
this was kinda inspired by, you guessed it, the greatest showman's "a million dreams," i love that song. so. freaking. much. (so many tears.)
df Mar 14
i'm still trying to remember who i was before i
stopped smiling at myself in mirrors,
stopped making silly faces at kids when their parents weren't looking,
stopped looking up at the stars.

i'm still trying to understand what i've come to be, how i
started yelling at myself,
started isolating my mind,
started living in a world where i only stare at the ground.

everything just was, and then it wasn't.

{d.f. | 03/13/18}
not sure when my depression or anxiety started exactly. was there no warning? or was i already far too gone to see it?
df Mar 11
you planted a garden for me.
and i loved every single petal that bloomed.
including the thorns.
but i've noticed some flowers are
missing. taken. cut.

i guess i was just your plot of land, feeding on the lies you gave me.
by all means, go, the market awaits you.
sell them the promises you made me.

{d.f. | 03/10/18}
p.s. you should definitely tune in Sunday's on NBC at 10/9c and watch #SEASON2 of #TIMELESS
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