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i got my heart broken again
but this time it didn't crumble
the way it did when i lost you
i might have cried a bit
but not enough to drown me
like it did when you left me astray

how long has it been?
i haven't written anything since
i thought i had buried every memory i had with you
but it still haunts me to this day:
all the things lost,
all the things that could have been

i just want to say that i miss you,
and that I still think of you everyday.
you always cross my mind
but i know that you'll never remember me again.
i wish you happiness for always
and i wish i could find joy in love again, too

the kind of love that i found in you - if not better
you let me be myself around you
you accepted my quirks, all the craziness I had in me
'til it made you hate me
the way i hated myself.

I hope that you never got away.
to my totga, hope you are living your best life right now :)
My heart feels heavy
I want to cry out.

I wait for the tears to come
But there were none.

Can someone fix me?
Turn me back to the way I was.

The one who felt and accepted pain
Because now I've become too numb.
I guess I am broken beyond repair.
Why is it so easy to remember what we shared,
yet so hard to forget you.

Why was it so easy for you to leave me,
when all I wanted was for you to stay.

How can you fall in love again so easily,
while my heart continues to break.
im back. sorta.
People are so eager to change me
into someone they cannot be.
The burden is not mine to begin with
those moments that I'll treasure forever
are mere memories
you'll never even remember.
  Oct 2015 the moon and disorder
when love dies
you become
less of a human
more of a ghost
and *haunted bones
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