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A rounded globe milky white in the center, crispier as it travels northwards
to the heaven
A valley of bones, Brittle with tightly stretched skin, a dark path

The night sky
speckled with brown
and dusted with roses
Softly contouring, dipping, dancing flowing up, up like a river backwards

Gentle curves and sharp inclines,
fiercely calm plateaus
waiting for you to catch
your breath

And finally
a bud of dusky muted midnight,
grabbed and forgotten
Left to be broken
The girl I saw today was not broken
Was not gilded
No, she was solid gold
Maybe worn down a little

The girl I saw today
Was a soft precious metal
That’s what happens when you’re soft
But flickering lights gently caress the orbs where light has not yet washed the tears away

The girl I saw today felt not necessarily calculated
But ready to put up a fight
And avoid an argument

Because the girl I saw today is too soft for arguments and too good for people
Who won’t fight for her
Who won’t even look at her
Who won’t even rearrange sounds or characters of the English language and blow frequent vibrations through the air
Hell the only thing they can do is sing

The girl I saw today would want someone to sing to her
Not just text her back
Gold is not cheap, the girl I saw today said
Gold is not new, gold is ancient

The girl I saw today said that
Gold has secrets and beauty because it is malleable
It is evolving, from shiny to dull to hammered

The girl I saw today is soft and allows light to wash over her gently, she knows the vocal cords vibrate carefully with charming tones,
And she knows
is pure
The Girl I Saw Today
Was unsure
Was okay with being unsure
Was unsure about being okay with being unsure
Was in love with tactileness
Wanting to touch everything around her instead of feeling it

The Girl I Saw Today
Was lovely with expansive overwhelming experience
Had her doubts thrown out her head as she tipped it backward
Her brow furrowed oblivious to any love

The Girl I Saw Today
Hadn’t broken any walls like it was supposed to
Didn’t suddenly hit a switch
Or change from black to white

The Girl I Saw Today
quite quietly felt an air of glimmering comfort pick her up
Throw her forward casually
Knocking her slightly off balance
But blowing her exactly into position
To another step of the waltz
in the Rond de Jambe of life
La vie en rose
Like the hard junctions cracked
La vie en rose
Like the lines drawn, exact

La vie en rose
A color not enough
La vie en rose
A touch is far from tough

La vie en rose
A uninterpretable sound
La vie en rose
Some words both not and very profound

La vie en rose
A slight of hand
La vie en rose
Is my demand
Your face explodes into sidewalks and alleyways,
streets and paths, hiking trails, and glittering linoleum floors

It hits waves and wind and the faces of harsh mountains,
melts snow and burns sun.

Some bursting through molecules and broken vessels now sunken, through aromatic sleeplessness, shower heads,
through Mondays and poster board and blue paper mate pens.

It breaks definitions
and connotations
and my fingernails

It breaks and it explodes
and it hits, and it
It wakes me up
It encourages me
It breathes to me
She looked at me with a whisper, a whisper of impossible tonics kissed by error and wrapped in something her very own: a cobblestone alleyway with gas lamps.

She whispered through centuries and languages, from unintelligible crude rocks to dashes and swoops of a corset. Through blue eyes and clouds, through dizzy spells of humanity’s uproar and endorphins fueled by alcohol.

She whispered and yelled and then she screamed, with the power of an open heartbroken and men fallen, up through the air and down through roots long faltered.

She screamed and screamed and nothing came out like it did from her whisper. She fell quiet. For she was nothing without the lilt of a tongue when greeting the one vitality she couldn’t make tangible.
Oh please
Let me collapse softly into you
Into your voice cracks and high notes
Into your linearity and plaid skirts
Into you and your gleaming starving orbs

Let me fall into the dark welcoming spheres
Into the crescendo of your laugh
Into the monotone of your voice

Let me die in your indecisiveness
Your ability to not care
Your contradictory meanings and connotations

But lastly, let me love you into the night
Into the moon and the rain and up above the unsuspecting members of a singing mass
A choking gasping mass
One strangled by mediocrity and the lack of the universes kiss
Let me love you into oblivion
Until Cleopatra and Julius ceases, Mark Antony
Until we are all of them, nameless, forgotten
yet still in love
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