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Judgement Tree at the fork in the road, my intentions are pure.
May 2016
Arcata, CA
She was Beautiful..
Unconditionally so;
E**ven in Darkness.
March 2016
Arcata, CA
Towering Shards of Castles shriek
A haunting discord, bittersweet,
In the Ancient Library..

All the while, Lonely Streets
Harbour Phantoms and touch the Unborn Sun..

Through the Forest, quiet still,
While Jagged Towers shriek so shrill,
I seek **The Cryptic Pantheon.
August 2015
Arcata, CA
Is Life nothing more than Death beating in The Human Tragedy?

A dire race for self-destruction, lost in space;
It's victim: a small blue planet, like a flower to be devoured by a swarm of insatiable, starving insects..

What have we done to this place?

We the people; we the pests; we the invasive species;
We are concocting euthanizing pesticides to put us out of our dying misery;
We have dug our own graves in the name of "making a living" and have nowhere left to sow the seed.

Take us back to Death's fertile womb at the hour of our conception;
Let us abort the blood-thirsty parasite consuming her.
Fall 2014
San Marcos, CA
And the Refugees of Atlantis scattered and became
Gypsies on the Sea..

They would, ironically, be portrayed as “Pyrates” by the new Kleptocracy.
Fall 2014
San Marcos, CA
Scarlet, Starlit Lovers play in fields by night and dreams by day..

Gone tomorrow;

Earl Grey in cup so Hollow.
Spring 2014
San Marcos, CA
Fearless Magic; Fearless Majesty; Fearless Miss..
My Queen; my Noble Witch, engulf me in your Mist:
Fearless Mirrors two, facing eye to eye to Kiss..
Dive into the Fearless Mystery of the Abyss.
Spring 2014
San Marcos, CA

— The End —