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You fixed this broken heart
only to have it shattered once again.
You made me believe in forever
but now it seems that i cant love another.
I knew the truth
I was afraid to admit it

But now I know
I was only an experiment.

I hope you are happy with the results.
The flower told the bee
Who was about to **** himself
"Why do you insist on dying?"
The bee, sad , replied
"Because in that death will
I only ever feel I was alive"
Shaking its pretty petals
In contradiction, the flower said
"You are wrong. To exist is to
live for something, for someone"
The bee now mad, cried out
"What do you know?You're
just a flower!"
The flower,smiled, sadly
"No I live for you"
"I breathe in knowing you need
me to stay alive and that
is enough reason for me to
The lines in this poem are supposed to be a dialogue I planned on including in a story I started ages ago and just couldn't find the inspiration and time to finish. And this is how I see friendship, how I see our human connections as something enduring and genuine. Have a nice day :)
Be careful little lady for the world is ill
It beguiles you deeply to its will
And then you wake up everyday with no thrill

Love they judge as taboo
The hopeful who cares they misconstrue
As an idiot with a loose *****

The truth is but a faraway fancy
With people living for themselves only
Lies here and there, truth being heard deafly

Peace is a dying cliche
Violence, aggression all they pray
The dignity of many turning into decay

So you see my dear,sweet innocence
Open your eyes but embrace this reality with grievance
One that has lost its meaning and balance
But with you, a believer, a kind soul, might still give it a chance
Do take action with love and not vengeance
For you can still save a world stripped of conscience
This is the (sort of) sequel to my poem A Letter to Mother. This would be like the mother's reply to her child's questions. I urge everyone who gets to read this to let your little siblings or children  know how they can take action in issues that have shaken and continue shaking our morale as a society.
She finds beauty in everything, in everyone
But she can't find any in herself.
Whenever one tries to leave,
They get ****** back in.
You came during the darkest of days,
Became the calm in the storm,
The rainbow after the rain.

Tonight as I lie awake in the dark,
My mind is filled with thoughts of you.
In my life you've left your mark,
I hope your feelings are true, too.

I felt everything and nothing all at once.
You became the center of my universe,
A dream come true.

Yours is the kiss that awakens the soul,
Yours is the hand that fits mine best,
Yours is the smile that makes me feel whole.

You are the one I cherish the most.
It doesn't make sense. And yet it does.
You make me the happiest and the saddest.
You are a code that's difficult to decipher,
A puzzle that has it's missing pieces.
You are the source of my strength, and you are also my weakness. A cliche I guess.
But you are unlike the others
Lust - love = nothing

Love - lust = something

Love + lust = everything
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